A friendly reminder that I am a junior

A friendly reminder that I am a junior

Senioritis was a raging epidemic in the spring of 2014.  Symptoms included lack of focus, and decreased effort and productivity as well as  perpetually late assignments and arrival.  These symptoms often resulted in increased Netflix consumption, and decreased grades and teacher patience.

However another disease also swarms Staples, often called junior year. Though at first glance the sufferers of each disease may look similar, they are not often confused with one another as the symptoms of junior year often include stress induced sleep deprivation and frequent references to SAT scores and Kim from F&B.  These symptoms often resulted in increased backpack size from college board AP Government review books.

Despite these raging differences between the two diseases, some teachers remain confused.

The teacher in one of my AP classes believes I’m a senior.  He asks me about my internship and where I’m going to college.

And we’ve been in class together since August.

I remind him sometimes blatantly asking him what grade I’m in during class.  And yet he never remembers.  He says not to be insulted, I’m just a senior in his head.

The seniors deserve to suffer from senioritis.  They’ve put in the time.  And in the time in my life when I should be putting in the most work, getting confused with those putting in the least is a little insulting.

I’d like to use this article as a little reminder that, yes, I am actually a junior who both completes her homework assignments on time and is actually trying to get a good grade in his class.

I wonder how surprised he was when I showed up to class today.