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Warmer temperatures in Westport and Fairfield County during the winter cite a need for climate action.

Abnormally warm winter and spring cite importance of reducing climate change

Corbin Chaney ’25, Staff Writer April 1, 2024

The week of March 10 was one of the warmest weeks Fairfield County has seen in months. While the week was towards the end of winter, temperatures reached highs of 70 degrees Fahrenheit; quite uncommon...

Even though many people think that having a 504 plan means that people are disabled, it actually means that they might need a little extra help but they can still succeed even if it isnt the “normal” path to success.

Having a 504 plan doesn’t make someone dumb, it means they have a different path to success

Catie Campagnino ’26, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

No, having a 504 plan doesn’t mean that you are disabled; it means that you are like everyone else, but may have medical or financial disadvantages that make it so you need a little extra help in order...

The emergence of post high school plan Instagram accounts has heightened stress among students and proved to be unproductive. Although intending to be positive, it fosters competition.

‘Post high school plan’ Instagram pages prove unproductive, generate competition

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor March 12, 2024

After months of waiting and excruciating anticipation, the moment finally comes to open the decision letter from your dream college. You open it, and there it is: the acceptance you have long awaited and...

Emails and reminders for course registration can help students think ahead.

Scrambling to finalize courses for that “final counselor meeting’’

Alice Frascella ’25, Web Arts Editor March 7, 2024

It feels like course registration  happens earlier and earlier each year. And it actually does. Every student (besides seniors of course) has to plan a meeting with their guidance counselor in a specific...

Entering 2024, students are now able to participate in the digital SAT which provides many advantages and new opportunities, in contrast to the paper SAT that was previously given. (Graphic from Wikimedia)

Digital SAT unleashes new advantages, monumental for the future of testing

Siena Petrosinelli ’25, Paper Arts Editor March 1, 2024

Why take the Digital SAT? The real question is: Why not? Since the SAT has been changed from paper to an online computerized version, I believe this has opened up extremely exciting new opportunities that...

The coffee station provided in the Staples Cafeteria. It has five different types of coffee as well as sugars, creamers and milk. When I asked for a cup one of the workers said “it is only for teachers.”

Coffee should be provided to students in the cafeteria

Sage Cohen '25, Paper Sports Editor March 1, 2024

Falling asleep during the second period of the day is a common experience. I’m sure of it. Everytime I look around in class, there are at least three people with their eyes closed and their heads down....

More and more teenagers are turning to social media apps, such as Instagram, for information on world news and current events. However, 2-in-3 teenagers who get their news directly from news organizations say that doing so has helped them better understand current events.

“I saw it on Instagram:” un-tinting my window to the world

Mia Bomback ’25, Paper Features Editor February 16, 2024

A few weeks ago, I made the reluctant first step towards a positive self-image: I opted for a sort of “digital detox,” and bid farewell to the toxic wasteland of jealousy that thrives on Instagram....

The School Counseling Department celebrates National School Counseling Week by recognizing the many individuals who guide Staples students towards success everyday. Their devoted work is always appreciated and it never goes unnoticed. (Photo contributed by @stapleshighschool_counseling on Instagram)

National School Counseling Week prompts gratitude, recognition for Staples counselors

Ruby Kantor ’24, Paper Managing Editor February 15, 2024

As we commemorate National School Counseling Week, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact that the School Counseling Department and, more specifically, my assigned guidance counselor have had...

I keep almost all of the cards I receive from sleepaway camp, birthdays, Valentines Day, etc.

Give the affordable gift of thoughtfulness this Valentine’s Day

Sophie Smith ’26, Paper Sports Editor February 8, 2024

As someone who values gift-giving, I find it extremely important to give meaningful gifts to the people you love, especially during the Valentine's Day season. When I think of gift giving, I don’t think...

Many students have turned to ChatGPT to complete their writing assignments, but this deprives them of the ability to hone their critical thinking and analysis skills.

Even with so many AI programs present, being a good writer still matters

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor February 8, 2024

Artificial intelligence has proved itself to be extremely useful in our daily lives, and has seen immense commercial success. From being used in healthcare all the way to customer service, the capabilities...

By regularly following the news, teens are able to stay more informed with what is going on in the world. Today, teens can have access to the news even on their phones, where they are able to view news articles, broadcasts and more from a variety of different publications.

Why teens should make an effort to follow the news

Lily Hultgren '25, Paper Features Editor February 6, 2024

Before my junior year, I honestly never kept up with the news. I had only a vague idea about some current events, especially because they often aren't covered in our classes at school. While I was interested...

Miles Khan ’26 and Anderson Yee ’26 preparing to climb the Vertical PlayPen in their Sophomore Co-op class.

Sophomore Co-op classes safety is being questioned after several students injured

Alexis Jacobs ’26, Staff Writer January 12, 2024

Have you ever looked at a teenager and thought to yourself, “Wow I would trust them to keep me from falling from the ceiling.” Probably not. It is a known fact that teenagers are unreliable. But...

Snapchat Logo with Love emojis.

Did Snapchat kill teen romance? Yes, yes it did.

Alexis Jacobs '26, Staff Writer January 12, 2024

Every night, before I go to bed I turn on one of my 90s sitcom “comfort shows” as a way to decompress. When I want a mindless show I can rewatch endlessly, I put on “Boy Meets World" or “Full House.”...

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