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Dylan Donahue
Nothing will get in Dylan Donahue’s way once she makes a commitment. Whether she is working on ski patrol in vermont, participating as a C.I.T. at Camp Wa-kio, or writing a news piece for Inklings News, Dylan will always display determination. She is bubbly, yet inquisitive which makes her an exceptional addition to Inklings. Her personality makes it easy to open up to her which is how she excels during an interview.


The Donahue family, including her sister who is a sophomore here at Staples, is big on football. By big, that means season tickets to every home game, cheering on their favorite team, the Jets. Her favorite movie, The Blind Side even involves football. “I grew up with sports,” Dylan explains, “I have been watching Jet games on television and going to games since before I can remember. Sports are exciting and energetic. They allow the fans and athletes to share a connection during the game.” Dylan’s love and knowledge for sports influenced her decision of becoming a sports editor for Inklings.


As Dylan’s years at Staples have flown by, she has created some goals she wishes to meet by the end of senior year. She wants to make the most of her last year as a highschool student by making every moment count. “Although a major concern during senior year is getting applications done and getting into schools,” Dylan explains, “I am going to appreciate my last year at Staples by living in the moment.”

Dylan Donahue, Sports Editor

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Dylan Donahue