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Leah Bitsky

A&E Editor

Leah Bitsky’12 is the A&E Editor for Inklings

Bitsky enjoys journalism because she has always been talented in English. Her passion for writing has allowed her to want to write articles that will change someone’s opinion.

“I also like to write as a way to express myself,” Bitsky said.

This can be seen in her past columns such as “The Blushing Effect,” “A Tale of Procrastination,” and “An Untrustworthy Groundhog.”

In her free time she enjoys watching the TV series “The Office.”

“I love laughing at the dry humor from these types of shows and movies; that type of hummer inspires the columns I write,” Bitsky said.

Along with being the A&E Editor, Bitsky is involved in the school musical, Orphenians, and many different clubs.

She hopes to utilize her creativity to produce new and exciting layout ideas for the paper.

“The A&E section has been pretty bland in the past, so I’m hoping to spice things up a bit,” Bitsky said.

Bitsky’s high hopes for the paper are sure to be accomplished with her perseverance, originality, and innovative writing skill.

Rebecca Bobrow

Features Editor

Heading into her second year apart of Inklings, Rebecca Bobrow is ready to work hard as Features Editor her senior year at Staples.

Over the summer Bobrow worked at a day camp in Redding, and at a small ice cream shop.

However, as her senior year approaches Bobrow expresses her excitement, “I don’t want to regret anything, I am ready for a fun year”.

Last year, her favorite article was on the very controversial topic of, ‘Teen Sexting.’ Bobrow expressed how she is now looking forward to working with center spreads, and creating new and interesting ideas.

Bobrow is ready for work, and with a hopeful future in international relations she is excited for the upcoming year.


Ryder Chasin

Staff Writer

Although he is new to the Inklings staff this year, Ryder Chasin ’14 is no stranger to journalism. When he was 12, Chasin was already writing sports articles for the Westport Minuteman, with one article even winning a national contest.

After first helping out with Inklings at the summer, Ryder hit the ground running during the school year with an article on the back page covering the Staples football team’s playoff loss. Then, after taking the course Intro to Journalism first semester, Chasin transferred in to Advanced Journalism in order to be able to further participate on the Inklings team.

In addition to journalism, Ryder enjoys playing baseball, has a radio show on WWPT with fellow Inklings members Julian Clarke and Ross Gordon, and also helps broadcast sports on the Staples Television Network.

In addition, Ryder used to be very active in acting, and can be seen in a one-line role in the Ryan Reynolds film Definitely, Maybe.

In regards to his future on the Inklings staff, Ryder is optimistic. “I’m really looking forward to the next three and a half years and helping to make sure that Inklings is the best that it can be,” Chasin said.


Julian Clarke

Sports Editor

2010-2011 Sports Editor for Inklings, Julian Clarke’12 is enthusiastic for this year and believes “sports is going to be the best section of the paper”.

As last years A&E Editor, Julian is remains passionate about journalism and continues to commit himself to Inklings. Julian’s experience and love for journalism makes him a strong member of the Inklings staff.

Julian is an active member in the Staples community. He’s on the sports committee for Staples’ radio show, WWPT and is the head of the foosball club.

For the past two years Julian has been on the Staples baseball team. With the love of the game and dedication, Julian will continue to pursue this sport during at least his high school career.

What seems to keep Julian going is his 65-can collection of his favorite drink, Arizona Iced Tea.

Daniel Cooper

Staff Writer

Following in the footsteps of the award-winning Inklings Business Manager, Emily Cooper ’10, Daniel Cooper ’13 takes his place as a new Inklings member.

After hearing only the best about Inklings from Emily, Cooper looks forward to bringing his creative writing style to the paper this year.

Cooper has written a number of creative pieces, among them, a short story called “To Lose it All,” about the pool player David Towers. He is open to experiencing new writing genres and feels “it is good to have practice in all areas of writing.”

As a new member of Inklings, Cooper is eager to become familiar with the entire process of article crafting; beginning with a beat, interviewing, and writing up the final story. While he has never thought about journalism as a career, Cooper is extremely interested in the field.

Yet in his spare time, Cooper enjoys playing tennis and enjoys it as a way to blow off steam.

Cooper is eager to begin writing, and is ready to become involved with Staples, while simultaneously doing something he is passionate about.


Jeremy Dreyfuss

Web News Editor

An avid reader of ESPN, the Real GM, Sports Illustrated and Slam magazine, Jeremy Dreyfuss ’11 enjoys writing about sports.

“I know a lot about early ‘90s sports and can definitely contribute to a new angle of sports this year,” Dreyfuss said.

After taking the course Intro to Journalism last year, Dreyfuss, a Web News Editor, wants to write articles that students will enjoy reading. He has previously written articles about the intensity of badminton in gym classes and the mohawk trend among members of the soccer team.

