The beauty we notice within fallen leaves


Ben Foster, Staff Writer

What even is fall? It’s the transition season from summer to winter that nobody likes to see. As as the days shrink so do day time activities. Living in the moment is important to always do, especially during fall.

Finding joy in the little things this season can go a long way.

Brandon Harrington ’17 claims it’s all about the sounds of fall; certain motions produce different and unique sounds.

“It’s the different sound each and every leaf makes when it falls the ground that makes fall such a diverse and meaningful month,” Harrington said.

Similarly, Harrison Ames ’16 appreciates the other sounds these colorful leaves create. But in a much different way.

“I love the sweet sweet rustling of the leaves as your feet break through them on a peaceful autumn walk. The plethora of colors illuminate as they settle beneath my feet,” Ames said. “It’s so amazing that in only a couple of months you can see the cycle of life right in front of your eyes.”

But of course there is much more to fall than just the sounds of it. Shifting to the sense of sight, one student really takes to heart the beauty that is produced when one combines the hilly fields of New England plus the alluring season that is Fall.

Ben Schwaeber ’16 said, “I love how New England has the most beautiful floor in the whole country. The leaves make for a vibrant environment that makes me relaxed and at peace.”

For Schwaeber, it almost acts as a therapeutic solution. As a lacrosse player championships are won in the offseason according to him. So the ability to successfully push through workouts does wonders for him and his team

“Our lacrosse team does some rigorous training where we have to run a mile under 12 minutes. After I finish with a spectacular time of 11:52 I love to stare at the colorful leaves as I take a breather,” he said.