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National School Counseling Week prompts gratitude, recognition for Staples counselors

The School Counseling Department celebrates National School Counseling Week by recognizing the many individuals who guide Staples students towards success everyday. Their devoted work is always appreciated and it never goes unnoticed. (Photo contributed by @stapleshighschool_counseling on Instagram)

As we commemorate National School Counseling Week, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact that the School Counseling Department and, more specifically, my assigned guidance counselor have had on my high school experience. In an especially competitive academic environment, it’s easy to overlook the invaluable role that these individuals have played in our successes as students. Therefore, I would like to take a moment to express gratitude for Mrs. Curran, my guidance counselor, for all of the work that she has put into me and my future. 

From the very beginning of my high school experience, Mrs. Curran made sure that all of her students were set up for success. I remember her frequent visits to Connections where she would guide us with suggestions about courses for the next year, tools for studying, and college application updates. After, she would stick around, making conversation with students in the class and getting to know everyone. I always felt comfortable asking questions and popping into her office if any conflict arose. 

One of things that I admire about Mrs. Curran is her unwavering support and genuine compassion for her students. While her schedule is busy, she somehow finds time to meet with me whenever I need it. I know that she will always have her door open and that my questions will be answered when I enter her office. She is informed, comforting, and kind.

One of things that I admire about Mrs. Curran is her unwavering support and genuine compassion for her students.

— Ruby Kantor ’24

Moreover, Mrs. Curran has helped me navigate the college process, an inherently stressful and pivotal time, and has guided me in the right direction towards success. We have sat down many times to go over logistics and I have always left our meetings feeling optimistic. 

Beyond academics, Mrs. Curran is a friendly face in this school for me. I can count on her to wave to me in the hallways, smile in passing, and stop for a quick conversation when we run into each other. She is a beacon of positivity in the school community. 

As we celebrate National School Counseling Week, let us all take the opportunity to thank the amazing counselors at Staples and extend our gratitude for the immense amount of work that they do to put us on our individual paths.

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Ruby Kantor ’24, Paper Managing Editor
Inklings Paper Managing Editor, Ruby Kantor ’24, claims she decided to join the paper for many different reasons.    “I really liked the different style[s] of writing that journalism [offered],” Kantor said when prompted with why.   “It's a great way to build new community and meet new people,” Kantor said.   However, journalism is not the only thing she’s had to tackle recently.  Over the summer, she took on the challenge and, at times, “dreaded experience” of being a children’s camp counselor.  “It was exhausting,” Kantor said with a smile, “but the kids were very cute, and it was worth it.”

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