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Extra time is an accommodation granted to students.

Extra time is not a luxury

Rylie Cordella ’25, Business Manager June 12, 2024

  Whether it’s for usual class tests, AP exams, or the SAT, having extra time is always met with a “you’re so lucky.” While almost everyone gravitates to the thought of a few extra minutes...

Drake K. Salmon Park in the midst of spring, beautiful flowers blooming
Sunset at Drake K. Salmon Park, overlooking the Saugatuck River
Old Mill beach, relaxing and reading after the walk there

An ode to 2 Marvin Place

Avery Michalowski ’26, Assistant Creative Director June 11, 2024

Picture this: it is 8:50 p.m. after a long Friday. Suddenly, it hits me… I need Ben and Jerry’s ice cream immediately. Now to many this would be nothing but a dream, an unfulfillable craving. However,...

Connecticut has various labor laws that one should always keep in mind when applying for a summer job.

I’m not a lawyer, I’m just a kid- my advice for navigating your summer job contract

Zoe Boxenbaum '25, Broadcast Director June 11, 2024

There are few things more stressful than facing an all-powerful, fear-inducing, blood-curdling being: your future boss. Though we aren’t yet successful doctors or stockbrokers, we still have contracts...

TikTok has access to virtually all of the data on your phone by using devices such as keyloggers.

I actually read Tiktok’s terms and conditions: here’s what you need to know

Angelina Matra '25, Paper Opinions Editor May 31, 2024

The first time I downloaded TikTok was the summer of 2019. I remember the moment vividly: a colorful array of velvet scrunchies covering my wrists, a venti strawberry açaí in one hand and an oversized...

Trump’s trial is unprecedented in American history and could have a sizable impact on the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Above The Law

Matthew Stashower ’25, Inklings Ambassador May 24, 2024

To say the least, former president Donald Trump is anything but unoccupied. While running in the 2024 race for the presidency, he is engaged in no less than four prosecutions in separate jurisdictions....

The idea of money in exchange for a “night to remember” feels outdated for the modern state of Prom at Staples.

Prom costs pay for moments, not materialism

Alex Gaines ’25, Creative Director May 24, 2024

In all the romanticized versions of prom my favorite high school movies have cooked up - “10 Things I Hate About You,” “Mean Girls,” “She’s All That” -  not a single one shows the process...

The new viral “Man Vs. Bear” trend has taken over TikTok. With people on either side, this opens further discussion into the deeper meaning of this trend. This trend may seem silly, but it sheds much needed light on women’s safety.

Man vs. Bear TikTok trend opens discussion about women’s safety

Ava Coyle ’25, Social Media Manager May 24, 2024

A new trend has taken over TikTok, this time focusing on the hard hitting question: would you rather be alone in the woods with a random man or bear? While this may seem like a silly TikTok trend, there...

This is the chair I was in when the earthquake took place, and I was distracted by my technological device.

Earthquake FOMO is real

Nash Teran ’25, Staff Writer May 18, 2024

I walked into my third period class like any other day and took my seat. The class consisted of me mostly keeping my eyes glued to my computer screen and rigorously completing work for my class. It was...

Despite the fact that many juniors complain about their walk to the unofficial junior parking lot, Wakeman Field, the past year of parking there has taught me numerous invaluable life lessons and granted me many social and health benefits.

It’s really not that bad: an ode to my walk to Wakeman

Rachel Olefson '25, Web Managing Editor May 10, 2024

I make an effort to breathe and reconnect with nature after my panic attack the day before over my AP final exams. As the flowers bloom and the sun shines brightly, I take a moment to appreciate the scenery...

I was so excited about my upcoming APUSH exam, I spent my entire break grinding away at practice tests. A few bubbles on my answer sheet were filled in with my tears.

Test time thrills: a neverending series

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor May 2, 2024

Most people’s favorite time of the year is a holiday or break such as Christmas, their birthday or summer vacation. Not me, however. My favorite time of the year? The weeks leading up to AP exams.  There’s...

Wearing ISO certified sunglasses protects eyes from the blindness of the sun during solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse proves to be quite blinding this year

Alice Frascella ’25, Web Arts Editor May 1, 2024

Every couple years, a solar eclipse occurs somewhere around the world. So every couple of years, it is important to heed the heavily repeated advice from  scientists, environmentalists, tv broadcasters,...

The hotel in Paris gave us this amazing view of the Eiffel Tower

Going to Europe? Don’t let EF Tours take you.

Andi Jacobs ’26, Web Arts Editor April 25, 2024

Twelve days. Four cities. Countless stories to tell. Over April break, 41 Staples students and teachers—including me—took a trip to Italy and France. It was certainly an experience I will never forget,...

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