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Inklings News

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Inklings News

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Inklings News

Position Directory

Editors-In-Chief: Natalie Bandura and Katie Simons

Web Managing Editors: Giselle Oldani and Anastasia Thumser

Paper Managing Editors: Lily Caplan and Betti Kobak

Associate Managing Editors: Samantha Felner and Karina Murray

Business Directors: Brooke Dembin, Margot Stack, and Theresa Vandis

Assistant Business Managers: Meg Enquist, Allison Gillman, Mia Kirkorsky, and Lucy Zuckerman

Creative Director: Aidan Rogers

Assistant Creative Directors: Rachel Greenberg, Madeline Michalowski, and Lilly Weisz

Photography Director: Camille Vynerib

Public Relations Director: Chloe Murray

Outreach Manager: Shira Zeiberg 

Social Media Director: Lea Rivel

Broadcast Directors: Ella Alpert and Lyah Muktavaram

Breaking News Editor: Tierney Kugel


Paper Editors

Red News: Finnegan Courtney and Maya Hruskar

Blue News: Lucy Dockter and Julia Herlyn

Red Opinions: Mimi Casey and Jared Leonard

Blue Opinions: Valerie Dreyfuss and Charley Guthartz

Red Features: Mishael Gill and Emily Goldstein

Blue Features: Lily Klau and Ella Shi

Red Arts: Anna Diorio and Abbie Goldstein 

Blue Arts: Maria Krug and Elle Vail 

Red Sports: Gabi Gerig and Kiswa Khan

Blue Sports: Phoebe Miller and Tori Wilson

Web Editors

News: Toby Goldfarb and Abby Nevin 

Opinions:  Hannah Conn and Margot Richlin

Features: Alix Glickman and Karlie Saed

Arts: Audrey Kercher and Hannah Ratcliffe 

Sports: Sarah Marron and Jason Stein

Photostory: Amanda Rowan and Ella Stoler