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The above infographic is representing the total number of school shootings, deaths, and injuries that have taken place since 2017. Statistics have been provided by NBC News’s school shooting tracker.

Uncertain and underprepared, students need more school safety procedures practice

Chris Tatusko ’22, Staff Writer January 15, 2022

I cannot recall the last time that a lockdown drill was practiced at Staples High School. We’ve had talks and videos, but no actual practice. As a result, Staples students are underprepared for an event...

Videos like the one above are featured on TikTok and in Instagram reels. They portray a certain beauty standard to the young girls and boys across the world, resulting in negative body image issues to form.

Social media perpetuates negative body standards, impacts young girls

Theresa Vandis ’22, Business Director January 6, 2022

I open my Tik Tok app to a bright eyed 17-year-old girl smearing a glossy pink tube across her lips and running a blow-dry brush through her wet curly head of hair explaining how to get the perfect beachy...

Working conditions are just one of many considerations to make when shopping this holiday season. Many companies benefit from modern slavery or dangerous and unjust working conditions somewhere in the supply chain and should thus be avoided.

Impending holidays demand vigilant expenditure

Mimi Casey ’22, Opinions Editor January 6, 2022

As a rough estimate, there are 40 slaves working for me. That is a horrifying statement to make; it is a horrifying fact. In all likelihood, there is a similar number working for you. As per,...

My grandmother, Miriam Barros (left), and my mother, Jacqueline Passios (right), on a beach in Recife about 14 years into the dictatorship. Just two years after this photo was taken, Brazil held the first direct election for governor since the military regime started. According to Folha de S.Paulo, 48 million voters went to the polls.

Recognizing your American privilege: Why we are blessed to live in the US

Giselle Oldani , Web Managing Editor January 3, 2022

In the spring of 1964, the Brazilian Armed Forces overthrew President João Goulart, establishing a military dictatorship in Brazil that would last 20 years. My mother, a child at the time, began to hear...

Be afraid: Metaverses slowly, but surely taking over society

Be afraid: Metaverses slowly, but surely taking over society

Nile Jean '24, Staff Writer December 17, 2021

You may have heard of Facebook’s involvement in setting up the metaverse. But Facebook is not the only company exploring the value of a metaverse, or a fully immersive world in which you are in another...

Working a minimum wage job introduces new perspectives in an otherwise “sheltered” town such as Westport.

Working a minimum wage job illuminates the realities of socio-economic privilege

Ella Shi ’23 , Features Editor December 14, 2021

For most, working for a mere $13 an hour is unglamorous and undesirable. So, when I got a job at the Fresh Market in August, I viewed it as just a way to make some extra cash. However, my job taught me...

Students left the empty classroom as no substitute teacher arrived to cover the class. The next time the class met, the students were told that they should’ve remained in the classroom, regardless of there not being a teacher present.

Lack of present substitute teachers reveals necessity for new policy

Paige Tighe ’24 , Staff Writer December 14, 2021

Since the start of the school year, students across the school have arrived to class with no teacher or substitute present. This is due to shortages in substitute staff for class coverage. Increases in...

68% of colleges list “demonstrated interest” as considered or having higher weight in the admissions process

Colleges need to abolish ‘demonstrated interest’ factor in admissions process

Jason Stein ’22, Staff Writer December 14, 2021

Demonstrated interest. It’s a vague phrase that encapsulates the assessment of an applicants’ interest in attending a certain college. According to a survey done by the National Association of College...

In November 2020, after several weeks of getting paperwork to enter the country, my mom and dad got to visit my grandparents in Cape Town as my grandpa was ill. At this time COVID-19 restrictions were at level one (lowest amounts of restriction).

South Africa travel ban deems hurtful as Omicron has already spread

Lily Caplan ’22, Managing Editor December 13, 2021

In May of 2021, I wrote an article about how in March 2020 my extended family (mostly of whom are South African) and I were the first people in Westport to have confirmed COVID-19 cases. It all started...

I participated in an archery unit during my Junior Mind & Physical Performance class.

Archery in P.E. classes proves to be beneficial

Meg Enquist ’23, Assistant Business Manager December 13, 2021

During P.E. class, students often expect to engage in a variety of activities that require a significant amount of physical movement. As I entered my first Junior Mind & Physical Performance class,...

The new Vision of the Graduate requirement adds stress to juniors who are balancing the upcoming college process. It also serves as no long term asset that goes beyond just a graduation requirement.

Vision of a Graduate requirement increases the stressful workload for juniors

Alix Glickman , Web Features Editor December 13, 2021

As I listen to endless conversations about this new graduation requirement I can’t help but wonder, what is the purpose of this? As I enter my junior year, which is already known to be a particularly...

Returning items online is an incredibly wasteful habit that results in 5 billion pounds of annual waste, as 25% of all online returns end up in a landfill.

Grotesque online returns overhaul requires consumer responsibility

Anastasia Thumser '22, Web Managing Editor December 8, 2021

With spirit week, homecoming, Halloween and early holiday shopping preceding each other at warp speed, online returns have been my crutch these past few months. If the dress with which I was once enamored...

While Thanksgiving was only a week ago, I’ve already wrapped about 25 gifts, which will reside on the basement floor because my family has yet to get our tree.

An ode to wrapping Christmas gifts

Katie Simons '22, Editor-In-Cheif December 6, 2021

I’ve always cried over the Sun setting at 4:30 in the evening and dug my head further and further under the covers as the temperatures outside dropped. The mundane darkness of our cold Connecticut winters...

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