First letter of last name:


Editors-In-Chief: Sophie Driscoll and Melanie Lust

Web Managing Editors: Elliot Kaufman and Maddie Phelps

Paper Managing Editors: Bailey Blaikie and  Layla Wofsy

Breaking News/Public Relations Directors: Daniel Harizman and Lili Romann

Broadcast Director:  Zach Horowitz and Jack Shapiro

Associate Managing Editors: Amanda Kaplowitz and Alexandra Sprouls

Outreach Manager: Kaya Leitner

Creative Director: Carolyn Gray

Assistant Creative DirectorsKatie Howard and Poppy Livingstone

Business Directors: Caroline Donohue and Emily Stone

Assistant Business Managers: Taha Banatwala, Emma Dantas, and Will Matar

Web Editors:

News: Lily Kane and Eddie Kiev

Opinions: Sophie Casey and Marlo Von Der Ahe

Features: Aly Korn and Remy Teltser

A&E: Maya Reiner and Serena Ye

Sports: Alex Massoud and Julia Lombardo

Paper Editors: 

Red News: Kaela Dockray and Anna Rhoads 

Blue News: Audrey Bernstein and Allie D’Angelo

Red Opinions: Zach Strober and Lauren Wasserman

Blue Opinions: Nicky Brown and Siri Kanter

Red A&E: Maya Brodows and Jack Dennison

Blue A&E: Kevin Ludy and Rachel Suggs

Red Sports: Lia Chen and Eli Corenthal

Blue Sports: Hannah Bolandian and Andreas Lolis


Chris Andrews ’18

Staff Writer

Even at a school like Staples where sports are at the forefront of many student’s minds, some students are unable find their true passion until their senior year. Chris Andrews ’18, a staff writing for Inklings, played on the Staples boys’ soccer team for three years. Recently he decided to turn in his soccer ball and cleats for a new pair of running sneakers and joined the Staples cross country team. . Besides participating in sports, Andrews enjoys writing and reporting on them as well, “It is probably my passion,” Andrews said. “I play sports so interviewing and writing about sports is perfect for me.” Andrews spent most of his summer training for the upcoming season and is hopeful that he will get a lot out of the sport.

Max Appel ’18

Paper Managing Editor

Max Appell ’18 heads into his fourth year on the staff and first as managing editor. He loves basketball and an even bigger fan of darties. Max has a unique pet– Craig the pig. “Craig is a potbelly pig, so he is smaller than your average pig. A normal full grown pig gets to be about 500 pounds. Craig is 70 to 80 pounds right now and is two years old. Apparently pigs grow for the first five years of their lives, but Craig hasn’t grown in a while so he might be done,” Appell said.


Roxy Augeri ’20

Staff Writer

Roxy Augeri ’20 is entering her first year on Inklings, and will serve as a staff writer.  “I love writing and I love sharing my opinions with other people,” Augeri said. She will also be playing field hockey for Staples, as this is here sixth year in the sport. Augeri’s dad owns a restaurant, The ’Port where she spent her summer working. She really enjoyed working for her family business and plans to continue working there throughout high school. “I spent a lot of my summer at the restaurant and I definitely plan on doing it in the future,” Augeri said. When she’s not dashing across the field or working at the restaurant, Augeri can be found hanging out with friends and family and just relaxing.


Jack Beck ’18

News Editor

Jack Beck ’18 is the editor of the News section on the Red staff of Inklings. When he isn’t writing about students around Staples, he plays on the varsity football team as the quarterback. He has been been playing football for years, and he enjoys the sport because, “I perform better when I’m under pressure […] I like having the spotlight,” Beck said. “It helps me work better and helps me to step up my game.” His ability to perform under pressure is something that Beck applies to aspects of his life in and out of the newsroom.

Audrey Bernstein ’20

Features Editor

Audrey Bernstein ’20, new to Inklings and the new Features editor for blue staff, summered in Barcelona, Iceland and more with her family. This experience sparked her excitement to be the Arts and Entertainment editor. “I wasn’t too familiar with the sections when I applied, but I think I will enjoy it because of my interest in culture” Bernstein said. . She also joined to show an unheard point of view through her writing. “I was sort of reserved, so joining was one of the more difficult decisions I have made,” Bernstein commented, “but I am very glad I did it.”

Ian Bernstein ’18

Paper Managing Editor

Ian Bernstein ’18, is the paper managing editor for Inklings. Bernstein explains, “I decided to take journalism because I have always been interested in communication and expressing ideas. I think it’s really important to engage in people surrounding you.” Bernstein also describes why he loves his role in the newspaper. He mentions that it allows him to provide advice to other members as well as be a leader. He also says that the end result, being able to read everyone’s hard work is extremely rewarding. Outside of Inklings, Bernstein enjoys playing volleyball as well as volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

Bailey Blaikie ’19

Features Editor

Bailey Blaikie ’19 has been on Inklings for the past three years and is excited to continue this year as a features editor for the paper. During her free time and after school, she enjoys helping out with Inklings. Blaikie was eager to take part in a club that would allow her to be more involved with Staples, so she decided she would join Inklings. “I wanted to join Inklings to be apart of something … and I thought it would be cool,” Blaikie said. Blaikie used to play soccer for Staples her freshman and sophomore year, but decided not to play this year and focus more on her love for journalism.

Izzy Blansfield ’18

Associate Managing Editor

While she might blend in with the mob of pink t-shirts, boas and blaring whistles, Izzy Blansfield ’18 is ready to make her last year of high school count by proving her devotion to journalism as associate managing editor of the Inklings staff. “I think journalism is really interesting to pursue because I’m passionate about English and studying it,” Blansfield said. “But journalism is kind of different than [English class]; it’s fun to do and balance [the two courses].”While she still has a whole year left at Staples and with Inklings, Blansfield has already recognized the impact that Inklings has had on her as a person. “It’s made me a better writer, better in certain social scenes by meeting new people,” she explained.

Caroline Blevins ’18

Head of Fashion Blog

Caroline Blevins ’18 is the head of the fashion blog for Inklings. She prefers to write about fashion because, “it is more enjoyable to write light-hearted pieces, and I want my writing to sound relatable,” Blevins explains. For her, writing these types of articles are great because she is able to give her own opinion and share her ideas about the topic. Blevins joined Inklings as a junior in 2016. She is taking the Advanced Journalism class because she is fascinated by the journalism industry and can see herself pursuing a career down that path in the future.

