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Ben Foster, Staff Writer

Benjamin Foster ’16 and his older brother, Jonathan, are similar in many ways.

They both love baseball, especially the Mets. They both respect each other. And they both run.

Foster’s brother actually suggested that he try indoor track and cross country and Foster has enjoyed it. Now, he added outdoor track to the list as well.

The best part of running at Staples, according to Foster, is the people.

“[Friends] makes it more enjoyable,” Foster said. “When you’re talking on runs, the runs go by faster,” he added.

But Foster and his older brother are also different in many ways. While his brother is the math and science type, Foster prefers anything involving writing and social studies classes. His passion for writing is what drew him to journalism.

In his Intro to Journalism class last year, Foster worked with the TV production class to make a video about a game that he and his friends created, during their period four free, called “PFFFL,” or the Period Four Flick Football League. In this game, Foster explained, a piece of notebook paper is folded up into a triangle, then a player flicks it across the table, and if it goes over the edge of the table but doesn’t fall off, the player earns points.

Foster enjoyed Intro to Journalism so much that he decided to take his love for writing to the next level by joining Inklings this year.

He hopes that writing for Inklings will help to alleviate the writer’s block that he sometimes experiences.

“I joined inklings to be a better writer. I figured, why not?” Foster said.

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