The ongoing clash between Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Ben Foster, Staff Writer

Getting school work done is never going to be fun. But how you choose to complete it can make the process a lot easier, specifically whether or not students prefer Microsoft Word or Google Drive. Some students have moved on to the new and advanced Google Drive. However, some like to stick with what they grew up on, Microsoft Word.

Noah Schwaeber ’16 likes to stick with what he knows is best and is most reliable for him.

When asked which one Schwaeber prefered, without a question endorsed Word over anything. “It’s got dope fonts,” he said emphatically.

“Dope fonts” may help with the visual of the writing, but Schwaeber did mention something a little more important when it comes to his program of choice. “Word doesn’t lag like Google Docs. I know when I’m typing, I will never have to wait for it to load as I type.”

Lag may be a problem, but sharing documents with other teachers and students is much more difficult through Microsoft Word. The sharing feature provided by Google really hits the spot for one student.

“I find it easier to keep track of everything in folders and it helps that I can just share my work with teachers easily,” Jacob Bonn ’17 said.

Students will always have their reasoning for each program and which one they prefer to use to get that work done.

“I like google docs because it makes it a lot easier to collaborate on work.” Siobhan O’Loughlin said.