Celia Block ’20

Staff Writer

Celia Block ’20 joined Inklings this year as a staff writer. Celia joined Inklings because she felt it would improve her writing skills. Celia also “likes to voice [her] opinion and has many thoughts and ideas on a variety of subjects” and hopes to show. Celia believes one of the best parts of being in Inklings is the social aspect and being able to work with other writers. Celia enjoys her math and science classes in school. Outside of school she is committed to lacrosse and skiing. Celia is also interested in astronomy and loves to look at the stars.

Ella Bloomingdale ’20

Staff Writer

Ella Bloomingdale ’20 is a staff writer for Inklings and is excited to join the newspaper this year. Bloomingdale was born in London and lived there for eight years before moving to Greenwich, Connecticut in third grade. She says that her primary reason for joining Inklings was because of her love for writing. Aside from her passion for journalism, Bloomingdale plays field hockey for Staples High School. She thinks that the team is “going to do really well this year,” and is really excited for the season as the team looks to repeat as state champions.


Hannah Bolandian ’20

Outreach Manager

Hannah Bolandian ’20, is an outreach manager. Hannah’s aspirations to join the school newspaper began when she was a kid. She says, “I’ve always loved reading and writing outside of school ever since I was younger so I’m happy I can keep it up”. She believes Inklings impacts Staples in a very positive way and wants to be apart of that. Extracurricularly, Hannah plays for the Staples lacrosse team. She is also involved in the school club TAG. TAG is a club that deals with teens, and their decision making. Academically, Hannah’s favorite subjects in school are Math and English.

Maya Brodows ’20

Staff Writer

Staff writer Maya Brodows ’20 is a first-year member of Inklings. As a freshman, Brodows took the Intro to Journalism class and thought that it was a really good class, so she decided to continue her interest by joining Inklings. When Brodows was younger, she knew she wanted a profession that involved traveling. “I looked up jobs that you could travel for, and one of them was journalist, so I was like, okay, I’ll see how this goes. I’ll give it a try.” This past summer Brodows traveled to Cambodia as part of a Rustic Pathways service trip.

Amelia Brown ’18

Editor in Chief

Writing runs through her family’s blood, as Amelia Brown ’18, takes on her sister’s role as editor and chief. Even though her sister played a major role in Inklings, Amelia has always had her own love for writing. Brown continues to be excited about Inklings, “I experienced how fun layout was, how nice the people are and how close you got with the advisors,” Brown said. This summer, Brown used her writing expertise to complete her college essays. She is looking forward to continuing her passion and love for writing during her senior year at Staples.


Nicky Brown ’19

Web Features Editor

Nicky Brown ’19 is best known for his features editor position for the Inklings website. Beginning the position at the end of his sophomore year, Brown explains his passion for journalism stems from a hobby of “writing about arts and entertainment…advanced journalism allows you to go on the path you want.” His creativity is shown in his articles, where he writes about a variety of topics of his interest; “In English class the writing is so forced. This class is much more flexible.” When Brown isn’t writing for Inklings, he’s participating in Staples clubs, such as Kool to be Kind and Student Assembly.

Isabella Bullock ’19

Staff Writer

Isabella Bullock ’19 is a staff writer who joined Inklings this year.  “I enjoyed taking the intro class, but wanted to get more out of it,” Bullock explained for joining advanced journalism.  Bullock is a fan of films and movies, specifically older ones, with her favorite being One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  “I like it because the plot is in a mental asylum, yet they find love and humor inside a place that’s very dark,” Bullock said.  Bullock’s favorite class is english because of her love of writing, especially fiction stories.  Bullock is looking forward to participate in Inklings throughout her junior year.

Ryan Burg ’18

Staff Writer

Ryan Burg ’18 is a Staff Writer for Inklings. “Journalism is something I am interested in as a career outside of school,” Burg said. He is especially interested in the “sports region of journalism.”  Burg loves to play sports, especially rugby, which he has played since he came to Staples as a Freshman. He has also played water polo, football, and was on the ski team throughout his career at Staples.


Jack Caldwell ’18

Broadcast Director

Jack Caldwell ’18 is the Broadcast Director for Inklings. Caldwell has a great amount of experience in sports journalism, saying to have, “won an Emmy award for coverage of a basketball game.” Caldwell had participated in sports journalism activities over the summer, such as when he “got to sit in the Yankees pressbox with Michael Kay,” Caldwell said. He had the chance to speak with him about journalism, the importance of writing and broadcasting, and the future of the profession. Calwell’s favorite baseball team is the Yankees, making the event an experience to remember.

Cate Casparius ’19

Assistant Public Relations Manager

For Cate Casparius ’19, proficiency with social media transcends the personal Instagram account, taking on the Inklings Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts. For Inklings’ Assistant Public Relations Manager, managing half a dozen accounts was a natural extension of her ability to multitask. “I did three seasons of sports my Freshman and Sophomore year,” Casparius said, and is currently a cheerleader both on and off campus. Always up for a challenge, Casparius enjoys “taking advantage of the opportunities [she’s] faced with in terms of articles.” Wrapping up an action-packed summer, including a teen tour trip to Fiji, Cate is looking forward to keeping Inklings’ followers up-to-date on the latest news.

Charlie Colasurdo ’18

Assistant Creative Director

Throughout the 2017 summer, Charlie Colasurdo ’18 was riding around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in style, on motorbikes. Now returning to school for his senior year he holds the position of Assistant Creative Director for Inklings after being an active writer and photographer since his sophomore year. “I believe journalism is incredibly important, I love that it’s always current and there’s a lot of excitement,” Colasurdo said. When he’s not in school, you can find him exploring areas in Southeast Asia, where he’s been 4 times in the last two years, documenting his experiences through breathtaking photos; or dedicating his time as a board member of Westport Farmers’ Market or volunteering at Wakeman Town Farm.

Izzy Connors ’18

Opinion Editor

Izzy Connors ‘18 is one of the opinion editors for Inklings. For Izzy’s position she edits the opinion articles, and puts together opinion pages for the newspaper. She decided to take Introduction to Journalism because she wanted to branch out to different types of writing as she primarily loved fiction pieces. After she completed the Introduction to Journalism class, she realized she wanted to start writing articles and applied for Inklings because she had always wanted to be a part of the newspaper. Connors says one interesting fact about her is, “I moved to Westport, CT seven years ago from England.”


