Winter evokes excitement, seasonal festivities begin


Photo taken by Alan Becker '23

Winter sailors from Cedar Point Yacht Club practice in the offseason and enjoy the views.

The sky glistens with thousands of snowflakes flurrying and covering the ground below in a delicate sheet of white. While some Staples students prefer to curl up with a good book by the fireplace, others eagerly change into their snow boots, venturing out into the endless possibilities of winter. Among the adventurers are snowshoers, ice skaters, sledders, winter sailors and more.

Dylan Halky ’23 looks forward to snowshoeing this season. After a knee injury, Halky had to say goodbye to skiing indefinitely, and snowshoeing has proved a relaxing pastime. “I like to snowshoe because it’s a good way to get outside during the winter,” Halky said. She snowshoes up Stratton Mountain, but snowshoeing can be done at Winslow Park or any area with substantial snowfall.

Ko Seltzer ’24 enjoys the nostalgia of sledding. “I like sledding with my friends because it’s a fun way to get outdoors in the winter and it brings back memories from when I was a little kid,” Seltzer said. Seltzer hopes to share laughs with his friends this winter. Most Westport residents sled at Winslow Park, but Staples’ Ginny Field has proven equally as steep and often less populated. 

Maya Sherman ’24 is ready to lace up her ice skates with her hockey team and friends. “I’ve always felt that ice skating is an entertaining activity that can work well as a social event while getting great exercise,” Sherman said. Sherman ice skates at the Westport PAL Rink at Longshore, a popular destination for Connecticut residents near and far.

Alan Becker ’23 will continue sailing at Cedar Point Yacht Club even as the seasons turn. Winter sailing differs from normal sailing as it requires more dedicated participants who can face harsher winds and calmer waves. “Winter sailing for me mainly is an opportunity to keep practicing my skills so that when it comes time for the summer, I have an edge on the rest of the fleet,” Becker said. Becker finds that winter sailing is rewarding, as he can enjoy his sport in the offseason and hang out with friends.