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Above shows the events that transpired before and during the investigation, which would ultimately find the alleged comments to be false.

Investigation finds no evidence of Anti-Semitism at Staples High School trip to Germany

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor May 5, 2023

An investigation into antisemitic comments made during the recent Staples High School trip to Germany found no evidence of the event according to Superintendent Thomas Scarice. The alleged incident...

Most of the rates for Compo Beach parking have seen a 10% increase; however, this does not apply to the price of non-resident passes where the price was decided based on the rate from 2017. All data compiled from WestportNews. Graphic by Aidan Sprouls 23.

Compo Beach updates prices for 2023 season

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor March 15, 2023

For the upcoming 2023 beach season, the town of Westport has decided to update the price of parking passes at Compo beach, golfing at Longshore and camps held at Longshore or Compo beach, increasing the...

This stand stays outside of the school counseling offices and is a place where students can interact with a school counseling officer during the school day.  Even though this sign states, “Guidance help: free” they would like their services to be called “School Counseling.”
Photo by Aidan Sprouls 23.

Guidance office transitions name to ‘School Counseling’

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor February 16, 2023

Guidance has recently been making a transition to refer to its services as “School Counseling.” This change will be an adjustment to students; however, some believe that this will make the counseling...

On a normal day the TVs around the schools display the same things. These things go generally unnoticed by students as they remain unchanged and aren’t very important to students.

World Cup inspires increased television usage.

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor December 22, 2022

If you happen to glance up at one of the televisions hanging on the walls throughout the building, you would likely see the screen filled with a few things: the schedule for the day, a few of the top news...

Members of the skate club meet with a representative of The Skatepark Project via zoom to discuss skating.

Skaters, non-skaters roll into skate club

Adian Sprouls '23, Web Opinions Editor November 28, 2022

Looking into room 2002 on any given Wednesday you would see a group of students trying to learn more about a shared passion: skateboarding. Staples’ skate club is a group of both experienced and inexperienced...

Westport public schools ranked within the top two for both writing and math according to the average score of all 2022 SATs

Staples ranks highly for SAT scores

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor October 27, 2022

Staples ranked  the first for schools with the highest SAT math scores and second for reading and writing, as assessed by Patch, a local news website. Student scores ranged with an average score of 618...

Statistics given that allow for Connecticut schools to be ranked 2nd in the country when compared to other schools in US states according to WFSB.

Connecticut schools rank in the top three for education quality

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor September 23, 2022

Connecticut was ranked number two for the states with the best schooling systems on July 25 by wfsb (eyewitness news). In 2020, Connecticut schools were ranked third in the country according to the Connecticut...

In a report created by Colliers Project Leader for the Westport Finance and Facilities Subcommittee earlier this year, it was recommended that $600,000 of a $8.16 million improvement plan should be used on electrical improvements and repairs.

Long Lots Elementary School fire causes evacuation for students

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor May 26, 2022

Students and staff were evacuated from Long Lots Elementary School after a fire was discovered by a school officer within one of the auditorium walls on Wednesday May 25. The school officer pulled the...

According to US News, most of the schools within the top five are within the towns surrounding Staples High school and three of the five schools are public.

Staples High School ranks highly among other Connecticut schools

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor May 12, 2022

In late April, Staples High School was ranked as the fifth best high school in Connecticut by US News and the number one best public high school in Connecticut by Niche. “It is always nice to be recognized...

“Employment is for Everyone” initiative attempts to improve the general quality of life disabled.

‘Employment is for Everyone’ initiative aims to create job opportunities for disabled

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor April 26, 2022

Westport First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker has created the “Employment Is For Everyone” initiative, which aims to increase the amount of employees with disabilities in Westport. “This initiative...

Sherwood Island has allocated the $5 million to cover many different aspects of the park.

Sherwood Island state park in need of $5 million worth of repairs

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor April 2, 2022

According to a report by park officials released on March 20, Sherwood Island is in need of $5 million in repairs to help improve the park.  “Sherwood Island (State Park) is a heavily used park,...

Fairfield County was ranked the top county in Connecticut in terms of education. Second and third places belong to Hartford County and Middlesex County, according to Niche.

Fairfield County ranked as number one county for education quality in Connecticut

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor March 28, 2022

Fairfield County has been named the county with the highest education quality in Connecticut. “It is always nice to be recognized for good work,” Principal Stafford W. Thomas Jr. said. “I believe...

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