Dreyfuss has also been a member of WWPT Wrecker radio and hosts his own weekly sports talk radio show.


Eric Essagof

Features Editor

When Eric Essagof ‘12 wakes up in the morning, his thoughts go directly to one thing—his ability to dislocate his shoulder at will. This feat is also the subject of his unofficial motto: “I can bend my shoulder, but I won’t bend the truth.”

The first Inklings staff member his family, Essagof was attracted to the newspaper because he wanted to experience writing outside of book reports and research papers. He got this (and more) when he joined during his sophomore year.

Essagof’s job as Features Editor utilizes his photo shop talents, as well as gives him the visual freedom to design the center spread. Although he enjoys his position, his favorite aspect of journalism is the people and sense of brotherhood. “The staff is really awesome,” he said. “I like working with everybody.”


Sam Freeman

Web A&E Editor

After enjoying the Intro to Journalism class her sophomore year, Sam Freeman ’11 joined the Inklings editorial staff in 2009 when she became the Web A&E Editor. She has been on the paper since.

As the Web A&E Editor, Freeman hopes to include hard-hitting and timely stories that will intrigue readers. Freeman wants her stories to be more meaningful this year, and she hopes “to interview someone who has an interesting story to tell.”

Freeman loves journalism because of its different style of writing compared to that of English class. She enjoys straying away from the basic essay and venturing into the numerous types of writing that journalism has to offer.

In addition to writing different styles of journalism, Freeman hopes to refine her writing as a member of Inklings this year as she is a believer that there is always room for improvement.

Julia Friedman

Staff Writer

A friendly and animated extrovert, Julia Friedman ’11 has become known for her humorous remarks and outspoken demeanor in her four years at Staples.

Julia has such a passion for sports, particularly basketball, for her entire life. An avid follower of both college and NBA basketball, she has developed a liking for many teams over the years; she now currently supports and feverishly defends the UNC Tarheals and the Lakers.

Julia’s favorite basketball player is Tyler Hansborough, former member of the UNC Tarheals and current member of the Indiana Pacers.

“People talk poorly about him, but look at his stats and get back to me. National Champion that’s all I have to say,” Freidman said.

Her extensive knowledge of sports, consistent familiarity with current stats and players, and unwavering wiliness to voice her opinions, has caused her to write many sports pieces for both the Westport News and Inklings and to become a great contribution to the staff.


Emily Goldberg

Web News Editor

Emily Goldberg ’12 has been involved with Inklings since her sophomore year, but her interest in journalism peaked before high school. She wrote sports articles for Westport News, beginning in eighth grade. She said that she always has had a love of writing.

Goldberg currently is the Web News Editor for Inklings. Her favorite published piece of writing thus far was a feature about people in Westport who have chicken farms.

Her goals for this year are to have a wider variety of stories on the Inklings website , and to cover a greater amount of breaking news. She hopes that these goals will cause more people to be aware of Inklings website.

Outside of Inklings, Goldberg plays lacrosse and enjoys participating in Builders Beyond Borders, along with other volunteer related activities. Journalism is a passion of Goldberg’s, and she considers it as a possible career.

Ross Gordon

Managing Editor

Coming into his fourth year on the Inklings team, Ross Gordon ‘11 is looking to have another great year here at Staples and lead his writing staff effectively. Gordon, who is currently the Managing Editor at Inklings, plans on getting the best out of his writers to provide for genuine news throughout the school.

“Every issue should be to the best of our ability and provide the reader with the information they want, need and should know,” Gordon said.

Ross’ tenacity and belief in perfection will inevitably go a long way in the success of Inklings during the 2010-2011 school year.

Like all writers who have earned respect, Ross once started at the bottom. During his freshman year at Staples, Gordon was lured by his love of sports to become a staff writer on the Inklings team.

“I knew I loved sports so that’s how I got interested in the paper,” said Ross about his blossoming interest in Inklings.

Gordon quickly began to showcase his ability to write sports articles with his first article that focused on a boy’s cross-country track meet.

With hard work and dedication, Ross continued to excel and climb the ladder on the Inklings Staff. During his sophomore year, he wrote many sports articles and during his junior year as he covered news.

Coming into his final year, Gordon is looking to lead Inklings with the valuable information that he has learned through practice and hard work.

Rachel Guetta

Opinions Editor

A student probably couldn’t tell just by looking at her, but Rachel Guetta ’13, although an avid journalist and Opinions Editor for Inklings, is first and foremost a musician. She has played piano for nine, violin for six, and guitar for four years.

