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Wholesome tasting: A review of ‘It’s All Good,’ Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook

Avery Michalowski ’26
Cover photo of the well loved cookbook

Recently, I found out my mom has been hiding “It’s All Good,” Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook from me. Well, maybe not hiding it, but I have never seen it before. Thankfully, she grabbed it to make veggie burgers (which were amazing by the way) and we have been flipping though looking for more recipes to try ever since! The book is full of healthy, simple recipes made with whole foods.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a famous actor and the CEO of Goop. She has created multiple cookbooks that include easy, healthy recipes with farm fresh ingredients she gets while summering in the Hamptons or living in Montecito. Here are a few of the recipes I’ve tried so far…

Banana “Ice Cream”: This recipe is a great refreshing summer treat with the texture of rich ice cream without the added sugar or dairy. The crunchy topping of sweet but salty almonds adds texture and flavor. It is also so simple to make. Just freeze ripe banana slices and blend with almond milk and a splash of vanilla until combined and serve immediately. Overall, I really liked this treat! It was sweet and salty and the texture of the “ice cream” was really similar to real dairy ice cream. I was worried it would feel like a smoothie but it didn’t, and it tasted so fresh. It would be an effortless, great mid-summer dessert.

Ingredients for the delicious and easy Banana “Ice Cream.” Graphic by Avery Michalowski ’26

Mexican Green Goddess Dressing: This isn’t a dish as much as a dressing, but it is seriously amazing. Combine sheep’s milk yogurt, olive oil, cilantro, scallions, lime juice, salt, honey and a jalapeño in a blender and drizzle on top of anything. It is meant to top a Mexican salad of tomato, black beans, cilantro, avocado and anything else your heart desires. Sheep’s milk yogurt is a common ingredient in Paltrow’s recipes, which is a little obscure and could only be found at Whole Foods but has a more bitter flavor and thin consistency which really compliments this dressing, as well as many other recipes. I love this dressing because of its versatility. Since making it, I have paired it with many dinners including veggie burger patties, salmon, chicken and more. I think this recipe alone is worth buying the book for.

I think it is worth the purchase if you really care about what foods you’re putting in your body and want to try new recipes other than a kale salad or grilled chicken.

— Avery Michalowski '26

Tandoori Turkey Kabobs: This recipe is Paltrow’s version of an Indian style kabob using turkey instead of traditional lamb. It also includes sheep’s milk, mixed with lots of fresh and dried herbs to marinate turkey breast pieces in. Grill them up and serve. These kabobs were good but not super flavorful (you may be better off sticking to a traditional Indian cuisine recipe), but it was still a good way to get in some protein. I served mine over rice. I don’t think these will become a staple dinner for me, but I would make them again if I altered the spices in the marinade to add more flavor.

Some may say these recipes are simple and the cookbook isn’t worth the purchase, but I disagree. Though they are simple, that’s what makes them appealing; they are not intimidating or overbearing for your stomach. These recipes make you feel great, with their whole, nutritious ingredients. The book also included beautiful photography of the meals, which I appreciate so I know how the final product should look. I like having a physical cookbook in the kitchen instead of an online version so it is worth it for me. Overall I give the cookbook 4 out of 5 stars. I think it is worth the purchase if you really care about what foods you’re putting in your body and want to try new recipes other than a kale salad or grilled chicken.

My rating of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook “It’s All Good” is ⅘ stars. Graphic by Avery Michalowski ’26
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Avery Michalowski ’26
Avery Michalowski ’26, Assistant Creative Director
Assistant Creative Director Avery Michalowski ’26 channels her artistry in both the classroom and the dance studio.  She embarked on her Inklings journey after being inspired by her older sister’s recommendation. “My sister took Intro to Journalism and Advanced Journalism. She loved it and always told stories about it, so I found it appealing,” Michalowski said. Alongside her dedication to journalism, Michalowski remains a committed dancer with a particular love for ballet. “{Dancing} takes up a lot of my time,” Michalowski said. “It will definitely be hard to balance school, Inklings and dancing, but I am ready for the challenge.”

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