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Staples MD system checker

Staples MD system checker

Chase Emilio, Staff Writer April 27, 2016

What is senioritis? Senior(noun) is defined as holding a high position, in this case it's a fourth year student on the verge of graduating high school. The Suffix -itis is classified as an inflammatory...

Navigating the college process

Navigating the college process

Alix Sommers, Assistant Business Manager October 30, 2015

After completing the college application process in early October, with fifteen essays, three standardized tests and junior year behind me, I was excited to hear back from two rolling schools. With many...

How to succeed in second semester without really trying

Emma Berry, Opinions Editor April 7, 2015

It is now nearing the end of March of my senior year, and my long, treacherous journey through high school is almost behind me. In two short months I will be saying my goodbyes to my teachers, the table...

Siblings sniffle with Senioritis

Siblings sniffle with Senioritis

Kacey Hertan, Business Manager March 22, 2015

Many feel lucky that we are stepping out of the flu season at this time of year, but we are stepping into prime-time for a much more serious disease: senioritis. Washing your hands won’t save you, even...

Graphic by Amina Abdulkareem '15

Surviving severe second semester senioritis

Amina Abdul-Kareem, Staff Writer March 6, 2015

From self-portraits in red crayola markers to writing a synthesis essay on Macbeth, you’ve hit the home stretch of your 12 year education. At this point, you most likely: Roll into first period about...

A friendly reminder that I am a junior

A friendly reminder that I am a junior

Dylan Donahue, Sports Editor May 23, 2014

Senioritis was a raging epidemic in the spring of 2014.  Symptoms included lack of focus, and decreased effort and productivity as well as  perpetually late assignments and arrival.  These symptoms...

Senioritis Takes Over

May 2, 2011

11:43 a.m. Volunteers Susan Nussbaum, Eileen Brancucci and Susan Glick are selling senior prom and senior class trip tickets during all three lunch waves this week. Despite reminders the senior class has...

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