Surviving severe second semester senioritis

Graphic by Amina Abdulkareem 15

Graphic by Amina Abdulkareem ’15

Amina Abdul-Kareem, Staff Writer

From self-portraits in red crayola markers to writing a synthesis essay on Macbeth, you’ve hit the home stretch of your 12 year education.

At this point, you most likely: Roll into first period about twenty minutes late, with a nonchalant attitude and one of Patty’s pink slips checked off as “unexcused.” Your uncompleted homework is sandwiched somewhere in between the dozens of other loose papers in your bag that you refuse to organize into folders.

As you open your ripped copy of Hamlet, you think: senior year, to care or not to care? Unfortunately, you’re suffering from senioritis, a crippling disease that strikes many high school second semester seniors.

While there is no official diagnosis, symptoms of second semester senioritis usually includes the following: a lack of focus on academics, repeated absences, over wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts and college apparel, and the simple desire to be done with high school, obviously.

What’s the cure? Graduation.

Unlike many second semester seniors, as spring fever is around the corner I remain asymptomatic to senioritis.

The first semester of chaos involving a never ending cycle of tests and college applications has never ended for me. Fortunately and unfortunately, I was advised by last year’s seniors to take my easier courses first semester to relieve the stressful college process. Consequently, I’m dealing with surviving my challenging courses I’m left with second semester.

Hence the reason why I must protect myself from senioritis before I get infected with the epidemic.

The last thing I need is for a college to revoke their admission after I’ve received that flawless acceptance letter in the mail a few months ago.

Academic stability is a must for me this semester.

Instead of obsessing over how to decorate my college dorm with my roommate, or how I’m going to skip next period without getting caught, I balance both school work and free time. One of my frees is dedicated to work, which helps me reduce homework time, and the other free is simply a social period.

Not only has planning school work in advance helped me avoid procrastination, but also saves me the slacking day of Sunday.

Although senioritis symptoms can strike at any grade level, make sure to stay academically healthy. Do not let this virus become deadly to your grades. Instead take a fun class, after all it’s your last chance, taking AP classes you absolutely hate to impress colleges, will only increase chances of catching senioritis.

Strategize yourself by practicing these immunization techniques of balancing academic work and a social life before catching the most common and incurable disease of a high school senior.

Save your soul from surrendering to the unbeatable and immoral attitude of a second semester senior. I promise we’re almost there.