Guetta’s interest in music started with a story of ambition. She began piano lessons in kindergarten, but this wasn’t until she had tried to copy her older piano-playing sister.

“I sounded out by ear what she played,” Guetta said.

She took up violin as the required string instrument four years later, and discovered she truly enjoyed it. Now, Guetta plays violin in the in-school orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Norwalk Youth Symphony, and in a trio with Chamber Music Central.

“After playing piano for so long, violin was a needed and refreshing change,” Guetta said. “My excitement just built up and it went from there.”

Guetta also has taught herself to play the guitar.

Personal enrichment aside, Guetta combines her love of music and community service through the Music Honor Society. She has been a part of this organization since freshman year, and travels Bridgeport to teach kids about the basics of music.

“It’s really fun to go and teach people about my passion and seeing how excited they get about it,” Guetta said.

Guetta aspires to continue her musical training and volunteering throughout high school.


Sammie Hardy

Web Sports Editor

Florida beach babe and sports journalist, are not exactly peanut butter and jelly. But Sammie Hardy ’11 plans on bringing the two together this year and making it work.

As a senior, Hardy’s goals for the year are college driven – she’d love to go to school in Florida because of the great weather and her enthusiasm for sports.

Last year, Hardy worked as a Staff Writer for Inklings but realized she had a passion for writing about sports, covering gymnastics meets, field hockey games and even sailing regattas. This year Hardy hopes to cover more boys’ sports, because she believes them to be “more exciting… they have a lot more action.”

As a new Web Sports Editor, Hardy can receive more assignments to cover boys sports, one of the reasons she is happy with her role at the paper.

Hardy is excited to be a part of Inklings for her senior year, and cannot wait to continue this “fun experience.”

Cheyenne Haslett

Staff Writer

As a first year Inklings writer, Cheyenne Haslett ’13 is excited to learn the “ins” and “outs” of journalism. Already a member of the girl’s volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse teams at Staples, Haslett cannot wait to broaden her horizons with Inklings.

“I am excited to get a behind the scenes look of Staples through Inklings,” said Haslett.

While she used to just write simply for entertainment, Haslett believes that by becoming a Staff Writer for Inklings, she will be able to improve her writing and still have fun while doing it. In years to come, Haslett hopes to become a full time editor.

As an already active member of the Staples community, Haslett is sure to be a wonderful addition to the Inklings family.

Jesse Heussner

Features Editor

Jesse Heussner ’11 has been involved in Inklings since entering Staples High School as a freshman. Now in his junior year, Jesse is presently a features editor, after being a sports editor last year. Although he enjoys both sections, he found he had more success with writing features than with sports articles.

Jesse has always loved writing, and his enthusiasm for journalism has only increased since he joined Inklings. This summer he attended a journalism course at Georgetown University, and he gained invaluable experience from his time there.

Before graduating, Jesse aims to improve in journalism by writing more in-depth and challenging articles. He currently regards his feature on buffalo wings (May 2009 issue) as his most successful piece of work.

Outside of journalism, Jesse is a member of the varsity tennis team at Staples. He also enjoys playing and watching basketball and watching his favorite TV show, Entourage.



Sami Jurofsky

Staff Writer

With three free periods in the first half of the year, Sami Jurofsky ‘11 embodied the senior mentality to a tee. Standing at only about five feet tall, maybe she did not have the classic senior physicality, but she was certainly in the mindset. Relaxed and ready to attend Ohio State in the fall, she took it easy before deciding to sacrifice one of her fress periods to join the Inklings staff.

“I feel right at home here,” Jurofsky said. “All my friends are a part of it and now I am too.”

Before joining, Jurofsky went to an all-Inklings house and said that even though she was not a part of the staff, everyone welcomed her with hospitality.

A large part of Jurofsky’s life is crew. Jurofsky started rowing in the eighth grade and did not stop until halfway through her junior year when she decided to get a job. However, she began to row again later on.

Now, Jurofsky will participate in crew at college, but in the long run that is not what she wants to end up doing. Insteadf, she aspires to work in the field of broadcast sports journalism.

“Inklings provides a strong writing background,” Jurofsky said. “It is definitely going to help me in the future.”


Jackie Kerames

Staff Writer

Inklings Staff Writer Jackie Kerames ‘12 has big plans for her first year on the paper.

“I’m going to work hard as a Staff Writer and hopefully get a position next year,” said Kerames, who was born in Illinois and moved to Westport when she was five.

Though Kerames initially suffered setbacks—she was unable to take the course, Intro to Journalism, freshman year and had to wait until she was a sophomore. Kerames entered the Advanced Journalism class in September 2010. She has a strong interest in journalism.

“I’ve always liked writing, and I felt that journalism is a way to get your writing into the public,” Kerames said.

