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The coffee station provided in the Staples Cafeteria. It has five different types of coffee as well as sugars, creamers and milk. When I asked for a cup one of the workers said “it is only for teachers.”

Coffee should be provided to students in the cafeteria

Sage Cohen '25, Paper Sports Editor March 1, 2024

Falling asleep during the second period of the day is a common experience. I’m sure of it. Everytime I look around in class, there are at least three people with their eyes closed and their heads down....

Blake Watkins ’26 sitting in class during his long period, wishing to take a cafeteria break with his class.

Classes that meet during morning long-periods should take cafeteria breaks

Nash Teran ’25, Staff Writer November 16, 2023

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, the second period of the day sucks. Rarely does anyone look forward to walking through a classroom door knowing they are going to have to spend the next 80 minutes of their...

Staples Chartwell staff remains just as busy even without properly working toasters. Students go to order their unique sandwiches that come with a special Chartwell touch. Students line up every lunch wave to see and check in on their favorite staff members.

Cafeteria faces student outcry over absence of hot sandwiches

Ava Chun '25, Paper Arts Editor October 26, 2023

It was revealed that in the Staples cafeteria on Oct. 18, Chartwells is looking into solely having panini presses instead of the toasters due to the technical complications with the toaster ovens, which...

Eleni Braga ’26 and Ava Kindt ’26 eating lunch at the new tables provided by Staples outside of the Cafeteria.

School lunch should stay in the cafeteria – don’t be gross

Sophie Smith ’26, Paper Sports Editor September 22, 2023

Last year, walking in the Staples hallways consisted of constantly pulling out hand sanitizer and trying my best to avoid stepping on my peer's leftover lunch. Most students would bring their lunch all...

Staples newest lunch addition, the Wreckers Deli, is located outside of the normal area for purchasing food.

Wreckers deli reopens after years of being closed

Rylie Cordella ’25, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

The Wrecker’s Deli was reintroduced to Staples for the first time on Tuesday, Jan. 24. The Wreckers Deli initially opened in 2019, but closed after Covid-19 hit due to the shortage of staff and less...

Students jump at the opportunity to steal a piece of gum from a peer. Gum is a highly requested item among peers to share.

Cafeteria lacks necessity: gum

Cassidy Gutman ’25, Staff Writer January 3, 2023

You’re sitting in math class and open a new pack of gum to take a piece for yourself to help you focus for the test. Next thing you know, the entire pack is gone. The third pack of gum that you bought...

The salad bar is popular among Staples students and faculty for its variety and self-service.

Salad bar return receives enthusiastic response, fosters healthier choices 

Talia Moskowitz ’24, Web Sports Editor September 19, 2022

Come lunch time, Staples High School students can be seen charging down the hallway with solely one purpose: to fill their growling stomachs with a plethora of nutritious food options found in the Staples...

The cafeteria is home to many food options, but some arent labeled with their price, leading to confusion at the register.

Cafeteria must post proper price labels

Sarah Marron ’24, Web Sports Editor June 9, 2022

Walking into the cafeteria, you are greeted with a plethora of food options: meals, fruits, snacks, and drinks. You pick out an apple and a drink to go with your meal, and walk over to the register. After...

The Staples cafeteria removed the custom salad bar as a COVID-19 safety precaution. However, as we return to normal at school, so should our dining options.

Staples student pines for Staples salad bar, hopes for return

Lilly Weisz ’23, Creative Director April 28, 2022

Ever since we returned to school during COVID-19, I have eaten yogurt twice a day — once for breakfast and once for lunch. My friends cast searing eyes at me as I consume pounds of fermented milk, but...

 A typical crowded cafeteria kitchen during lunch wave one

Lunch rotations fail to adhere to social distancing measures

Jason Stein ’22, Staff Writer November 3, 2021

Walking through the cafeteria in wave one or two to grab Jerk Chicken, I often forget whether I’m a student or inside a pack of sardines. It’s no surprise that oftentimes, lunch can get really busy...

Despite Nestlé’s documented history of slavery, child endangerment and water theft, Staples continues to sell Nestlé Pure Life water bottles in the cafeteria. It is time for Staples to stand up against the injustices that Nestlé has committed and stop selling their products.

Staples must stop stocking the cafeteria with Nestlé products

Jake Fitzpatrick ’22, Staff writer October 18, 2021

Nestlé is a company that has been part of my life since I was a toddler. I remember getting really excited for king-size Butterfinger and Kit-Kat bars on Halloween, begging my dad for Nesquik chocolate...

This year, the Staples cafeteria is closed until the start of the first period, which begins at 8 am. This takes away an important opportunity for many students to get breakfast in the morning.

Staples cafeteria should serve breakfast before 8 a.m.

Meg Enquist ’23, Assistant Business Manager May 12, 2021

The effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Staples has led to numerous changes in daily operations. In years past, the cafeteria has been open for breakfast before school; however, this year it doesn't...

The new Staples compost bins are equipped with signs detailing the items that can be put in each.

Zero Waste Club installs new compost bins

Kristina Chaney ’23, Staff writer March 17, 2021

The Staples cafeteria has always contained two different-colored bins: gray and blue, for garbage and recycling. But now, there’s a new bin: green. These green bins, which come in compartments alongside...

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