March brings slippery conditions

Ben Foster, Staff Writer

Yesterday, March 18 snow began to fall again in Westport after days of spring-like weather causing accidents and slippery pathways as staff and students arrived at school.

Juliet Kimble ’15  caught a real glimpse of the underrated conditions. “I was coming down a hill about 25 mph and my brakes just started to skid and we hit black ice, so we shot through an intersection and I turned the wheel trying to avoid the rail to the highway and the massive pole,” Kimble said.

Luckily, Kimble escaped with no injury, but minor damages to the exterior of her car, which it was towed.

Although, she said she slowed down, cautious of the conditions, the black ice still managed to affect her. “I was going slow but I hit black ice and I was on a hill which is not a good combo even going slow.”

Arriving on time was another problem. Some teachers, including science teacher Cecilia  Duffy arrived after the bell had rung and first period had begun. Luckily, Mr. Aitkenhead filled in for Duffy’s class for the time being.

English teacher Francine Sinay adapted her route to the conditions to arrive on time. “Luckily, I heard all of the accidents affecting the [Merritt] parkway [which was closed earlier in the morning] and throughway,” Sinay said. “I come from Trumbull, so I took all of the back roads. I could see as I was driving all the backed up traffic on the highway.”

The pathways wrapping around the school were just as bad as the roads. According to Principal John Dodig, one teacher fell on the black ice and was taken to a medical facility.

Jeanne Stevens, a social studies teacher, also slipped on the ice at school. “There was a coating of ice underneath that snow.” Stevens didn’t blame the school for not cleaning off the pathways though, saying the coating of snow caught them off guard.

Even though, much of the Staples community was affected by the snowy weather yesterday, no one was in critical condition.