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Feeling peckish? Instead of going to Shake Shack, try eating some of the many wild fruits and plants growing all around your neighborhood.

Westport’s bounty serves as a fall foraging feast

Lucy Dockter ’23, Paper News Editor October 17, 2021

Westport Library book sale fosters academia, community

Westport Library book sale fosters academia, community

Anna Diorio ’23, Paper Arts Editor October 17, 2021

Club Rush Introduces New Extracurriculars

Club Rush introduces new extracurriculars

Izzy Sareen '22 October 17, 2021

The players from the third season of Netflix’s entertaining and mindless reality show, ‘The Circle’

‘The Circle’ season three breaks new ground, entertains

Finnegan Courtney, Paper News Editor October 15, 2021

The ever-entertaining Netflix reality show ‘The Circle’ returned in early September with its third season of new-age garbage reality television, concluding in the final days of the month after 13 episodes...

Money Heist season five came out on Sept. 3 on Netflix. It is the fifth and final season, and has been split into two volumes. The second volume comes out on Nov. 3.

Netflix releases highly-anticipated new season of ‘Money Heist’

Nick Lolis ’24, Staff Writer October 8, 2021

Do you like robbing banks? Do you like executing robberies with the precision of military operations, even more so than the actual military? Do you like action, strategy and drama all in one 40-minute...

New sustainable clothing store, Unsubscribed, opened next to Benefit in downtown Westport.

Unsubscribed brings eco-friendly fashion to downtown Westport

Paige Tighe ’24, Staff Writer October 8, 2021

Over the years, Westport has been proactive about finding environmentally safe alternatives to everyday products, such as using paper bags and straws instead of plastic. As of April 2021, an eco-friendly...

Cinderella starring Camilla Cabello can be viewed on Amazon Prime. It takes on a modern and accurate storyline that enhances the theme that one should prioritize their self before others.

Live-Action ‘Cinderella’ takes on an exciting contemporary storyline

Alix Glickman ’23, Web Features Editor October 8, 2021

Popstar Camilla Cabello dabbled in acting in the new live-action of “Cinderella,” released on Sept. 3. You can watch Cabello take on the lead of Cinderella on Amazon Prime. Her amazing voice adds to...

The newest season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fosters an exciting comeback to a long wait for a season debut since COVID-19.

New season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ revives fight for love

Izzy Sareen '22, Staff Writer October 4, 2021

Although this year has been tough in terms of COVID and still attempting to conduct activities in person, the creators of “Bachelor in Paradise,'' streaming from Hulu Plus, seem to have hit the ground...

In MONTERO, Lil Nas X reveals his personal struggles with identity that had long travelled under the public radar, while also championing the hard work and perseverance that led to his success and stardom in the music industry.

Lil Nas X’s ‘MONTERO’ reveals artist’s personal journey, illuminating prevalence of identity in the modern world

Allison Gillman ’23, Assistant Business Manager October 2, 2021

It cannot be denied that Lil Nas X, a successful, bold and bedazzled newcomer in America’s music industry who has repeatedly left conservative pundits clutching their pearls with his expressive work,...

Rita and Chris Marcocci, the founders of the local market, are ready for business and excited to support the community.

New Local to Market shop in Westport brings community together

Talia Varsano ’24, Staff Writer October 2, 2021

Local to Market is Chris and Rita Marcocci’s answer to the online shopping craze that has taken a toll on Main Street. Fittingly, Local to Market is located at 177 Main Street, the former location...

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