Girls’ basketball welcomes new coach, Paco Fabian

After playing basketball at Norwalk High School and making it to the state championships in 1996, Paco Fabian is ready to take on the role as the new coach for the Staples girls’ basketball team.

Five-years ago, Fabian was the assistant coach for Norwalk High School’s girls’ basketball team. “I decided to apply for the coaching job at Staples because I love the game of basketball so much, and I miss being out of the sport,” Fabian said.

Many of the basketball players are also excited for the season and excited to get to know their new coach.

“Paco’s been great in the preseason,” captain Madeline Schemel ’15 said. “He’s been very enthusiastic, and knows a lot about basketball, so I think everyone has a positive outlook on the season.”

Fabian, however is not a new coach to Staples. He’s been coaching the girls’ varsity tennis team for two years now and previously coached the boys’ varsity tennis team.

Fabian’s coaching has also left an impact on his players.

“Paco always has the interest of the team on and off the court,” tennis player Vanessa Mauricio ’17 said. “He [is] always thinking about the team both in practice and matches. His experience as a player when coaching us [makes] tennis that much more of a great experience.”

Many members of the girls’ tennis team are thrilled to know that their coach will be coaching another Staples sport.

“I was excited to hear he is the basketball coach because I think he is really able to get through to players and help them be the best they can be,” girls’ tennis captain Avery Wallace ’15 said. “The tennis team improved significantly when he became coach because he was able to highlight all of our potential and help us win.”

Fabian is thrilled for the basketball season to begin and can’t wait to apply what he’s learned as a player to his coaching.

“I am most excited about the competition and teaching girls the game of basketball the way I was taught,” Fabian said. “The girls seem ready to learn, and I feel like they really want to be pushed.”

Girls’ basketball captain Maggie Fair ’15, added, “Paco has already had an impact. I know after playing summer and fall league games that he will be a great coach.”