In addition to her journalistic efforts, Kerames dances and participates on the track team.

Stevie Klein

News Editor

When Stevie Klein ’12 was younger she was not the loud, talkative, opinionated girl she is today.

“I was really, really quiet when I was younger,” Klein said. “All I ever said was ‘why’. I wouldn’t talk until I knew how to say almost everything and then I burst out.”

Currently, Klein is expressive and energetic and uses her social personality to interview people for stories and simultaneously contribute to Inklings News online.

Klein decided to transition from her position last year as Web Features editor to News Editor because she finds great value in news stories.

“News is the liaison between events and the masses… that link is especially important in a school like Staples where news is made every day,” said Klein.

Apart from her journalistic aspirations, Klein also enjoys playing tennis. She describes herself as being very competitive. While having the intensity of a female John McEnroe, Klein always manages to be a good sport.

Klein is also an avid reader. When she was younger she had to read everything her sister, who is three years older, would read.

Klein is aware that her intense personality makes it difficult for people to understand her at first. She remarks that she must put in extra effort to earn the respect of her teachers, simply because she is so talkative.

“I try so hard to show them the intellectual side of me because they think ‘this girl is a nut’,” said Klein. “They think I’m crazy… but I’m really just a complicated person.”

Emily Kowal

Web News Editor

In her second year on the Inklings staff, Emily Kowal ’12 hopes to become a well-rounded journalist. This year, Kowal has made the switch to the print edition after being the Web A&E Editor last year.

“I really enjoyed being on the web staff, but I switched to see what it would be like to be a part of a different aspect of Inklings,” Kowal said. This year, Kowal is looking forward to her new position as News Editor.

When she’s not spending her time in the Inklings room editing and working on layouts after school, this dedicated staff member can often be found at the Just Dance Studio in Norwalk, CT, where she is a part of its dance company.

Kowal got involved with Inklings due to her sister’s encouragement who is an Inklings alum; she has loved it ever since. However, Kowal is aware that she may face new challenges this year.

“One of my goals is to come up with new and creative ideas for layout,” Kowal said.

Despite the challenges she may face as a new print editor, Kowal is excited to start her second year as a staff member.


Kelsey Landauer

Sports Editor

Kelsey Landauer ‘12 looks forward to a new year of Inklings where she can step into her role as a Sports Editor. Landauer hopes to bring some attention to the star players and maintain good coverage and good photography.

Landauer is interested in languages and psychology. This past summer she lived in Barcelona for a month with a study abroad program. She took Spanish classes and enjoyed discovering the entire city. Landauer is also interested in creative writing and especially journalistic writing because of the ability to use her own voice and style.

Though Landauer has lived in Westport her whole life, she finds the hardest part of journalism to be reaching out to the people she does not know. She also believes it’s sometimes difficult to adhere to every rule of the AP Style Book.

Outside of Inklings, Landauer is an active participant in JSA, the Junior Statesman of America, and also enjoys going to the gym to work out and stay active.

When asked to describe herself in a few words, Landauer chose independent and creative.

Farrel Levenson

Features Editor

Farrel Levenson ’11 is ambitious, yet focuses on her passions for both tennis and writing.

Tennis has been a priority in Levenson’s life ever since she was six-years-old. Now, Levenson is a captain for Staples’ varsity tennis team.

Although Levenson loves being on the courts, she also loves teaching kids about tennis off of the courts. Through Staples’ Grassroots program, she is able to provide tennis-based mentoring and group instruction for children in the projects.

“It’s amazing how a neighboring town can be so much less privileged,” Levenson said. “Participating in the program is a very humbling experience.”

Despite the devotion Levenson has to tennis, Inklings is also one of her main priorities. She carries her leadership skills from tennis over to her position as a Features Editor for her fourth year on the Inklings staff.

With her determination, passion, and leadership, Levenson will continue to be a vital asset to the Inklings staff.

Blythe Lewis

Staff Writer

Blythe Lewis ’13 is new to the Inklings staff in hopes of contributing an ample amount of writing and reporting to the newspaper and website. Lewis is a passionate English and Spanish student and loves writing. She also plans to improve upon her journalistic skills during this upcoming school year. Her favorite journalistic style is writing columns, and she takes pride in one that she wrote last year called, “Oh Canada” in which pokes fun at the country lifestyle.

Lewis would describe herself as an idealistic person, who has a positive outlook on life. This summer, she attended summer school at Staples to complete Chemistry. “It was as good as summer school could be,” said Lewis.

She is also a competitive rower at the Saugatuck Rowing Club, and participates in her church’s choir.

Inklings is lucky to have an eloquent, creative new member this year.

