Staples fights back against St. Joseph’s


On Friday Sept. 25 Staples boys soccer came from behind to defeat St. Joseph’s  High School 3-1 at home.


Just a few days prior, Staples found themselves similarly fighting until the very end against Greenwich, salvaging the tying goal to make it a 1-1 final.


Friday, St. Joseph came out strong  scoring two minutes into the game off a defensive slip.


Even with the 0-1 deficit to start off the game, the Wreckers kept firing on all cylinders. Thier ability to keep possession only picked up after the slow start which created opportunities to even up the match.


The closest to scoring in the first half was when Aiden Wisher ’16 whipped in a cross that Graham Gudis ’16 headed with pace that missed the crossbar by only inches.


The Wreckers kept their focus going into the second half and cleared their minds of the poor start to the game.


“We weren’t happy about how we played for most of the half but looked to fight back during the second half of play,” Noah Schwaeber ’16 exclaimed.


After holding the score for most of the half, there was no thrill and the likeness of the Wreckers winning the game seemed to diminish as the seconds ticked off the clock.


But with seven minutes and thirty seconds left, Gudis found himself in a lethal poison in enemy territory after a foul from St. Joseph’s.  


Gudis came through with a screamer of a free kick that found the back of the net.


“Once we drew the foul on top of box I had faith in Gudis. I followed up his free kick and grabbed the ball from back of the net and quickly ran back to center field,” Daniel Brill ’16 said.


According to Brill, the Wreckers found themselves following two standards: giving 110 percent effort in the first and last five minutes and the idea that goals follow goals.


The thrill of the goal sparked the Staples Super Fans to get on their feet and cheer on the Wreckers for more heroics.


Staples snuck in two more goals off an own goal and another from Gudis within the last five minutes. This set them up with 3-1 victory over St. Joseph High School to put it in the books.


“I hate to say that we came out switched-off, but St. Joseph’s  goal was evidence that we did. Luckily, we were able to show our heart in the last 10 minutes or so of the game,” Kenji Goto said.
The Wreckers come out of the game with an impressive record of 3-1-1. Their next game is against Brien Mcmahon on Sept. 30.