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Link Crew is a student mentorship program run by English teacher Jamie Pacuk, physical education instructor Jeff Doornweerd and special education teacher Lauren Manosh. In August, mentors will contact their small group of rising freshmen and the students’ parents before beginning additional orientation tours.

Link Crew tours ease nerves of incoming freshman

Paige Miller ’24, Associate Managing Editor June 12, 2023

The first day of school always comes with feelings of unease and anxiety. But the first day is even more intimidating when walking into a completely new school. As an incoming freshman, entering a large...

Alex Mussomeli ’23 plans to continue exploring, adding and researching for his language after the internship ends.

The Language Architect: Alex Mussomeli embraces challenges to develop new language

Talia Varsano ’24, Paper Managing Editor June 2, 2023

“Ciao,” “hola,” “bonjour” and “guten Tag;” these words carry familiar echoes of human connection and interaction across diverse ranges of cultures and countries. Many speak their familiar...

Mr. Willick’s period 2 AP European History class has five remaining juniors for the final month of the 2022-23 school year.

Senior’s departure eases junior’s workload in AP courses

Madison Mayr ’24, Paper Sports Editor May 23, 2023

The class of 2023 poured out of the cafeteria door on May 13 at 11:10 A.M,  onto the turf, where they concluded their final day of senior year with a picnic, gifted by their administrators.  The senior...

While TikTok has moved to block the search of “chicken nyquil” and “nyquil chicken” on its website, other keywords used to bypass the measure, such as “nyquil chinchin” are still automatically recommended by the company’s algorithm and display the same content.

Students react to rise in hazardous TikTok challenges

Henry Watson, Paper News Editor May 18, 2023

Imagine you’re on TikTok, scrolling through an endless amount of short videos, favoriting the ones you find entertaining and texting your friends witty clips--all as you let the hours quickly pass you...

Camille Merganthaler ’25 sets up a table with images to represent women in the culinary industry and provide a place for her to bake her cookies.

Mergenthaler performs her way to NHD Nationals

Cassidy Gutman ’25, Staff Writer May 15, 2023

Every year, students in U.S. History Honors classes are required to participate in an event called National History Day (NHD), where students spend months creating a project of their own that relates to...

Members of the film club, along with other high schoolers, watch “Jojo Rabbit,” a satirical film about a young German boy and his imaginary friend, a cartoonish version of Adolf Hitler, during WW2.

Staples Film Club hosts successful third movie night

Ava Cordella ’24, Associate managing editor May 14, 2023

Whether you're a movie enthusiast looking to share your love of cinema, need a midweek break to relax with friends or an excuse to eat some popcorn, Staples film club’s “Movie Night” has a spot for...

Dani Garcia ’23 plans to travel the world on her upcoming gap year. She will stay in seven countries across Europe and Asia, working in a variety of eclectic jobs in exchange for free food and housing.

From monasteries to cat sanctuaries: a high school senior’s unforgettable gap year

Maya Hruskar ’23, Creative Director May 11, 2023

When people think of travel, they typically think of visiting famous landmarks, snapping some pictures, eating some yummy food, relaxing and making their insta that much more international.  Meet Dani...

Darden reads his essay aloud for an audience at the Westport Public Library. His piece centers around his experience coming to terms with his sexuality.

Tyler Darden wins TEAM Westport Essay Contest, encourages sensitive conversation

Talia Moskowitz ’24, Web Managing Editor May 3, 2023

The 2023 TEAM Westport Teen Diversity Essay Contest challenged high school students to focus on one thing: dialogue.  Tyler Darden ’25 took the prompt and ran with it, elegantly reflecting on his...

New members of NHS for the class of 2024 sit on stage waiting to be inducted at the ceremony on April 26 at Staples High School.

Class of 2023 wraps up National Honor Society, inducts class of 2024

Audrey Kercher '23, Staff Writer April 30, 2023

As an incoming senior, being a part of NHS will introduce you to a broader range of community outreach that will help you grow while moving onto the next stages of your life post high school. The National...

Students observed both historic and modern German culture during their April trip. Various street artwork is displayed on the Spandauer Vorstadt street in Berlin.

Germany trip sparks curiosity, gratitude in students

Caroline Zajac ’25, Assistant Business Manager April 30, 2023

Traveling across the world to visit cities filled with different cultures, food and history. This is exactly what some Staples students did over their April break.  World Language Department Chair...

Students attended a variety of stations at the Financial Reality Fair. After students had bought their necessary purchases, they conferenced with an adult about how the process went and reflected on how this translates to the real world.

Seniors reflect on lessons learned throughout the Invest Yourself Fair

Alix Glickman ’23, Staff Writer April 28, 2023

After senior year, many students are leaving their homes and venturing out to different places. This is the first real taste of independence for many people. Making decisions about...

Snapchat AI feature appears at the top of Snapchat feed on April 19 for all users.

New artificial intelligence feature comes to Snapchat

Audrey Curtis '25, Photostory Editor April 27, 2023

“I’m here to chat with you and keep you company! Is there anything you’d like to talk about?” my Artificial Intelligence asked me. The second I questioned its arrival, I didn’t enjoy the idea...

Gabriel McCray ’23 stays with his family at home during April break. Instead of traveling, they will provide each other with company through family activities.

April offers restful break for community

Matthew Saw ’23, Staff Writer April 4, 2023

Everyone spends their days differently. Some work a job while others prefer to lay back and postpone their troubles. When April break comes to mind, everyone has different plans for how to spend their...

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