Alicia Lourekas

Opinions Editor

Opinions Editor Alicia Lourekas was inspired by watching TV news anchors and reading the New York Times to translate her passion for the field of communications into feature writing for her school’s newspaper.

“I have always dreamed of the day when I could look at the paper and say I wrote that article,” said Lourekas.

She has proved her dedication to her other interests through activities such as the Staples swim team and lifeguarding.

During her free time, Lourekas enjoys watching the TV shows “House” and “Top Chef;” they are her favorite. “I love watching the intense competition that produces amazing food,” said Lourekas.

Lourekas also enjoys writing features about Staples and has already set journalistic goals for the upcoming school year. “Through journalism, I hope to cover more in depth articles that pertain to the student body,” said Lourekas

The future is bright for Alicia and her budding career as a journalist.


Will McDonald

Staff Writer

Will McDonald ’14 has wanted to be a part of Inklings even before his freshman year at Staples. McDonald became interested in joining the staff since his sister, Sarah, was a part of it.

McDonald started writing for the paper by enrolling in the Intro to Journalism class his freshman year, and realized how much he enjoyed writing feature stories.

McDonald also plays on the baseball and track teams at Staples; his love of sports translates in his writing since he loves to write about athletics.

McDonald plans to participate in the newspaper until he graduates—he is a passionate writer.

“I’m looking forward to writing for Inklings for more years,” McDonald said.

Petey Menz

Executive Editor

Petey Menz, ’11 is a face that you immediately associate with Inklings. As Executive Editor, Menz contributes a lot of time and effort in to the school newspaper.

After taking Intro to Journalism his freshman year, Menz joined the Inklings staff as A&E Editor. His intent was to write music reviews, but “that didn’t really work out,” he said. Now he takes a more keen interest in reporting news.

Now that he is entering his senior year of high school, Menz has high intentions for the paper. He says that he would like this upcoming year to be “the best year of Inklings ever.”

Outside of Inklings, Menz also is a member of JSA and The Challenge, and loves music and hanging out with friends.


Alix Neenan

Features Editor

Alix Neenan ’12 has been involved in journalism since her freshman year at Trumbull High School. After taking a journalism class, she joined that school’s newspaper.

Ever since she arrived at Staples last year, she has continued her involvement in journalism with Inklings and is now a Features Editor. Neenan loves writing particularly features articles. She also designs graphics and lays out stories for each issue; tasks of which she describes as her “forte.”

Outside of Inklings, Neenan debates as part of Junior State of America, plays the piano, and takes graphic design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Neenan also said that while she is not completely certain about her future plans, pursuing a career in the communications field is definitely a possibility.

Overall, Neenan is looking forward to another year of writing, designing graphics, and laying out stories for Inklings.

Annie Nelson

Managing Editor

About to enter her fourth and final year on the newspaper’s staff, Managing Editor Annie Nelson ’11 hopes to leave an imprint on the Inklings community.

In addition to writing for the paper, she also enjoys graphics and photography. This year, however, she is most excited about bringing her experience with layout to the paper.

“I am a more visual editor by nature,” said Nelson. “I have a very visual eye.”

Nelson sees a lot of potential in this year’s staff. She believes that it needs to create more hype about the web, and integrate it more fully with the paper in order to improve Inklings.

Nelson’s biggest accomplishment was winning the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle for a front-page layout that she designed during her sophomore year. Due to the time and effort she put into designing the page, Nelson is extremely proud of this award.

Michael Nussbaum

Web Managing Editor

Returning for his second year on the Inklings staff is Michael Nussbaum ’11. Nussbaum currently holds the position as Web Managing Editor. Last year, he had the difficult job of being a Sports Editor; this gave him the opportunity to be creative especially when laying out the paper’s back pages.

This year, Nussbaum is very excited to be a part of the web staff.

“Inklings is one of the best websites out there and the sky is the limit with what can be accomplished,” Nussbaum said.

Besides writing and editing for Inklings, Nussbaum is also an active member of WWPT. This is his third year doing the radio show with his friend, Ben Meyers with whom he acts as a DJ, newsman, and sportscaster.

Despite the fact that Nussbaum has garnered the nickname “Mini,” there’s one thing he wants everyone to know: “There’s nothing Mini about me.”


Claire O’Halloran

Web Opinions Editor

Staff writer Claire O’Halloran ’13 loves to write, so it was only a matter of time until she joined the Inklings Staff this year, where she can finally use her journalistic abilities.

One of the main reasons O’Halloran joined the Inklings staff was because she likes “the social aspect of journalism.”

“I like that journalists have the ability to control what people talk about,” said O’Halloran.

When it comes to news, O’Halloran looks for stories about local and international tragedies; she enjoys finding ways to help those in need.