Eli Corenthal ’19

With Staples High School’s wide range of opportunities, Eli Corenthal ʼ19 has found ways to take advantage of what the school has to offer. He started his junior year in an introduction to journalism class, which served as his starting point on his path to Inklings. In his words, beginning journalism classes meant, “I finally had the opportunity to speak my mind, or write my mind,” Corenthal said. As a staff writer for Inklings, he will continue to follow his passion for writing. Inklings isn’t Corenthal’s only contribution to the Staples community. He reports sports for WWPT—Westport 9.3 FM. This is an opportunity given to participants in the Radio Production class at Staples High School. Corenthal’s active participation at Staples High School helps to inform the community who tune in to WWPT or read Inklings. These platforms created by the school have influence throughout Westport and Corenthal’s voice will undoubtedly be one to reach the town.


Allie D’Angelo ’20

A&E Editor

Allie D’Angelo ’20, A&E Editor, always gets down to the truth. “I joined inklings because I enjoy informing people about what’s going on around them rather then sitting down and listening to other people report themselves,” Said D’Angelo,“I think that learning the information myself and recording my version of it is important.” As one of the Arts Editor’s, D’Angelo has taken a liking to the arts community around her, “I think that things like restaurants and things around town are important because people should know what’s going on around them in their community.” This year will be D’Angelo’s first year enrolled in the Advanced Journalism class, but she acted as a paper editor at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. D’Angelo has high hopes for her first year in Inklings, “I’m really excited to be in a class where other people are interested in what I’m interested in.” Outside of Inklings, D’Angelo is a setter for the Staples JV Volleyball team.


Jackson Daignault ’18

Sports Editor

Concluding his last year at Staples, Jackson remains a familiar face among the Inklings Staff. Jackson’s knowledge about sports both on and off the field makes him perfect for the position. Looking to pursue journalism in the future, Jackson possesses a strong writing foundation, useful for both writing articles and editing the sports column as well.  “I’m really interested in Sports Journalism…Inklings is a way to get involved and learn the ropes before trying to pursue journalism in college,” Daignault said.  Jackson is also the Co-President of TAG, a non-profit club at Staples educating students about the impact of drinking and drug use.

Mia Daignault ’20

Mia Daignault ’20, staff writer, joined Inklings for a very unique reason. “My brother convinced me,” she said. Her brother, Jackson Daignault ’18, is a sports editor for the Inklings newspaper. She went on to say that she enjoyed writing more than reading, and journalism is a way to express her creativity. Aside from Inklings, Daignault also participates in TAG and Kool to be Kind. She played basketball as a freshman and now plays in a charity league. A fun fact about her is that she has 27 cousins. Overall, she hopes to have a good experience in Inklings.

Jack Dennison ’21

Staff Writer

Jack Dennison ’21 has a strong interest in writing for Inklings as a staff writer. Dennison is the sole representative of his freshman class in Advanced Journalism and takes on many roles as a leader of his grade. Dennison aspired to participate in Inklings because he was involved in Ursus at Bedford and describes Inklings as “the most fun thing ever,” Dennison said. Dennison loves writing, especially creative writing. “Structured Writing is garbage because you are confined to things,” Dennison said.  Outside of Inklings, Dennison plays guitar, contributes to a debate group and plays badminton. He began playing badminton in middle school and now is enrolled in clinics this year. “I could beat a lot of people in badminton,” Dennison said.

Isabella Didio ’18

Staff Writer

Isabella Didio ’18 has enjoyed writing for a while now. With an aunt who has written various articles for ABC and ESPN,  journalism has been a huge part of Didio’s life since before she can remember. “Coming into Staples, I knew Inklings was an amazing newspaper,” Didio said. She joined the paper as a staff writer last year and feels so passionately about it that she hopes to continue studying  journalism in college. Of course, writing is not Didio’s only love; she used to horseback ride, but has recently become more involved with lacrosse and basketball. With Didio’s long acquaintance with writing and a strong mentor to guide her, there’s no doubt that Isabella Didio will continue to produce some of Inkling’s finest articles.

Nicole Dienst ’18

Web News Editor 

New to Inklings this year, Nicole Dienst ’18 is very excited to join the staff. Her favorite school subject is English, but Dienst hopes to enhance Inklings with skills other than just writing. “I am looking forward to doing different elements for Inklings, like photos and videos along with writing articles,” Dienst said. Nicole is a very involved member of the Staples community; she is the president of the China Cares club and involved with the Unified Sports club. Nicole is also a two sport varsity athlete. She plays on the basketball and lacrosse teams. At home, Nicole spends time with her golden retrievers, Oscar and Duke, and her brothers, Jared and Teddy.

Teddy Dienst ’20

Staff Writer

Teddy Dienst ’20 is one of the newest staff writers for Inklings. Dienst has been surrounded by journalism his whole life as his father, Jonathan Dienst, is a newscaster for MSNBC and his sister, Nicole Dienst ’18, encouraged him to join Inklings like she did. Dienst is also on the Staples freshman basketball team. “I really like the sport,” Dienst said. “My sister played when she was younger so she got me into it.” Dienst wants to combine his love for writing and sports by becoming a sports journalist.

Kaela Dockray ’20

Sports Editor

Kaela Dockray ’20 enters her first year in Advanced Journalism as a seasoned reader, writer and field-hockey player. As the Web Opinions Editor, she hopes to expand her love of writing to journalism and eventually share her voice and opinions through Inklings. “I never really tried writing for papers,” she said. “This is kind of a different style for me to try.” Later, Dockray plans to utilize her creative skills to pursue some kind of career in writing, whether it be a magazine editor or an English teacher, saying it is important to “make a difference in this world through what I have to say.”


Caroline Donohue ’20

Assistant Business Manager

After enjoying the Intro to Journalism course last year, Caroline Donohue ’20 joined Advanced Journalism this year as one of the three Assistant Business Managers. In addition to loving English and journalistic writing, Donohue decided to get involved with the business aspect of Inklings because she’s interested in selling and advertising. As an only child, Donohue also hopes to enjoy the community that comes along with being on the newspaper staff as well as foster her love for writing. “I’m really excited to write articles as well as help Brett manage the business side of the paper,” Donohue said.

Megan Doyle ’18

Web Managing Editor

No matter where she is, Megan Doyle ’18, web managing editor, finds a way to do what she loves most- write. This summer, Doyle worked in a food truck and still managed to write just about anything she could including emails and brochures. Her love of writing also led her to begin robotics, another one of her passions. “Ms. Fulco said, ‘This robotics team needs a sophomore girl to be a writer’ and I thought, ‘I’m a sophomore girl and I can write!” Starting out as a writer for a team that eventually disbanded, Doyle has now launched her own team and is excited for its future.

