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Skate Club plans to renovate Compo Skate Park

Created by Corbin Chaney ’25
Staples Skate Club plans to renovate Compo Skate Park in near future.

In Westport, where amenities like public libraries, beaches and athletic fields are ubiquitous, one notable gap has persisted for years: the outdated state of Compo Skate Park. The rattling wheels of skateboards and scooters zoom unsteadily across the cracked gravel, riders fall as a result of unkempt obstacles and a sad comparison is established against other Westport sports facilities. 

This is the current reality of the Compo Beach Skate Park. However, the establishment of the Staples Skate Club last year set out to challenge the poor upkeep of the park. 

Members of the skate community in Westport have been advocating for further renovations for the Compo Skate Park for years. Steve Axthelm, a former member of the Parks & Recreation Commission, advocated for a higher standard of quality in the park during his tenure.

“One regret: we did not get the skate park done. It is severely outdated, and an eyesore at Compo. No other sports group has to use such a poor facility in Westport,” Axthelm said in a 2021 interview in 06880.

While renovation plans by the Town of Westport have occurred, they have been minimal. The skate scene has grown in popularity recently with the rise of Next Generation Skateboarding,  an organization that looks to inspire more of the youth to skateboard and keep the sport alive. However, the poor condition of the park makes it quite difficult for skateboarding to thrive.   

“Every year, Parks and Rec spends some money to repair and refurbish, but it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up,” English teacher and skate club adviser Jesse Bauks said. “Long term, the club is working towards getting larger improvements made, and potentially a new park with more modern, long-lasting materials.” 

Long term, the club is working towards getting larger improvements made, and potentially a new park with more modern, long-lasting materials.”

— Staples Skate Club advisor Jesse Bauks

The Staples Skate Club has recognized that they need to take matters into their own hands in order to develop the park and plans to do so have begun to flourish recently.

“There’s a little ramp that goes up and it’s flat for a second and it goes down again. We are going to be removing that,” club member Nicholas Blanco ’25 said. “We are going to remove a staircase by another ramp and connect it to something else. We possibly plan to do this on Wednesdays when the skate club meets.”

Through the vibrant skate community that Westport exhibits, the sport can continue to flourish and thrive with further intervention from students, the Westport government and other members of the Westport community 

“This town provides so many excellent and modern places and facilities that this community can enjoy, from the public library to the beach to the athletic fields , golf course, and dog parks,” Bauks said. “I think kids who aren’t just team athletes want a place for themselves to congregate, practice, and potentially even compete.”

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