In the future, O’Halloran hopes to write columns that other students will be able to relate to. She also wants to bring new and interesting facts to the public eye.

Alexandra O’Kane

Staff Writer

Staff Writer Alexandra O’Kane ’13 has all the tools to be a great journalist. She’s motivated, interested, and eager to catch a good story.

New to the Advanced Journalism class this year, O’Kane is not intimidated by the rigor of the class work load.

“I think I’ll be successful this year,” said O’Kane, “because I’m not that shy and I like conducting interviews.”

O’Kane’s interest in Inklings developed on the Friday mornings of her freshman year.

She recalls her teachers’ frustrations with the paper, as they would be annoyed with the fact everyone was flipping through Inklings, rather than paying attention in class.

“I was hooked by Inklings’s interesting stories,” said O’Kane, “and I wanted to get more involved.”

O’Kane is looking forward to the new year’s challenges, such as her Physical Education beat, but looks at the challenge as an opportunity to improve her skills as a journalist.

Watch out for O’Kane in her attempt to improve her techniques as a writer and understanding her role as a student-journalist.


Amanda Piccolino

Staff Writer

Amanda Piccolino ‘12 seems to be your average high school girl—she enjoys hanging out with her friends and drawing in her spare time. Her favourite food is sushi, specifically “spicy tuna rolls,” a common Westport teen favorite. But underneath the surface, there is a deeply sentimental young woman. The one item that, in her opinion, defines her is a scrapbook that contains a cornucopia of memories.

“My friends and I write memories [in the book], and it has all sorts of pictures from middle school to the start of high school,” said Piccolino.

In her spare time, she also works for the Charity League, an organization that is responsible for “philanthropy and all sorts of charity.” Most recently, Piccolino painted a school in the Bronx during one of the league’s projects.

As for her writing, she calls herself a “big thinker,” which she hopes will be an advantage for journalism.

“I want to write about things I’m interested in,” Piccolino said of her goals for the upcoming school year. The new writer is excited to be on Inklings and to “share with people” all the important happenings around Staples.

Meghan Prior

Photo Editor

Meghan Prior ‘11 is a newcomer to the Inklings staff but is confident in making a prominent spot as a photographer.

With a Nikon D8 in hand she is ready to learn about how the paper works and is ready to face every challenge.

A difficult part of her job is to make sure that her photographs represent and correctly flow with the article.

Her role model is the third-world photographer, John Issac. Prior aspires to change and open the world just as Issac has done.

With the confident and out-going attitude Prior is ready to enter the demanding job of an Inklings photographer.



Caitlyn Rand

Staff Writer

Although she is perhaps one of the more athletic members of the Inklings staff, don’t be fooled; Caitlyn Rand ’13 loves journalism. After running down fields and courts as a freshman and voicing her views as a member of Staples’ Junior Statesmen of America, Rand has joined the ranks as a staff writer this year.

Rand took the Intro to Journalism class last year upon deciding it was “a really interesting course.” She cited one of her favorite feature articles that she wrote on teenage Facebook addiction, for which she interviewed students and school psychologists.

As for this year, Rand said she won’t be selective in taking articles because as much as she craves to write a hard–hitting story, she’s “just excited to have one of [her] articles in the paper or on the website.”

Dana Rappaport

Web Managing Editor

Dana Rappaport ’11 may be a star on the volleyball court, but her talent expands to more than one hobby.

Rappaport has been a dedicated member of the Inklings staff since sophomore year and is interested in writing both news and features stories.

Currently holding the position of Web Managing Editor, Rappaport believes that Inklings’ online counterpart is a very important aspect to the team as a whole. She likes the web’s capability to be updated automatically, and its accesibility to recent stories.

Rappaport wants to make the web interactive, as well a place where students and the community can rely on for up-to-the-minute news.

“Online journalism is turning into the new face of journalism,” said Rappaport, and she is looking forward to an exciting year.

Ben Reiser

A&E Editor

Ben Reiser ’13, one of the A&E Editors at Inklings, has strong ambitions as to his personal skills and his position on the newspaper. Reiser wants to “develop his craft” so that he can progress at Inklings through his senior year at Staples.

In his freshman year, he took the Journalism for Publication class to “fill up space,” but now, he knows that journalism is his “calling” and that he wants to climb the ladder at Inklings. Reiser can be described as “ambitious, smart, and funny,” and he truly feels that he is born to be a writer.

He loves being around people, and he, most of all, loves journalism. Reiser wants to enter the specific field of food journalism when he is older, and he hopes to develop that specific field at Inklings this year.

Logan Rosen

Director of Technology

Logan Rosen ‘12 certainly knows a lot about He should—he created it.

