Sushi arrives at Staples


A new school year means new menu options in the Staples High School cafeteria. An email from Chartwells on Aug. 22 to faculty and parents announced improvements to the cafeteria menu.

Chartwells stated in the email, “For our high school students, we understand their more sophisticated pallets (sic.), so we’ve planned appropriate enhancements to meet their needs.” Are there just new signs or are there real changes in food selection in the Staples cafeteria?

“I think the food has mostly improved because they added sushi. But they took away coffee, which is considered a student’s life source,” Kristina Wasserman ’17 said. Even though coffee for students had been taken away, the sushi is a big hit amongst the Staples community.

The sushi in the Staples cafeteria consists of california rolls, spicy california rolls, cucumber vegetable rolls and vegetable brown rice rolls.

When the sushi was first put out on Tuesday Sept. 2, it was gone within a matter of minutes into the first lunch wave. Chartwells doubled the order for Thursday and is tripling the order for this week.

“I haven’t tried the sushi. Usually I just get the pre made sandwiches,” Kelley Flynn ’18 said. “I really like those. But I heard from friends that the sushi is really good,” Flynn said. Since the sushi has been so popular it’s hard to get your hands on it.

“I think that the change is good, and I’m not too excited to try the sushi because they don’t have the type that I like, but I think it’s really cool that they added it,” Jojo Adler ’16 said. The new addition of sushi is a welcome change for Staples students.