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Seniors attempt to salvage their internships

Holden Cohen '20, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020

In the past, when the school year came to an end and the hallways became significantly less crowded, underclassmen could really sense the entire class of students. This was the senior class, as they go off on their internships to either learn something in their career choice or destress from the grue...

Let’s “wreck” this virus

Meditating can be a great way to calm yourself and switch to a more positive mindset.

Prasaus Yeager '22, Staff Writer

March 23, 2020

Wake up, eat breakfast, maybe watch some Netflix and then sit and stare at a screen for four hours trying to do work. This is now the next big thing; a complete turnaround from the original school day. And who do we have to thank for this exciting new routine? Our dear old friend COVID-19, of course....

Staples girls’ basketball moves on in the state championship

Nicole Holmes '21 taking the ball to the center of the court to try and make a layup.
Staples girls

Charley Guthartz '22

March 10, 2020

The Staples Wreckers girls' basketball team took home a win with a score of 58-34 after playing Kennedy on Monday, March 6 to move on in the state tournament.  

Boys’ basketball defeats FCIAC second seed team in a defining match

A.J. Konstanty ’20 takes a free throw after being fouled.
Boys’ basketball defeats FCIAC second seed team in a defining match

Madison Andrews '20

February 24, 2020

The Staples boys’ basketball team defeated Stamford 72-70 to extend their record this season to 11-3 in the Staples gym on Thursday, Feb. 6.  ...

Wreckers hard fought battle comes up short

The Wreckers lost 4-2 to Stamford on Feb. 6, 2020.

Madison Andrews ’20 and Marina Engler ’21

February 14, 2020

Undefeated Staples takes down top seeded Trinity in a late night thriller

The Staples Wreckers took on Trinity Catholic on January 10 picking up there seventh straight win

Jacob Navarro ’20

January 27, 2020

March madness came early as captain Jake Thaw ’20 and the Staples Wreckers took down Trinity 66-59 on Jan. 10 to pick up their seventh win.    The Wreckers took an early lead as they were up 15 after the first quarter. Lucas Basich ’21 led the Wreckers with 23 points while connecting on...

Staples basketball continues their undefeated season as they improve to 7-0

Staples was in control for most of the game, they had a comfortable double digit lead, but in the last two minutes Trinity made a comeback. The lead was cut to just three points with 20 seconds left when two clutch free throws gave the Wreckers a two score lead.
Staples Boys' Basketball game

Carson Kranz '21

January 27, 2020

After a huge win for the Staples boys varsity team the Wreckers are now 7-0 and playing with fire. The game took place on Friday Jan. 10 and the stands were packed for the 66-59 win over the best team in the state.

Missed opportunities haunt Wreckers in 6-1 loss

The Wreckers fell 6-1 to New Canaan on Wednesday, Jan. 8 in an FCIAC matchup at the Darien Ice House.
Missed opportunities haunt Wreckers in 6-1 loss

Ethan Frank '20 and Jake Navarro '20

January 27, 2020

Darien -- The Staples Wreckers boys’ hockey team fell 6-1 to Division I New Canaan on Wednesday, Jan. 8. The Wreckers, a Division III team, held their own for a period and a half before the train came off the rails.  After matching a New Canaan goal with 6:55 left in the first period on a shot by Owen...

Wreckers pick up road win, remain undefeated

Lucas Basich ʼ21 drives to the basket against a tough Danbury defender.

Jacob Greenberger '22

January 10, 2020

The Wreckers maintained their undefeated season and improved their record to 6-0 on Jan. 7 with a statement win of 70-58 against the previously undefeated Danbury Hatters. Coming off of momentous wins against Westhill and Central, the Wreckers needed a big performance from their team in just their second game of...

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