Navigating the college process


After completing the college application process in early October, with fifteen essays, three standardized tests and junior year behind me, I was excited to hear back from two rolling schools. With many different ways to apply to college, rolling allows a student to submit their application to the university and receive a notification within a few weeks.

Even with the excitement and joy that has come with being accepted, my grades are definitely taking a beating. Senior year has made me aware of how bad it is to procrastinate and how hard it is to make up work after missing school.

I’m sure you’re wondering why after three years in high school I’m just noticing it now and my answer is that I have never experienced such a mix of emotions in my entire life. Everything around me is college. Whether it’s my math teacher asking where I’m applying early decision, a friend having a hard time deciding if their Common Application essay is good enough to send, or going to an admissions counselor meeting in the College and Career Center and realizing that my entire grade is applying to my first choice. No matter where I go, college is everywhere.

All of the normal stress that I have faced in my past three years as a high school student has now been increased to a new level that I never knew existed. Surprisingly, getting into two schools hasn’t helped this stress. I’m constantly reminded that this is just the beginning.

As I sit here with my jaw clattering, I await letters from many more schools that I applied to and face the fact that dealing with being stressed, anxiety ridden and overwhelmed, are things in life that I’m going to have to face with my head held high and a positive attitude.

In just a few months, I’ll be walking down the halls knowing where I’m going to college and can put the stress of the application process behind me. When that time comes, I can focus on exciting life events that are fast approaching.

All I can hope is that by the time graduation comes, senioritis hasn’t swallowed me whole.