Slippers are not the new sneakers

Slippers are not the new sneakers



Sliding into a warm pair of slippers after a long day of school and track is something I really appreciate.

Relaxing my feet in a pair of slippers is like sinking them into a soft, warm hug.

It puts me in a much more preferable mood.

But nothing grinds my gears more than Staples students wearing slippers out of the house and strolling down the Staples hallways, thinking nothing of the fact they are wearing them outside their cozy homes.

Sure, I understand the allure of them during finals, and for two hours of grueling testing, I can tolerate the people who scuff around in their slippers.

After all, if you’ve been up all night studying, anything that makes you feel more like you’re at home, asleep, is a blessing.

Frankly, I don’t blame those who don’t even change out of their pajamas.

But to wear slippers for an entire school day?

Eight whole periods are going to deform the poor things.

Traveling from class to class, across long stretches of hallway and up and down stairs, sitting down for lunch in the cafeteria  where marinara sauce, ketchup and mustard, salad dressing, juice and soup are just waiting to ruin unsuspecting footwear – Staples is treacherous terrain for a poor shoe.

To be frank, traipsing around during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. wearing  a pair of slippers makes about as much sense as putting on a pair of sneakers after an evening shower and then proceeding to eat dinner, do homework and curl up in bed with the sneakers still strapped on.

It doesn’t look or feel right.

And just how durable are slippers, anyway? They barely have a rubber sole and are usually made from materials such as fur, nylon, cotton or polyester.

These are materials you would normally find in a jacket or sweater. These are materials made for articles of clothing kept off the ground – unless you haven’t cleaned your room in a while.

They are not materials you find in a durable pair of shoes expected to travel considerable distances over various terrains.

Slippers also don’t have the arch support necessary to be considered a stable shoe.

They’re flimsy, which makes them more vulnerable to slipping and causing accidents.

Why risk one of your ankles,or even your life when you can just wear a shoe that is equally comfortable, like a Sperry Top-sider?

Popular slipper brands like L.L. Bean, UGG, Sperry and Dockers have quite the asking price, too.

All of their slippers are over $50, and some even tip the scales at over $100.

Even if you never see yourself giving up the high school slipper look, maybe invest in a cheaper pair that you wouldn’t mind slowly destroying as you walk through the crowded hallways.

If we could just cut down the slipper traffic at Staples High School, this community would become a safer place.

We need a safe haven that will allow us to run like the wind when we are late to class – we just can’t afford to be worrying about flying footwear hitting us in the head.