The project first came to Rosen when he was a freshman in his Introduction to Journalism class.

Observing that the old website needed work, Rosen stepped up to the challenge along side the teacher of his journalism class, Mr. Rexford.

Using a program called WordPress, Rosen created the new and improved

“I taught myself how to use the program,” said Rosen.

In addition to being Inklings’ webmaster, Rosen is also the head of Staples’ Technology Club. He also enjoys writing articles for Inklings and the web.

“I really love writing,” said Rosen. Rosen has worked on Inklings for the past two years, and plans to stay on the Inklings team until the end of his senior year.

Abby Russ

Web Features Editor

Web Features Editor Abby Russ’ ‘11 journalism career began when she was a junior by taking the Journalism for Publication class. Russ was inspired to take Advanced Journalism the following year to contribute to Inklings. In addition, Russ took a three-week course at Brown University during the summer where she honed her journalistic skills.

Russ has many hobbies besides for journalism, including skiing and reading. She has pursued skiing since she was six years old, and is now the captain of Staples’ varsity ski team. Her favorite author is Jodi Picoult; she enjoys picking up any of her books during her free time.

Russ is sure that senior year will be her favorite so far, and she is ready to accomplish her main goal: getting into college. With Russ’ variety of hobbies and her journalism experience, she is an excellent addition to the Inklings staff.


Bryan Schiavone

Opinions Editor

Bryan Schiavone wasn’t even supposed to be in Intro to Journalism during her first year at Staples, but she does not regret that she was.

“I started the year in Chinese,” said Schiavone, “but after a week I decided to drop it and the only elective open was intro, but it turned out to be the best class.”

Schiavone has made a name for herself in the Inklings room as a master of copyediting, fixing typos on everything she sees.

“I go through life copy editing. I even copy edited the Five Guys signs at the restaurant.”

For Bryan, the best part of Inklings is just being a part of something. “It’s like its own organization. It’s not really a part of Staples.”

When asked about what she is most proud of, Schiavone replied, “Nothing.

“My best work is yet to come.”

Carlie Schwaeber

News Editor

Carlie Schwaeber, just starting her junior year at Staples High School, has already had a lot of experience on the Inklings team. Taking Intro to journalism her freshman year she quickly enrolled in the advanced class for her sophomore year and is now repeating the class this year.

This summer Carlie enjoyed going to California with her brothers, twin sister and dad. She also enjoyed the beaches at Block Island with her twin sister and best friend. For the past two summers Carlie has also worked at the preschool she attended as a camp counselor, saying it has been an amazing experience

Carlies goals for this year are to create great layouts for the front page and perfect her skills using the Indesign program. Journalism is her favorite class and she can’t wait to have another great year at Inklings!

Jordan Shenhar

Web Features Editor

Jordan Shenhar ‘13 enjoys watching “The Big Bang Theory,” his favorite television show.

“It is about a bunch of nerds,” said Shenhar. “It’s probably how I’d describe myself.”

This statement exemplifies how Shenhar toys with the definition of “nerd” and underestimates his potential.

He is the Web Features Editor on the Inklings staff. When he first started, Shenhar originally expected to take photographs.

His other extracurricular activities include being an active member of Junior State of America and the Editor-in-Chief of its newspaper, The Sound. He also is the President of the Young Libertarians Club at Staples.

While he summarized Board of Education meetings and wrote a few current event articles last school year, he has high hopes and goals for the upcoming year.

“I want to write articles that have an impact on life at Staples,” said Shenhar. “I have a lot of opinions and can express them eloquently.” He hopes to write about politics and further challenge himself as a writer.

Lucy Sinclair

Photo Editor

For Lucy Sinclair ’11 it is as easy as the click of a button.

A new member to the Inklings staff this year, Sinclair has been named Photo Editor and brings major experience to the department. The senior has been taking pictures since she was 10-years-old and last summer took a pre-college course at Columbia University for photography.

In fact, in her spare time Sinclair likes to edit pictures for fun.

Sinclair’s favorite type of photography is black and white, and she loves taking pictures of people doing something interesting.

Hoping to study photojournalism in college next year, Sinclair is excited to work with the Inklings photo team this year.

“I am looking forward to further developing my photo editing skills and working with a team that loves photography as much as I do,” Sinclair said.

According to Sinclair the picture is the most important part of the story because of its ability to attract the reader.

DJ Sixsmith

Web Sports Editor

Journalist DJ Sixsmith’s ’11 passion for sports has turned into a career path.

His love of sports commentary began while watching sports as a child. “At 9-years-old I fell in love with sports broadcasting from ESPN and wanted to try it myself,” said Sixsmith. “I want people to associate my name with sports…I enjoy the excitement of the game and crowd.”