Sophie Driscoll ’19

News Editor

Sophie Driscoll ’19, the news editor for the blue staff, is coming into her third year on Inklings. Driscoll started her Inklings career as a freshman when she took Intro to Journalism. “English has always been my favorite subject and I really like reading the newspaper and learning about current events,” Driscoll said. Over the summer, when Driscoll wasn’t taking trips along the East Coast with family and friends, she attended a creative writing program in the Berkshires. Although the material she learned isn’t directly applicable to journalistic writing, she “met a lot of really interesting people and had a really good time.”


Matt Engler ’18

Staff Writer

Matt Engler ’18, is eager to start his journalism career with Inklings, “I would read the Inklings News and most of the sports articles, those are what really attracted me to joining.” Outside of Inklings Engler participates in many extra curriculars.He plays center midfield for the Varsity Soccer team,  is a part of SLOBS and volunteers at his church. He is also Head of Donations for a club, Stocks for Shelter, which he joined in his junior year. The club donates their fantasy stock earnings and donates it to shelters. His friends would describe him as sympathetic, composed and witty. Although Engler is a senior, he hopes writing for Inklings will help him in other classes and any newspaper opportunities in the future.


Zach Feinstein ’18

Staff Writer

Zach Feinstein ’18 enjoys journalism because it veers away from the standard English class writing he has been doing for years. “I was excited to take Intro to Journalism because I could finally choose my own English class,” Feinstein said. “I found it much more fun.” Though he has completed the Intro to Journalism course, this year is his first year as a staff writer on Inklings. His other extracurriculars aside from journalism include baseball and lacrosse, which he has been doing since middle school. Feinstein’s primary interest however is business, which he hopes to pursue post graduation.

Jarod Ferguson ’18

Staff Writer

Jarod Ferguson ’18 is a first year staff writer for Inklings. He has also contributed to WWPT Sports Radio and won a national radio award. Ferguson played football and basketball, but now he focuses on rugby and intends to cover these for Inklings. Ferguson is excited to experience sports from a different point of view this year. He enjoyed providing radio sports news, so he hopes to  continue using other methods. Ferguson expressed his excitement for Inklings in the coming year. “I really like the energy inside the classroom… I feel like I will be really successful in this class.”


Olivia Foster ’18

Arts Editor

Olivia Foster ’18 going into her third year of Inklings as a paper Art Editor and decided to take Advanced Journalism after she enjoyed taking Introduction to Journalism. Foster is excited to her experience as a senior and is looking forward to reconnecting with her classmates for one last year. “I feel like in senior year everyone gets so close because everyone is so excited and we have been with each other for so long.” Not only is Foster looking forward to her final year at Staples but she also enjoys taking photos, hanging out with friends and going for occasional runs during her free time. Foster will be continuing on to her fourth and final year of the Staples tennis team. “I love it so much, and the team is great.”

Chelsea Fox ’19

Web Features Editor

Chelsea Fox ’19 is a Web Features Editor for Inklings and one of the newest additions to the newspaper. Starting off in Intro to Journalism she quickly realized her passion for writing, and immediately went to the advanced class. “I love how there are so many types of journalism. You get to experience all different things and people through interviews because every article you write is on a new topic” Fox said. Along with a passion for writing, Fox is also interested in community service and spent her summer in Thailand. National Geographic organized the trip and she spent 4 days in a school teaching and exploring the city.


Arin Garland ’18

Web Opinions Editor

Arin Garland ’18 is coming into her second year at Inklings and serves as the web opinions editor. Garland likes writing opinions best because she is able to express herself. Throughout high school, Garland has excelled in English courses and even took A.P. language and composition her junior year. “I joined advanced journalism because I really like writing […] and I wanted to take a class where I could do what I enjoy,” Garland said. Outside of Inklings, Garland spends her Sundays in Stamford teaching kids Korean. She also enjoys swimming.


Emma Greenberg ’18

Breaking News Managing Editor

Emma Greenberg ’18 is an Inklings Breaking News Manager. This is her third year in Inklings; her first year she was a staff writer and last year she was a page editor. Emma decided to join Inklings because Staples is really confined and she wanted to have a free range on what she wanted to write. When she isn’t at Staples, or writing for Inklings, she will sometimes do Yoga and Meditation. With a lot of work going on in her life yoga and meditating can help her, “Yoga and meditation can clear your mind and it’s good destresser.”


Daniel Harizman ’19

News Editor

Daniel Harizman ’19 was born in New York and moved to Westport, Connecticut three years later. This past summer, Harizman went on a six week bike trip across the country with eleven other kids through the program Overland. Harizman’s older brother inspired him to take Introduction to Journalism because his brother enjoyed the class when he took it his Sophomore year at Staples. Harizman wasn’t as interested in the fine art classes, so he decided to give Journalism a try. He currently holds the News Editor position for Inklings. “I really enjoyed the whole concept of writing news and being in the center of the whole event.”

Zach Horowitz ’19

News Editor

Zach Horowitz ’19 has been greatly involved in Inklings ever since the end of his Freshman year. Originally, Horowitz was apart of the Inklings website staff, but this year will be taking on a new responsibility as the News Editor. Horowitz is very active in extracurriculars, he is a secretary for both Kool 2 Be Kind, and the Teen Awareness Group. Both are organizations that work to end problems most teens face during high school, such as, bullying, substance abuse, self esteem issues, and other social pressures. Horowitz’s favorite subject in school is journalism, he loves that he is given the freedom to write whatever he wants and appreciates the strong connections he is able to make with different people through his writing.




Siri Kanter ’20

Web Opinions Editor

This passionate, resilient student has always had a tremendous passion for writing, allowing her to take pleasure in joining Inklings as a Web Opinions Editor this upcoming year. Siri Kanter ’20 finds joy in studying for her sophomore year classes, hanging out with friends and playing for the Staples field hockey team as a rather aggressive, prosperous asset. She particularly enjoys the camaraderie of playing a team sport, which has contributed to her recent liking towards squash. “I love how very few people play this game,” Kanter said. “You don’t have to be all that good, it’s still loads of fun!”

Lily Kane ’20

Staff Writer

In addition to being a new member of Inklings, Lily Kane is very interested in writing and thinks Journalism could be a possible career path for herself. “I prefer writing opinions because it’s easier to talk about something I care about,” Kane said. In the future, she hopes to hold a web position within Inklings. Other than journalism, Kane also takes French and she has since middle school. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and traveling. This summer, Kane went to Croatia and last December, she went to Spain. She also spent her sixth summer at Camp Wicosuta in New Hampshire this past summer. At school, she participates on the cheerleading team. She began as a freshman. Although, she has done competitive gymnastics for five years.

