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Inklings News

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Inklings News

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Inklings News

Position Directory

Editors-In-Chief: Julia Herlyn and Lucy Dockter

Web Managing Editors: Toby Goldfarb and Hannah Conn

Paper Managing Editors: Mishael Gill and Ella Shi

Associate Managing Editors: Phoebe Miller and Kiswa Khan

Business Directors: Meg Enquist, Allison Gillman, and Mia Kirkorsky

Assistant Business Managers: Indie Ahl, Julia Leitner, and Michael Pontoriero

Creative Directors: Maya Hruskar, Lily Klau, and Lilly Weisz

Assistant Creative Directors: Shivali Kanthan and Eleanor Vail

Photography Director: Camille Vynerib

Public Relations Director: Emily Goldstein

Social Media Director: Alix Glickman

Audience Engagement Manager: Margot Richlin

Broadcast Directors: Anna Diorio and Abby Nevin

TV Show Producers: Zach Brody and Finnegan Courtney

Breaking News Editor: Audrey Kercher


Paper Editors

Red News: Gena Frucht

Blue News: Mia Bomback

Red Opinions: Addison Coughlin and Megan Kelly

Blue Opinions: Ava Cordella and Katherine Phelps

Red Features: Caitlin Jacob and Lily Hultgreen

Blue Features: Nina Bowens and Paige Tighe

Red Arts: Ava Chun and Talia Varsano

Blue Arts: Alex Gaines

Red Sports: Gabi Gerig

Blue Sports: Preston Siroka and Matthew Stashower

Web Editors

News: Jolie Gefen and Cici Petrosinelli

Opinions: Nina Jones and Aidan Sprouls

Features: Audrey Curtis and Samantha Sandrew

Arts: Liora Perkins and Matthew Saw

Sports: Talia Moskowitz & Will Murray

Photostory: Karlie Saed