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While the intention of the new FAFSA application was to simplify the aid process for families, the rollout challenges ended up causing more harm than good, especially for those in greatest need.

FAFSA complications push back senior decision day

Ella Harrington '25, Web News Editor May 7, 2024

National Decision Day, typically celebrated on May 1, will take place on May 14 this year due to delayed financial aid award letters from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). With these...

The paper version of the SAT has now been changed to digital.

Juniors express opinions after taking new digital SAT test

Corbin Chaney ’25, Staff Writer March 28, 2024

Juniors all across the state woke up bright and early to take the big test during the month of March, ready to begin the first chapter of the rest of their lives.  On Thursday March 21, juniors at...

The emergence of post high school plan Instagram accounts has heightened stress among students and proved to be unproductive. Although intending to be positive, it fosters competition.

‘Post high school plan’ Instagram pages prove unproductive, generate competition

Jolie Gefen ’24, Web Managing Editor March 12, 2024

After months of waiting and excruciating anticipation, the moment finally comes to open the decision letter from your dream college. You open it, and there it is: the acceptance you have long awaited and...

Entering 2024, students are now able to participate in the digital SAT which provides many advantages and new opportunities, in contrast to the paper SAT that was previously given. (Graphic from Wikimedia)

Digital SAT unleashes new advantages, monumental for the future of testing

Siena Petrosinelli ’25, Paper Arts Editor March 1, 2024

Why take the Digital SAT? The real question is: Why not? Since the SAT has been changed from paper to an online computerized version, I believe this has opened up extremely exciting new opportunities that...

Students coming to hear about their options for getting scholarships through  Staples during lunch on Feb.7.

The College and Career center welcomes students for annual scholarship workshop

Catie Campagnino '26, Staff Writer February 16, 2024

Staples’ College and Career Center will host its annual scholarship workshop for students on Feb. 8 during all three lunch waves for any students that are interested in learning more about what scholarships...

The School Counseling Department celebrates National School Counseling Week by recognizing the many individuals who guide Staples students towards success everyday. Their devoted work is always appreciated and it never goes unnoticed. (Photo contributed by @stapleshighschool_counseling on Instagram)

National School Counseling Week prompts gratitude, recognition for Staples counselors

Ruby Kantor ’24, Paper Managing Editor February 15, 2024

As we commemorate National School Counseling Week, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact that the School Counseling Department and, more specifically, my assigned guidance counselor have had...

Legacy admissions remain a contentious topic among Connecticut schools, with some opting to consider legacy status while others do not. However, this practice remains a significant factor in admissions decisions at many prestigious institutions.

Connecticut lawmakers may consider ban on legacy admission consideration

Anna Kercher '25, Paper Features Editor February 8, 2024

Key Connecticut state legislatures are likely to introduce a bill banning legacy admissions at public and private universities in the upcoming 2024 legislative session, which would make Connecticut among...

Since the events of Oct. 7, 2023, many Jewish students have become uncomfortable with others knowing about their Jewish identities, as well as with discussing the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Jewish students navigate college campus safety concerns

Rachel Olefson '25, Web News Editor January 8, 2024

One week after I put together the rough draft of my college list, the presidents of three major universities, Harvard, UPenn and MIT, suspiciously dodged questions about whether they could have done more...

With the college decisions that were released in recent weeks, seniors speculate and gossip over every decision given back, creating very negative talk surrounding college.

Stop the spread: infectious college admission talk infests Staples

Talia Varsano ’24, Paper Managing Editor December 22, 2023

Last Wednesday, I sat down in the cafeteria after a lengthy math class, eager to grab lunch and decompress with friends. A group of kids were hunched over a phone, scrolling through a senior student’s...

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