Jonathan Kaner ’18

Broadcaster Director

When asked why he joined Inklings, Jonathan Kaner ’18 responded as such, “the community seemed nice as a whole and I thought it would be a good opportunity to pursuit my passion.”  Kaner is a man of many passions, he loves to write, design, and create videos. Aside from those  interests, Kaner also possesses a knack for sniffing out great opportunities. So, when a friend introduced him to Inklings, Kaner knew it was a natural fit and has enjoyed being a member of the staff ever since.   


Amanda Kaplowitz ’19

Sports Editor

Amanda Kaplowitz ’19 is a bubbly, excited Sports Editor for the paper. After taking Introduction to Journalism during second semester of her sophomore year, she realized how much she liked writing and “just didn’t want to stop.” But writing isn’t the only thing she enjoys about Inklings: as an editor, she likes to see the inner workings of the paper, “not just the final project.” In the spring, Kaplowitz spends her afternoons playing tennis, and also dabbles in cross country to keep in shape. Although she hasn’t traveled much, this summer she went to both Australia and Hawaii, and plans on exploring more places around the world in the future. She loves to see “a whole different side of the world, and a whole new country that I’ve never been to.”

Elliot Kaufman ’19

Web Sports Editor

Elliot Kaufman ’19 joined Inklings in the second semester of 2017 and is currently a Web Sports Editor. He is an avid sports fan and gives his view on different sports topics in the community. Kaufman had a brother who was a former Inklings sports reporter. “I am not much of a writer, but when I saw my brother do sports reporting, I knew that was something I wanted to do, too  Kaufman said.” In between his writing for inklings, Kaufman was a Staples baseball player and does radio for WWPT, and track.

Eddie Kiev ’20

Edward Kiev ’20, or “Eddie” for short, is a new staff writer on Inklings. Even though he was born on the upper east side of New York City, Kiev has spent most of his life in Westport. At school, Kiev’s favorite subject is AP U.S. History, by far.  “I love how informative the class is – it’s the perfect balance between subjective and objective,” Kiev said. Outside of school, Kiev rows at the Saugatuck Rowing Club as a coxswain. On Inklings, his favorite type of journalism to write about is breaking news. One of the reasons why Kiev decided to go into journalism was because of the way he could write about specific topics and go deeper into the aspects of each topic. “It’s less of an analysis,” Kiev said, “and stating more of what’s there in a clear, concise way.”

Ben Klau ’18

Assistant Business Manager

New to Inklings this year, Ben Klau ’18 will be assisting Business Director Brett Franklin ’18 as one of three Assistant Business Managers. “I took Intro to Journalism last year and I enjoyed writing sports articles and I’ve written for blogs before and I just thought it would be fun to help out with the newspaper here at school,” Klau said. Outside of Inklings, Klau enjoys participating in the radio station here at Staples. He not only works as a sports broadcaster, but is also in charge of hosting his own show.


Jacob Kogan ’18

Staff Writer

Jacob Kogan ’18 is a staff writer in his first year in Inklings. He joined the class because he has an interest in journalism and wanted to continue from intro to journalism. Kogan has two younger brothers; a freshman at Staples and a sixth grader. In his free time, Kogan is one of the original 4 members of the ultimate frisbee club. “We’re in the process of growing the club and we’re trying to make it a varsity sport but we need as much participation as possible”


Ellie Kravetz ’18

Assistant Creative Director 

After recently moving from Boston, Ellie Kravetz ’18 found her place as Assistant Creative Director for Inklings. One of Ellie’s jobs is taking photos of Staples High School sports teams, as well as headshots. “I love taking photos of people and making people look as good as they are, and just going to all different events and just capturing moments like being able to tell stories through those photos- I love that.” Being able to convey ideas and themes through linguistics and communication is something Ellie is greatly passionate about as well when she goes to college next year.


Kaya Leitner ’19

Opinions Editor

Kaya Leitner ’19 is an opinions editor for the paper, but leads a very interesting life out of school. This summer, Kaya visited Barcelona, Spain, where she learned Spanish, and helped disadvantaged children and teens from the region. According to Kaya, “Barcelona was an amazing experience because not only could I advance my speaking skills, but I was able to interact with disadvantaged youth and feel like I made a change.” Kaya now says that her Spanish-speaking skills have increased significantly, and feels like she has made a real change in the world. Kaya is a kind and caring individual who holds journalistic integrity in the highest regard.

Jackson Lev ’20

Staff Writer

Jackson Lev ’20 is in his first year of Advanced Journalism. Lev is going to be a staff writer this school year. Lev decided to become a member of Inkings because of his desire to explore the different fields of writing. “I thought it would be an interesting course,” Lev said, elaborating on how he is interested in “pursuing the sports aspect of journalism.” Lev is interested in almost every sport, ranging from football to lacrosse, with basketball being his favorite sport and the New York Knicks his favorite team. Lev plays basketball and lacrosse himself as well.

Julia Lombardo ’20

Staff Writer

Despite being born on Friday the 13th, Julia Lombardo ’20 proves she is anything but dark and grim. The new Inklings staff writer loves to read the news to “stay involved in what’s going on in the world and in my local community,” Lombardo said. In addition to writing for Inklings, Lombardo is beginning her second year on the Varsity girls’ soccer team. Outside of school, Lombardo plays for a competitive soccer team that travels the world. When she’s not busy tearing up the soccer green, Lombardo enjoys spending time with her active family.

 Tori Lubin ’18

Web Managing Editor

Tori Lubin ’18 is no stranger to journalism. In fact, she’s been interested in journalism since she was just a little girl. “I created a newspaper in elementary school and handed out the newspapers to friends and family,” said Lubin. Lubin was forced to wait all through middle school to continue her journalism aspirations, but when she finally had the chance to join Inklings, she immediately took advantage of it. Besides journalism, Lubin also enjoys fencing. “I like that fencing is as much of a mind game as it is a physical sport,” she says. On top of fencing, Lubin enjoys baking and competing in Junior Statesmen Of America.

Kevin Ludy ’19

Staff Writer

Kevin Ludy ’19 is entering into his second year of Advanced Journalism as a Staff Writer. After taking Intro to Journalism he realized he had a passion for writing and decided to continue this passion by becoming a member of Inklings. His favorite class is history, which he uses to help enhance his reading and writing skills. Outside of school, “I am not really involved in sports,” Ludy ’19 said. Ludy instead is interested in Music. He participates in lessons at the Westport School of Music. His favorite instrument is the piano, but he also use to the play the Viola. On top of that Ludy shares that he is involved in many clubs at the school.

