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Does the flu mean an F?

Talia Hendel

 Lets be honest, we’ve all done it.

That Wednesday when you know the flu is in full force.  The virus has fully bloomed inside of you and you know that for your sake and everyone within 10 feet of your wheezing, scratching, hacking cough, you should really be nowhere but your bed.  You also know that instead of the other students in that first period Calculus class, Netflix, your pillow and a glass of warm tea should really be your only companions.

However, you also know that you can’t miss your test because virus aside you know the flu is easier to overcome than the painfulness of that make-up test.  So, that Wednesday you show up to school, a mini packet of fluffy Kleenex, a bag of honey lemon cough drops, and your virus, all begrudgingly tagging along.

Some teachers are known for the difficulty of their make-up tests.  Instead of putting the class’s original test in the learning center for students who missed class, these teachers create a new test, one that happens to have division rather than addition and x5.6 rather than x.

I understand the reasoning behind the harder tests. Teachers are trying to prevent students from skipping class for the sole purpose of not having to take the test.

And let’s admit that most of us have done that too.

However, I believe even missing a test, with parental permission of course, can be justified.  If a student has three tests in one day, it may be best to sleep through the first period Biology test in order to get a little extra sleep for the other two.

It’s impossible for teachers at Staples to work around each student’s individual schedule.  We all understand that.

However, sometimes as a student we have to know our limits and choose our battles.

By making the make-up harder, it increases the stress culture that Staples and any high school often unintentionally perpetuates.  For the health of the student body as a whole, both in terms of the flu and simply sleep deprivation, it is important that students feel safe making the best decision for them without retribution in the form of an extra difficult exam.

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Dylan Donahue, Sports Editor
Nothing will get in Dylan Donahue’s way once she makes a commitment. Whether she is working on ski patrol in vermont, participating as a C.I.T. at Camp Wa-kio, or writing a news piece for Inklings News, Dylan will always display determination. She is bubbly, yet inquisitive which makes her an exceptional addition to Inklings. Her personality makes it easy to open up to her which is how she excels during an interview.   The Donahue family, including her sister who is a sophomore here at Staples, is big on football. By big, that means season tickets to every home game, cheering on their favorite team, the Jets. Her favorite movie, The Blind Side even involves football. “I grew up with sports,” Dylan explains, “I have been watching Jet games on television and going to games since before I can remember. Sports are exciting and energetic. They allow the fans and athletes to share a connection during the game.” Dylan’s love and knowledge for sports influenced her decision of becoming a sports editor for Inklings.   As Dylan’s years at Staples have flown by, she has created some goals she wishes to meet by the end of senior year. She wants to make the most of her last year as a highschool student by making every moment count. “Although a major concern during senior year is getting applications done and getting into schools,” Dylan explains, “I am going to appreciate my last year at Staples by living in the moment.”
Talia Hendel, Web Managing Editor
Normally when thinking about the typical high school the athletes don’t really mix with the kid of the newspaper staff. Talia Hendel ’16 defies these expectations. Not only does she write for the paper but she also manages to play on the Girls’ basketball team and teach special needs students how to play with Circle of Friends. “It was the perfect opportunity for me, I love kids and I love playing basketball. So it just fit,” Hendel said. When Hendel decided to take this class she quickly learned that she would only be taking the class for the course credits. She has developed a passion for journalism and hopes to continue with it into her college career. So next time you see a story with her name under it, drop what you are doing and read it. You could be seeing the first works of the next buzzfeed editor.

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