Staples chats with principal candidate Louis Moore

This was the daily click for the day taken by Caroline Lane 16.

This was the daily click for the day taken by Caroline Lane ’16.

Dylan Donahue, Sports Editor

The library was unusually crowded during lunch on March 9 as students and teachers alike gathered to meet the second candidate hoping to become principal of Staples in the wake of current principal John Dodig’s retirement.

While the candidate Louis Moore, called “Lou” by his friends, is currently principal of Ramapo High School in Oakland, NJ, he was also previously a history teacher in Ridgewood High School, the school actor Robert Sean Leonard from “Dead Poet Society” attended, and holds a PhD in history.

Moore gestured with his hands as he spoke passionately about his love of learning and education that has developed over both the years spent earning his PhD and his 25 years working in schools.

“You need to empower yourself and learning is the way to do that,” Moore said.

The session started traditionally with students asking him questions from how many suits he owns (“Four ready-to-go suits and one emergency suit”) to tougher questions such as his views on the arts aspect of education and his thoughts on an open campus policy.

“He was very good on his feet,” Griffin Thrush ’15 said after listening to Moore speak.  “I tried throwing him off but he handled it well.”

However, Moore also took the chance to learn more about the Staples community he could soon be a part of engaging the ring of students and staff asking questions such as their favorite part of Staples and the basketball team’s season and the upcoming musical “Sweeney Todd.”

“In the short 30 minutes I met him, I potentially think he could be a really good fit,” Jennifer Guidice, a teacher in the math department, said.

As lunch ended and students dispersed to their various classes, Moore smiled and shook hands with some of the people that had gathered.

“I’m the kind of person that likes challenges, that thrives on challenges, and I see Staples as a challenge,” Moore said.

Despite Staples seeming compatibility towards Moore, he chose not to accept the job.  A new search is now underway to find next year’s principal.