Melanie Lust ’19

Creative Director

Heading into her second year as part of the Inklings Staff, Melanie Lust ’19 is looking forward to a new year of leading the visual content of the paper and web as Creative Director. Lust joined the club last year, eager to take part in the communal aspect of Inklings and to share her talents in both art and writing with the Staples community. Aside from Lust’s passion for both drawing and writing, music has given her another creative outlet to express herself. She plays the viola for the school orchestra. In terms of Lust’s goals for this upcoming year, she hopes to expand the Inklings staff to artists as well as writers. “It’s important that people don’t see our newspaper as stressful, too much work, or ‘socially elite’ because this is really a place where anyone can pursue their passions,” Lust advocates. With her creativity, determination and love for what she does, Lust will be a vital asset to the Inklings team.


Erin Lynch ’18

Sports Editor

Erin Lynch ’18 is the red staff sports paper editor and is excited to continue to be a part of Inklings. Lynch has always liked writing and once she took Intro To Journalism, “I really enjoyed that [class], so I wanted to continue to pursue that.” Her favorite subject in school is anything doing with history, and a specific class she enjoyed was Economics which she took last year.  Outside of the classroom, Lynch plays soccer for Staples and for a club team. For entertainment, she enjoys watching one of her favorite shows “One Tree Hill.” Lynch is very excited for her senior year and this upcoming year of Inklings.


Molly Mahoney ’18

Web A&E Editor

Molly Mahoney ’18 is coming into her second year at Inklings with a lot of journalistic experience under her belt. After being a staff writer for a year and serving as an editor for the supplemental issue, Mahoney is now a web A&E editor. According to Mahoney, journalism provides her with an experience to “explore a lot of different topics rather than be stuck with just one thing.” More specifically, Mahoney enjoys the study of “people and real world issues.” She hopesto continue these academic pursuits in college, where she is thinking of taking courses in humanities. Although Mahoney is unsure of whether or not she will be continuing her journalistic efforts beyond high school, she believes that, “you can apply your writing skills and interview skills to whatever you’re doing.”

Alex Massoud ’20

Staff Writer

Alex Massoud ’20 will begin his first year on Inklings, and will be a Staff Writer. “My brother took it [Advanced Journalism] and he really liked it,” Massoud said. “It seems really interesting, and I enjoyed fun with Intro to Journalism.” Massoud is passionate about sports journalism and aspires to be a sports journalist.  “I find sports really interesting, and my involvement in WWPT and Inklings allows me to report on something I enjoy doing and watching,” Massoud said.  In addition to Massoud’s involvement in sports journalism, he is also a member of the debate team, an executive board member for the Service League of Boys (SLOBs) and he plays recreational basketball in his spare time.


Seth McCoy ’19

Seth McCoy ’19 is not one to sit around and do nothing. He is currently a staff writer for Inklings, Staples High School’s newspaper. He joined this heavily populated class at Staples because he has a passion for reporting and likes to write. “I find it very fun and relaxing,” McCoy said. Outside of school McCoy spends his free time going to the gym with friends, cooking, playing the guitar and practicing his Mandarin. He is fascinated with the Mandarin language and plans to have it be one of the main focuses of his future. “I really like foreign language, so I probably plan to go into translating. I think that would be a cool way to see the world and meet a lot of interesting people,” McCoy said. He plans to go into AP Manarin next year and looks at a life full of exploring the language.


Sasha Narang ’18

Web Features Editor

As senior year begins for Sasha Narang ’18, the Web Features Editor, her passion for journalism continues to grow. Her interest in journalism sparked because she felt that english classes restricted her writing but in journalism there are no limitations. Over the summer, Narang stepped out of her comfort zone and embarked on a two week camping trip in the woods of California. “I am not a nature person,” she said. “l so I had to adjust to the many spiders and things I would usually avoid, but it taught me a lot.” As the co-leader of the Mindfulness club at Staples, Narang hopes to continue practicing mindfulness in her everyday life.

Jake Navarro ’20

Staff Writer

Jake Navarro ’20 had a busy summer, hanging out with his friends of seven years for seven weeks at Camp Pontiac. Navarro will also be busy during the school year with cross country, basketball and lacrosse. However, he added a different kind of activity this year to his schedule: writing. “I might like to pursue a career in writing,” Navarro said. This prompted him to join Advanced Journalism as a Staff Writer. Combining his love for sports , particularly lacrosse, and his new passion in writing, Navarro wants to specifically read and write sports pieces.





Ben Pearl ’18

Web Sports Editor

Ben Pearl ’18, a Web Sports Editor for Inklings, began writing for Inklings last year. After completing Intro to Journalism, Pearl joined Inklings because of his interest in the subject. However, journalism isn’t Pearl’s only interest. This year, he is captain of the basketball team and on the football team at Staples. Pearl enjoys reporting on sports because he is passionate about them and because he can see his friends compete. This year, Pearl looks forward to the combination of both of his interests. “To report on a game is killing two birds with one stone, being able to see my friends play and getting class credit,” he said.

Dana Perelberg ’20

Staff Writer

As a new member of Inklings, Dana Perelberg ’20 is looking forward to her first year as a staff writer. After hearing about Inklings, Perelberg decided to join to improve her writing skills. However, writing is not the only activity that sparks Perelberg’s interest; Perelberg has a strong interest in fashion and writing for fashion. Perelberg’s interest began at a young age. Perelberg has incorporated her interest in fashion at Staples. “I’m really into fashion so I’m in fashion club at school. I don’t sew clothes or design anything, but I like writing about fashion,” Perelberg said. She is excited to immerse herself in the world of fashion and writing for Inklings.

Maddie Phelps ’19

Web A&E Editor

Maddie Phelps ’19 is one driven by her venturesome persona in and out of the newsroom. Phelps decided to join Inklings her sophomore year due to her interest in writing and English. Phelps now holds the position as Inklings Web A&E editor. Phelps discusses what drove her to this position as she states that, “I wanted to see what it would be like to have a responsibility in the journalism field. So far I feel that it has been a really great opportunity.” Outside of the newsroom, Phelps races go karts with her twin brother and plays varsity basketball.



