Never have I ever not liked a college Facebook post


We all know the post, letters in all caps with anywhere between three and 50 exclamation points following, with the name of a college or university proudly typed by a senior ready to share with the world their plans for next year.

Some people may find them obnoxious, others annoying or inconsiderate or unnecessary, but I am proud to say that I have never scrolled past anyone’s excited posts without pausing for a millisecond to click my computer and throw them a like.  I have liked the posts of a girl I met on a cruise in ninth grade to a camp friend’s friend I met once at a sweet sixteen to a friend’s middle school ex-boyfriend who I never even met.  Because frankly, I am excited for them all.

As a high school student, I understand the hours of late night pre-calculus homework and sonnet writing for English, the ever-necessary power naps and cups of coffee, and the seemingly never-ending studying for midterms that all lead up to accomplishing this feat.  And as a senior, having been in the position of being accepted to college, I understand that there is inevitable excitement that you just want to share with the world, or at least your circle of Facebook friends.

Whether it’s Harvard or Michigan or a school I have never heard of isn’t what’s important.  What’s important is that this senior has achieved something incredible and is understandably incredibly happy.

I have never seen a college Facebook post I didn’t like, because these people deserve to know that, in this moment, their world is excited for them too.