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Alix Sommers

Alix Sommers, Assistant Business Manager

Having been born in Sri Lanka, Alix Sommers ’16 has developed an affinity for traveling. After living in Sri Lanka for three years, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts, then Westport, Connecticut, Hong Kong and finally, back to Westport. Aside from traveling, Sommers is passionate about dance. “I’ve only been dancing since I was 13, which is kind of late for a dancer,” Sommers explained. Although she had a late start, she’s worked her way up to one of the top groups at her dance studio. “It pushes me to be better,” Sommers said. “It puts me up against these girls who are amazing, so it makes me aspire to be my best.” Now that she’s preparing for college, Sommers can put her time management skills she’s learned from dance to the test. Sommers plans on majoring in communications and one day work in the marketing department of a fashion company.

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Alix Sommers