Shane Rabacs ’18

Staff Writer

Shane Rabacs ’18 is a staff writer for the paper and has been on the Inklings team since junior year. Since his first year, Rabacs has found his passion for sports writing. Outside of Inklings, Rabacs shows his love for sports with his backyard wiffle ball league. “We record all the games, we have a YouTube channel, it’s pretty intense,” Rabacs said. This summer, Rabacs took a mission trip to South Carolina with his church youth group.  He helped out the local community by painting houses. Rabacs will continue to do great work this year.

Camryn Ragland ’18

Staff Writer

Camryn Ragland ’18 is very excited to begin her second year on Inklings as a staff writer. “I have always liked to write and I wanted to take it further to learn about different types of writing,” Ragland said when asked why she joined Advanced Journalism. Ragland is the goalie for the Staples girls’ varsity soccer team. She has been playing for almost her whole life and dedicates a lot of her time to it. During the off season, she participates in club soccer with some of her Staples teammates. Ragland’s favorite subject in school is English, which is why she loves being a part of the Inklings community.

Alex Reiner ’18

Associate Managing Editor

Alex Reiner ’18 has been a part of Inklings for two years and is currently the associate managing editor after gaining experience as an arts paper editor last year. After finding a passion for writing early on, Reiner believed that taking the Advanced Journalism class would help improve his skills. “I’ve learned so much since the first class and have loved journalism ever since,” Reiner said. He has also taken part in journalism programs at Yale University and Northwestern University. Reiner is a part of the Staples varsity baseball team and contributed to their state championship win last year.

Anna Rhoads ’19

A&E Editor

After a long summer of working at ACE Hardware Store and visiting family in Michigan, Anna Rhoads ’19 is back home, and excited to start writing again.  With a developing interest for writing in middle school, Rhoads decided to take the Intro to Journalism course. From there, Rhoads realized, “how exciting it was to interview so many different people,” so she joined Inklings and later became the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the blue staff. “It’s cool how in [Inklings] students take all the leadership while the teachers are there to guide you,” Rhoads said. With dedication and passion, Inklings is lucky to have a writer like Rhoads.

Emma Rojas ’18

Staff Writer

Emma Rojas ‘18 is a three-year Inklings Staff Writer. She is taking Advanced Journalism because of her interest in the Staples community and her enjoyment in relaying stories to the community. Something unique about Rojas is that through the course Caribbean Literature, she was able to partake in a program to aid relief efforts in Haiti. Through this program, she impacted lives across the world from her English classroom, “Last year, I partnered with the Vassar Haiti project, which sends money to Shermet,” Rojas said. She is looking forward to continuing her involvement with the program throughout her final year at Staples.

Lili Romann ’19

Features Editor

Lili Romann ’19, a features editor on Red Staff, devotes a period of her schedule to Advanced Journalism because journalism is an important part of her life that connects her to aspects of school she otherwise would not be involved with. Romann is an avid writer and loves the sense of community that Inklings nourishes, making Advanced Journalism the “best of both worlds.” Romann has twenty one cousins on her mother’s side which makes Thanksgivings a lot of fun. She loves her big family and her friends. Lili will provide a fresh and independent voice on Inklings. “If you worry about what other people think of you, you’ll never live life to the fullest,” Romann said.

Olivia Ronca ’18

Features Editor

Olivia Ronca ’18 is the features editor for Inklings. Olivia decided to join inklings because she has always had an interest in journalism and media. Olivia has been a part of Inklings for two years. Other than Inklings, Olivia has been playing soccer for 15 years. She is currently playing for the Staples varsity team and is a captain as well. Olivia is has one sister who also attends Staples. When talking about journalism she said, “ I hope to pursue this in the future.”


Julia Rosier ’18

Breaking News Managing Editor

Julia Rosier ’18 is going into her third year in Inklings. Rosier has been in many different positions, however this year she is the breaking news managing editor. Her favorite part? “Definitely pitching stories,” Rosier said. She takes Advanced Journalism not only because she loves to write, but because, “I also love keeping with the news and it’s a really fun class to take.” Rosier said. Besides writing Rosier has a passion for dance. She has been dancing at the Westport Academy of Dance for years.


Madison Sell ’18

Policial Blog Editor

Hardworking and passionate, Madison Sell ’18 has grasped the role of Political Blog Editor with a firm mindset. Her opinions are expressed through writing, although she hopes to add podcasts to personalize reader interaction. Sell’s irrepressible political stance forms the backbone of her work. Inspired by the “eloquent” democrats before her, she makes statements through even the smallest of gestures. “I even made cupcakes with Hillary [Clinton]’s logo on them,” she describes. Her confident demeanor is embellished with a persistent smile. Sell hopes to pursue a career in politics. Until then, her words leave an impression on Inklings consumers.

Jack Shapiro ’19

Staff Writer

Hardworking, confident, and caring are three words that Jack Shapiro ’19 identifies with. The 2017-18 school year marks Shapiro’s second year as a staff writer for Inklings. When asked why he joined Inklings, Shapiro said he “joined because I was really interested in writing about sports. I was interested about writing blogs and other things going on in the sports world. I also enjoy writing A&E, album reviews, and possibly movie reviews.” Outside of Inklings, Shapiro plays as a left fielder for the Staples Baseball team in the spring. After a long summer of traveling to England, Italy, and Chicago, Shapiro is ready to resume his love for writing this school year.

Anay Simunovic ’18


Anay Simunovic ’18 is one of the two Editors-in-Chief of Inklings this year. Simunovic says that she joined Inklings because of the sense of community and independence that it provides students with. “As soon as I was introduced to the introduction to journalism class I realized that I really liked being able to express myself and incorporate a wide variety of perspectives within an article,” she said. Simunovic is a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S. and she has five siblings.

Ava Simunovic ’20

Staff Writer

Since the age of five, Ava Simunovic ’20, a staff writer,  has been played soccer. “That’s kind of been my passion in life,” Simunovic said. This past summer, she and two of her best friends represented the United States in a youth soccer tournament held in Sweden and Denmark. Simunovic’s sister is Inklings Editor-in-Chief Anay Simunovic ’18, who sparked her interest in journalism. “She’s just raved about how much she’s learned and how she’s grown as a writer and a person through the Inklings program,” Simunovic said. “I’m very excited about this year with Inklings.”

