Staples falls to Ridgefield in Wrestling Meet

Staples falls to Ridgefield in Wrestling Meet

Ben Foster

The Staples Wreckers lost their home dual meet by a margin of 33 points. The final score was a 48-15 win going to the Ridgefield Tigers on Wednesday.

No matter the score, Coach Jesse Koproski and all of the Wrecker fans continuously cheered on the Staples team. They fought vigorously throughout almost all of the periods of their matches, ignoring the painful scrapes and the constant nosebleeds, leaving everything out on the mat.

Co-Captain Charles Lamato ’15 explained exactly where the improvements are showing, specifically in these matches. “It was pretty good, we definitely improved since last year, we would have had a lot more of our guys getting pinned. There were a lot more closer matches which is great.”

Personally Lamato scored seven points for the Wreckers, pinning his opponent right from the start.

Looking Back on this game, Coach Jesse Koproski saw many bright spots in the loss. “We’re wrestling tougher. We may have came out a little timid for this one, in a couple of our matches we have given up a few points early on. But last year, the year before we’re probably getting down after that, getting pinned, but we were making it all three periods against tough wrestlers which is definitely an improvement.”

Despite the loss, Kieran Clarke ’17 was a bright spot to motivate the teams’ spirits. “He was down for most of the match. He was down 6-1 but came back and out worked the guy through the whole thing and ended up getting a pin at the end of the third period.” Koproski said.

Co-captain Justin Ludel, also couldn’t say enough about Clarke as well, “If he wrestled at this time last year, he would have gotten pinned off the start. This year it’s been a huge turnaround for him.”

The Staples Wreckers did lose, but in the big picture Coach Kopriski was pleased with the majority of the matches and is looking forward to the upcoming matches.