Zakeer Ahmad seeks for family across the sea

Zakeer Ahmad seeks for family across the sea

Ben Foster , Staff Writer

As some students stay home for the holidays, the few and the fortunate find themselves traveling the world during the 11 day break from school.

For Zakeer Ahmad ’17, although he went on vacation, his main focus was his relatives during his jaunt to the United Kingdom. It was a bittersweet week for Ahmad who hadn’t seen his relatives in a few years.

As Ahmad traveled through London, Liverpool and Cardiff he enjoyed every bit of it.

“I loved visiting my family in London and Cardiff. I also loved going around London and seeing all the sites, reminiscing about my childhood. I also loved going up to Liverpool to see a game at Anfield.”

Ahmad showed a great deal of emotion as he spoke about walking across Tower Bridge in central London. His feeling of nostalgia became clear after speaking about how he spent the first eight years of his life there.

“It’s just a place I’ve been to quite a few times in the past. It’s also quite memorable because of the beauty of the bridge and the views surrounding it,” Ahmad said passionately.

He described how the views feature a very nice cityscape with a mammoth river and last but not least the iconic Tower of London.

For Ahmad, he can’t wait to come back. He loves the idea that can not only be on vacation but also visit his family.

Two birds, one stone.