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A longstanding Staples tradition, Senior Showdown is a nerf-shooting tournament during which participating seniors are given a target to “assassinate” while avoiding elimination at the hands of a foam dart themselves.

Seniors take aim at ‘Senior Showdown’

Caroline Coffey '22, Staff Writer May 13, 2022

Intricate disguises, phony pizza deliveries and post-practice stakeouts. Every rustle in the bushes and every unfamiliar car that pulls down the street is scrutinized with a keen eye and trained ear. The...

Though college sweatshirts are commonplace at Staples, the first school day after May 1st imbues each with the quality of truth and clairvoyance in revealing to all onlookers the wearer’s fate for the next four years.

Seniors’ Sweatshirt Day reveals malinformed attitudes about college

Madeleine Casey '22, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

Years ago, in a shameful past, Inklings would publish a list of where every graduating senior was attending college. Predictably, this drew the ire of administration, students and parents alike, and the...

The seniors’ final production in Players will be “Descendants,” which will open on April 1.

Players’ seniors reflect on past four years in program, lifelong bonds made

Karina Murray ’22, Associate Managing Editor March 29, 2022

As the class of 2022 begins their final quarter as Wreckers, the hallways buzz with excitement: graduation, prom and internships loom on the horizon. But for senior members of Players, one event takes...

Once individuals decide where they are going to college, they can join a facebook group and post a bit about themselves in order to find people in common. In most cases there are actual photos of the person and their friends rather than logos or images of things they like.

Students should reconsider the roommate search; maybe random isn’t so bad after all

Tori Wilson ’22, Paper Sports Editor March 27, 2022

As seniors decide where they are going to college, the vast majority’s next step is joining numerous Facebook groups, changing their Instagram bios and having their friends post about their acceptance...

The first of planned Wellness Activity Days occurred on Oct. 20, yet many students chose to depart prior.

Wellness day presented unfair procedures regarding attendance

Finnegan Courtney ’23, Paper News Editor October 29, 2021

Mental health is a very serious issue across the country, and teenagers are feeling the effects in full blast. To combat this, however, Staples recently instituted a ‘Wellness Activity Day’ to take...

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