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Despite Nestlé’s documented history of slavery, child endangerment and water theft, Staples continues to sell Nestlé Pure Life water bottles in the cafeteria. It is time for Staples to stand up against the injustices that Nestlé has committed and stop selling their products.

Staples must stop stocking the cafeteria with Nestlé products

Jake Fitzpatrick ’22, Staff Writer October 18, 2021

Nestlé is a company that has been part of my life since I was a toddler. I remember getting really excited for king-size Butterfinger and Kit-Kat bars on Halloween, begging my dad for Nesquik chocolate...

Bitcoin proves an essential lesson to be taught in schools

Bitcoin proves an essential lesson to be taught in schools

Dania Hemdan ’24, Staff Writer October 17, 2021

Although Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are becoming more popular ideas, the technological advancements that Bitcoin can offer are much more under wraps. To do away with such ignorance, schools should be educating...

Assembly Bill 245 was passed in California on Oct. 6, 2021 by Governor Gavin Newsom to prohibit public universities from misidentifying students on their diplomas and school reports.

New Assembly Bill 245 should inspire Staples High School to create a more inclusive community

Hannah Ratcliffe ’22, Web Arts Editor October 15, 2021

California became the first state on Oct. 6, 2021, to approve Assembly Bill 245, the Affirming Transgender and Nonbinary Student's Names in College Bill, banning public colleges from deadnaming transgender...

The 8:00 a.m. school start time has caused student athletes to miss classes for games and meets.

Delayed school start times prove harmful to student athletes 

Meg Enquist ’23, Assistant Business Manager October 15, 2021

The Westport School Start Time Committee’s decision on Jan. 13, 2020 to push Staples' start time from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. received a very positive initial reaction from the student body. For years,...

In both chambers of the United States Congress, men over the age of 61 years old make up the majority of delegates.

Generation gap creates divide in political sphere    

Lyah Muktavaram ’22, Broadcast Director October 15, 2021

When scrolling through the comments on Senator Richard Blumenthal’s most recent Instagram post, I am immediately met with a flood of “Anyone else come from that embarrassing video clip?” or “I...

The popular app Instagram recently pressed pause on their mission to create a kid-friendly version of Instagram for users younger than 13.

Instagram for kids destined to construct safer social media environment

Jolie Gefen ’24, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

In March 2021, Instagram released their idea of Instagram Kids on an employee message board. Instagram Kids, a safer and more controlled version of the original app, would be made specifically for users...

At Staples, the music department—including band, orchestra and chorus groups—does not receive as much attention as other school activities, such as academic groups, athletic teams and Players.

Staples music department lacks representation, attention

Julia Herlyn ’23, , Paper News Editor October 15, 2021

I attended a meeting after school on Friday, Oct. 1, for Tri-M (Music Honor Society). The meeting was held in the orchestra room, a space that I am more than familiar with, as I have been playing in grade-level...

Karina and I share similar interests, similar personalities and some even say we look a little similar. Many think that having a twin is like having a built in best friend, and I think no statement is more true.

PSA: advice for non-twins

Chloe Murray ’22 , Public Relations Director October 15, 2021

I am an identical twin. And being a twin is the best thing in the world, in my experience. However, I have smiled, laughed and nodded through countless awkward situations of people saying “stand side...

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021 was celebrated on Monday, Oct. 11. Westport Public Schools did not have the day off, while other schools in Fairfield country took the day off of school to honor those of Indigenous origin. The holiday was first created in 1992, to support those who suffered during the colonization of America.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day sequestered by Westport Public Schools

Izzy Sareen ‘22 October 15, 2021

What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, you may ask? It’s simple, really. It’s an honorable day of the year where American civilians are supposed to show support for the Indigenous people of our country.  This...

Here is a photo of my great grandmother Betty with my grandma and sister. On the table is the ring she used to wear that my grandma gifted to me. Although I never got to meet her, I am so fortunate to be named after her.

Learn to love your name: it makes you special

Betti Kobak ’22, Managing Editor October 15, 2021

Looking back at my childhood, having the same name as a mahjong-playing 80-year-old woman did not always please me. I would look around at the Sarah’s and Rebecca’s around me and wonder why no one...

Every person has pronouns, queer or heteronormative. It is imperative for our society to not only accept those who identify with gender-nonconforming pronouns, but to respect them by properly acknowledging their pronouns.

Respect pronouns: failure to do so will destroy our society

Hannah Conn ’23, Web Opinions Editor October 12, 2021

It's sad to say that I've lost track of the number of times I have heard someone say their pronouns are: “Nor/Mal” on social media. Across platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, there has been a rise...

Senior girls get notifications on their cell phones every time someone uploads a picture. This Facebook group has been used for purchasing senior girls’ shirts, posting homecoming dresses, giving updates and more.

Homecoming dress posts brings toxicity to senior girls

Theresa Vandis ’22, Business Director October 9, 2021

I didn’t truly comprehend the hyper obsession that our generation holds in knowing everything about everyone until September of my senior year. As a senior I have made it through a global pandemic, online...

Students search for the best acai around Westport

Margot Stack '22 Business Manager, Lucy Zuckerman '22 Assistant Business Manager October 6, 2021

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