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Winter sports teams celebrate successes, reflect on season

Both the boys' and girls' ski teams saw a successful season this year.

Lily Kane '20, Broadcast Director

March 19, 2020

As the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom, Staples athletes can reflect on the eventful sports season coming to a close. With several teams making it to their FCIAC and State championships, team members realize that their hard work is paying off.  Despite having to take the bus to-and-from M...

Longshore ice rink attracts skaters of all skill levels

People watch as the zamboni at Longshore Ice Rink resurfaces the ice, preparing for a packed rink on Sunday afternoon.

Karina Murray '22, Staff Writer

January 14, 2020

Wrestling team changes offer new opportunities

Staples Wrestling team begins training and competing for their upcoming season with many new team members and a change in coaching staff.

Amanda Rowan '22

January 5, 2020

Dual meets and tournaments occupy almost every weekend and Wednesday for many Staples students as the wrestling season rolls into play. Over 40 boys train, practice and prepare for their matches day after day.  After taking home fourth place at FCIACS last season, the team has gained 20 new members...

Shake Shack’s Coconut Snowball makes winter extra sweet

Grace Livecchi '21, Staff Writer

January 2, 2020


Staples welcomes the winter season

Staples celebrates winter with festive decorations outside the Staples auditorium.

Margot Stack '22 and Brooke Dembin '22

January 2, 2020

Comparing holiday decorations around Westport

Amanda Rowen '22 and Betti Kobak '22

Amanda Rowan '22 and Betti Kobak '22

December 19, 2019

No time for stopping: multi-sport captains encounter a rapid transition into next season

Senior students, athletes, and leaders shown as they participated in their fall sports (Ben Howard, Jake Thaw, Abby Carter). From this week on, they will be making large transitions into their winter sport, all ready and excited to begin.

Samantha Felner '21, Paper Opinions Editor

December 6, 2019

As the fall sport season closes, captains and athletes encounter a speedy transition into their winter sport. Many teams just recently ended their journeys, and multi-sport captains and athletes must now face a quick turnaround, and in some cases an overlap, with their winter sport pre-seasons and tryo...

The great winter clothing debate prompts a variety of opinions

As Westport leaves change colors, the Staples students begin to layer on clothes for the upcoming autumn months

Holden Cohen ’20 and Alex Massoud ’20

October 10, 2019

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