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The assessment center in room 2055 frequently fills up to its maximum capacity of 15 students, resulting in a demand for adding improvements to the space.

Overcrowded assessment center demands upgrades

Audrey Curtis ’25, Web Features Editor February 15, 2023

Let’s face it, numerous students have been out sick due to a variety of illnesses, whether it’s RSV, Covid-19, influenza or just a common cold. Those who  have been out of school are missing too many...

The three finalists compete for first place during the fourth round. Photo by Cassidy Gutman 25.

Westport Library hosts 24th annual crossword puzzle contest, thrills participants

Cassidy Gutman ’25, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

Feb. 4 marked the Westport Library’s 24th Annual Crossword Puzzle Contest held from 1-4 p.m., hosted by The New York Times’ crossword puzzle editor, Will Shortz. The 140 participants traveled from...

Many upperclassmen at Staples have opted for elective courses to fulfill their English credits.

New English courses appeal to broader range of students

Lilly Weisz ’23, Creative Director February 1, 2023

The English department is adding two new semester English courses and shortening the Myth & Bible Honors course to a semester in the 2023-24 academic year. According to Coordinator for Secondary English...

Grace Livecchi ’21 recently launched her new magazine in a display of nostalgia and creativity.

Grace Livecchi ’21 unlocks inner child through Really Magazine

Genevieve Frucht ’24, Paper News Editor January 30, 2023

Magazine pages filled with pastel colors, large photos, unique fonts and colorful shapes emulate the inner child theme of Grace Livecchi ’21’s original magazine, Really Magazine. Livecchi released...

Referees quit the profession due to a variety of reasons. Covid-19, verbal abuse, and inadequate pay leads to 70% of referees quitting within the first three years of having the job.

COVID-19, crowd conduct and cheap compensation leads to shortage of referees across the nation including Connecticut

Poppy Harrington ’25, Staff Writer January 13, 2023

Elementary and high schools across America are becoming more interested in sports, but there are fewer referees because of a number of variables that make the job undesirable. Due to a lack of officials,...

The Staples bathrooms were once filled with paper towel dispensers just like this one, until they recently vanished from our school walls.

Removal of paper towel dispensers induces undried hands

Anna Kercher ’25, Staff Writer January 10, 2023

You crank out the pink drippy soap and run cold water over your hands, mentally preparing yourself to go back to class after your short bathroom break. You twist off the dripping faucet and walk over to...

BeReal has sparked controversy among social media users.

BeReal takes internet by storm with attempt at authenticity, casual social media

Toby Goldfarb ’23, Web Managing Editor November 7, 2022

BeReal, a relatively new social media app, has recently captured the attention of many social media fanatics. With a recent valuation of $600 million, the app sends all users a notification at a different...

The Westport SLOBS made their appearance along with the National Charity League to help out. Pictured from left to right is Jack Schwartz 25, Jackson Tracey 25, Callum Mclean 25, Grant Hill 25 and Zac Gorin 25.

Earthplace Fall Festival

Audrey Curtis '25, Feautres Editor October 31, 2022

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