Recently, Sixsmith was nominated for the John Drury High School Radio award, and won 3rd place for the John Drury Sports Talk Program award. Sixsmith hopes to broadcast sports games on radio and TV in the near future.

Recently Sixsmith attended a 5-week college course at Northwestern University that focused on journalism and broadcasting. This year he will use the skills he has learned to be the best Inkling’s Web Sports Editor that he can be.

Devin Skolnick

Executive Editor

After working with Inklings for the past three years, Devin Skolnick ‘11 is looking forward to her final year on the newspaper’s staff.

Skolnick first started with Inklings when she took Intro to Journalism as a freshman. She was a Staff Writer as a sophomore and a Web Features as a junior, before being named the Executive Editor.

In the past, Skolnick mainly wrote features and news articles. This year, however, she wants to try to write a column for her first time.

Outside of Inklings, Skolnick is the Director of Fundraising for the Build On Club, a member of the Senior Class Committee, and plays some tennis on the side. She also established a support group, COPE, for parents of children with Crohn’s Disease—a disorder that affects her younger brother.

“My biggest hope for Inklings this year is for the staff to all work well together to produce the best possible paper,” she said.

Isaac Stein

Senior Writer

Senior Writer Isaac Stein ’12 is a whopping six feet, six inches tall. Not only does this height make him unstoppable on the basketball court, but it also gives him a definite presence in the journalism room.

“The advantage of being a Senior Writer is that it allows more freedom of choice in covering certain topics, and I can go more in-depth with topics I choose,” Stein said.

Stein has always liked writing, but his interest in journalism developed when his parents would constantly show him articles in the newspaper, and he started reading the paper daily. Now, he enjoys and appreciates many aspects of journalism.

“Journalism supplements my learning experience by allowing me to talk to real sources, explore topics I wouldn’t ordinarily go into, and meet new people,” said Stein.

Stein really enjoys the Inklings community. He believes that it is an “exceptional organization” and has a “community spirit” like that of a sports team.

In addition to journalism, Stein has recently joined the Westport Youth Commission, an organization that tries to further the interests of young people in Westport. Through this organization, Stein hopes to improve the entertainment aspect of Westport.

“We don’t have many outlets for teenagers, such as a movie theater, and officials wonder why the town’s teenagers have such a drinking and drug problem, but it’s because of boredom,” said Stein.

Stein is a capable, opinionated journalist, and readers will definitely see a lot from him this upcoming year.


Cole Tessler

Sports Editor

In all likelihood, Cole Tessler ’11 knows more about the New York Jets than you do. At Inklings, Tessler looks forward to sharing his football knowledge with all of his readers.

Tessler started writing for Inklings as a junior, serving as one of its website’s main football writers. Now a senior, Tessler is enrolled in Advanced Journalism for the first time and plans to write as many sports articles as he can.

The diehard Jets fan particularly enjoys writing opinion pieces, as he has supplemented his writing at Inklings by blogging for

“I love having what you write get read by everyone,” said Tessler.

The senior credits his Jets versus Dolphins article last year as his proudest Inklings achievement because he exposed what he thought was a particularly underappreciated rivalry.

In his free time, Tessler enjoys watching sports, playing Xbox and participating in rec basketball.




Sammy Warshaw

A&E Editor

Since Sammy Warshaw ’12 was young, he has always been a music and movie buff. This year he is taking his passion for the arts to Inklings, as an A&E Editor.

“Around my friends, I always like to be the critic, and I’ve combined that with my love of music reviews,” Warshaw said.

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune, A.O. Scott of the New York Times and the late Hunter S. Thompson of Rolling Stone are three of Warshaw’s role models.

In fact, he keeps a collection of music and movie reviews next to his bed for inspiration.

In the future, Warshaw is unsure whether his passion for the arts will lead to a reviewing career, but he hopes he “can have some impact, small or large, on society.”

For now, he just wants his voice to be heard in “anything related to entertainment.”

Nicolette Weinbaum

Staff Writer

Nicolette Weinbaum ’12, enters her first year of Inklings with a sense of optimism nobody can deny. With a strong will to succeed and a desire to inform, Weinbaum seems determined to develop her own voice.

Inspired by the 1976 film “All the Presidents Men,” Weinbaum seems to understand the importance of investigative journalism. “I like having the power to influence someone’s opinion,” Weinbaum says.

Weinbaum has other passions in addition to journalism. Over the summer, she pursued her interest in government, taking classes at Georgetown. She also is the founder of the Student Supporting Aids Awareness Club, a project she is very dear too.

Inklings is always looking for people who are dedicated to their passions. If one thing is for sure, Weinbaum fits the bill.