Temperature is just a number

Temperature is just a number

As the months change from March to April, I can definitely…. maybe…. hopefully  say we are out of the snowy winter mess. Now that spring has arrived, I can finally pack away the winter coats and focus on the warmer weather.

Granted it snowed April 15 and 16 of 2014, but I still like my chances. I mean it’s spring. At this point I’m done with forgetting an article of winter clothing somewhere.

This winter, there were countless times where I either forgot my jacket in a classroom or forgot my tights at home that I desperately needed for track. This resulted in me running through the halls searching for my jacket and cold red legs after a long run.

Misplacing my warm clothing is a problem that I struggle with and I’m just sick and tired of dealing with it.

In order to avoid this dilemma, I think it’s in my best interest to simply not  wear a jacket to school until the next winter season.

Although spring is just getting underway, it may end up snowing again with below freezing temperatures. But no matter how lousy it will be, I will continue to fight the conditions without any jackets or layers to save my ailing body. Yes, this likely sounds painful, but I won’t have to second guess myself to the whereabouts of my jacket.

To make things more interesting, I will remain relentless and walk the quarter mile trip to my bus. I realize this could be dangerous depending on the conditions, but I think I can handle it and  make the eventual warm air that much sweeter.