Alexandra Sprouls ’19

Opinions Editor

Alexandra Sprouls ’19 joined Inklings at the beginning of sophomore year and plans on being an active member of Inklings throughout the rest of her time here at Staples. “I joined because I really like writing and I thought journalism would be the natural thing to try next,” she said. Sprouls will be a paper opinions editor for red staff this upcoming year. She took her journalism talent outside of the classroom as she attended a journalism program at Yale University this past summer. In addition to journalism, Sprouls enjoys playing soccer. She is the Wreckers’ center midfielder and has played on varsity since she was called up her freshman year. Sprouls hopes to be able to play soccer and study journalism in the future.

Emily Stone ’20

Assistant Business Manager

Outside of the Inklings room, Emily Stone ’20, the assistant business manager for Inklings, and first year member of the Advanced Journalism Class, can be found in various other niches throughout the school and community. Whether it’s on the softball field, or fundraising for clubs and sports that she’s involved in, Stone is an involved member of the Staples community. Stone got her start in journalism two summers ago when she was accepted into the Columbia Journalism School, and has been passionate about journalism ever since. “I’m excited to kind of get the gist of the class and meet so many new people,” Stone said.  “I’ve always been interested in how the paper is made and what it’s like to be a part of it.

Zach Strober ’19

Staff Writer

Zach Strober ’19 is a staff writer for Inklings. Zach is really interested in the field of journalism in general and how the media can affect so much stuff outside of schools and politics. Something that Zach is very passionate about is the sport of hockey. “I loved [hockey] since I was little, cause my older cousins played it, so I was always following them,” Zach said.


Daniel Thompson ’18

Staff Writer

Daniel Thompson ’18, a staff writer, Inklings newbie, and quarterback on the Staples varsity football team has a keen interest in sports that he expects to showcase in his work for Inklings this year. Over the summer, Thompson focused on his football career by participating recruiting camps at Ivy League schools, Williams College, and Bowdoin College. “Right now my tops choices are probably Williams, Middlebury, Johns Hopkins, and University of Chicago,” Thompson said. Nonetheless, the senior is committed to his learning. “I want to play at the best possible academic school I can.”




Jackson Valente ’18

Staff Writer

To go from playing the sport you love for eight years and transitioning to go behind the scenes requires real courage, something that Jackson Valente ’18 has. After playing football from 4th grade to 11th grade, Valente decided to pursue his passion of radio broadcasting. Valente has been a part of the Staples Broadcast team since his freshman year and is now the head of sports coverage. Valente emphasizes that it was an easy transition, saying it “felt like I was leaving one family for another.” Valente made the decision to join the Inklings staff to expand on his broadcasting skills and learn about other forms of journalism.

Marlo Van Der Ahe ’20

At first glance, Inklings Staff Writer Marlo Von Der Ahe ’20 might just look like another mundane face in the crowd, but her ambition is anything but. On top of the heavy highschool workload Von Der Ahe still finds time to pursue her passions, mainly soccer. “I play for the Staples varsity team and all through the spring,” Von Der Ahe said. Von Der Ahe has her sights aimed high, hoping to score a position on the Inklings editing staff by her senior year. In the meantime, Von Der Ahe plans to combine her love for soccer and English by writing sports articles, and hopes to see her name published in print.

Emma Van Riper ’20

Staff Writer

Emma Van Riper ’20 was born in Norwalk, Connecticut and has lived in Westport for her entire life. Van Riper discovered a love for boating from a very young age, earning her boating license at age 14. Now, Van Riper spends her time playing volleyball, and is on the girls’ junior varsity team.Van Riper took Introduction to Journalism as a freshman here at Staples and instantly fell in love with the subject. Van Riper is hoping her work and attitude will help her become more involved in the Inklings community. “By the end of the year I want to have an idea of a position I would like to have for next year.”


Lauren Wasserman ’19

Staff Writer

English is the favorite subject of Inklings staff writer Lauren Wasserman ’19. When asked what her motives for joining the newspaper was, Wasserman quickly responded, “English is my favorite subject, so I figured why not.”  In addition to her participation in Advanced Journalism this year, Wasserman enjoyed her Intro to Journalism and US History classes last year. Besides her passions in the classroom, Wasserman excels in the pool as she is a member of the Staples swim team. The Lady Wreckers recently gained a plethora of new swimmers and Wasserman is looking forward to joining with this new talent for the upcoming season.

Adam Wenkoff ’18

Web News Editor

Adam Wenkoff ’18 was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Westport, Connecticut in eighth grade. Wenkoff is currently a web news editor for Inklings. After finding an interest in the subject junior year, he decided to continue with his work. Wenkoff discovered that he, “likes the community, ambassadors, and writing that Inklings provides.” When he’s not writing, Wenkoff enjoys rowing. Similar to Inklings, rowing is a group activity where everyone’s efforts combine to achieve a  goal. Whether he’s in the boat or writing for  the paper, Wenkoff is in it to succeed.


Layla Wofsy ’19

Opinions Editor

Layla Wofsy ’19 is an opinions editor for the paper and has been on the Inklings team since sophomore year. “I think that this would be a career that I want to pursue in the future,” Wofsy said. As well as being an editor for Inklings, Wofsy went to a summer program for journalism at Yale. Apart from journalism, Wofsy has a passion for traveling. This summer, she traveled all around the west coast. Wofsy has been a great addition to the Inklings staff last year and will continue to help the crew this year.




Serena Ye ’20

Serena Ye ’20, a new Advanced Journalism student was born in Brooklyn, New York.  However, Ye has roots all over the world.  Ye’s mother is from Szechwan, China, and her father is from Guang Zhou.  Having family from China, she is “interested in covering events from countries around the world, ” Ye said. Ye is ecstatic about the new opportunity to write “with people older than me and younger than me,” Ye said. “I think it will be a great experience. I’ll be able to express my opinions and get to work with a lot of new people.” Ye hopes to expand her horizons as a writer and a journalist with this class.  “I can’t wait to write in this class,” Ye said, “because you can write about a broad variety of topics, which I will definitely enjoy.”


Bri Zeiberg ’19

Outreach Manager

Bri Zeiberg ’19 is entering into her second year of Inklings. This year, Zeiberg is serving as an Outreach Manager. “[I joined Inklings because] I have always had an interest for writing and I really enjoy writing about different controversial topics.”  Zeiberg, however, is invested in more than just writing about controversial topics. She is also interested in digital media and public relations. Zeiberg attended UCLA this year for a summer program in journalism and media marketing. She has also traveled around the world to countries such as Costa Rica, France, and Turks and Caicos.   Although Zeiberg does not play sports with Staples, she occupies herself by playing tennis, listening to music, and watching Netflix. Zeiberg is going into this year with a hard working attitude and is sure to knock her Junior year out of the park.