Guidance office transitions name to ‘School Counseling’


This stand stays outside of the school counseling offices and is a place where students can interact with a school counseling officer during the school day. Even though this sign states, “Guidance help: free” they would like their services to be called “School Counseling.” Photo by Aidan Sprouls ’23.

Guidance has recently been making a transition to refer to its services as “School Counseling.”

This change will be an adjustment to students; however, some believe that this will make the counseling officers seem more friendly, making students more comfortable around them.

“The title of School Counselor was implemented back in the early 90’s,” school counselor PJ Washenko said, “but the terminology never really caught up because we’ve been known as Guidance Counselors for many, many years.”

“I’ve always known it as the guidance office,” Savar Stocker ’24 said. “But I think school counseling makes [the counselors] much more approachable.”

This name change comes as a result of the American School Counselor Association started the change updating the term guidance to reflect counselors duties and has been adopted by other guidance offices across the country.

“This term has evolved to ‘school counselor’ as the scope of duties has changed and evolved,” American School Counselor Association said.

 School counselors at Staples support the change in title..