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Inklings is Staples High School’s student newspaper representing a journalistic tradition that is alive and well in Westport, Connecticut. Throughout its history, Inklings has been a publication that is written, edited and published by students with the objective of expanding the boundaries of scholastic journalism. Inklings News Online pursues this goal with the additional elements of multimedia, social media and constant updates.

Inklings encourages Letters to the Editor. All Letters to the Editors must be signed.

To directly contact Inklings News, please email us via For advertising inquiries, please contact Inklings‘ business manager or visit the advertising website. To subscribe, please visit the subscription website.

Inklings editorials are written by the editorial board comprised of staff members.

Westport, Connecticut is a suburban community with a population of 25,000. Staples High School, originally built in 1884, currently has an enrollment of 1,800 students. All athletic teams participate in the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (FCIAC). The school mascot is the Wrecker. Staples is also home to WPPT 90.3 Wrecker Radio, as well as over 100 student clubs. Click here for a full history of Staples High School.

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