Don’t clash – you’ll look like trash

Graphic by Eliza Goldberg 16

Graphic by Eliza Goldberg ’16

Alix Sommers, Assistant Business Manager

Getting up at 6:15 in the morning and figuring out what to wear is not an easy task, so it’s important to make the process as stress-free as possible.

In order to make things easy on yourself and ensure that you walk out of your closet with a stylish outfit, you must never think about wearing busy patterns with other busy patterns.

Clashing clothing is equivalent to announcing to the public that you don’t care about how you look. Clashing clothing is highly unattractive which is why it should never be done “I don’t like clashing because it looks too busy and too tacky because there’s too much going on,” Erin Munley ’16 said. Clashing is not something that should be done, but that doesn’t mean people don’t do it.

I love Gossip Girl, and I love Blair, but she’s a perfect example of what not to do when it comes to clashing clothing. On the show, one of her outfits consisted of a geometric printed blouse, a plaid wool miniskirt and patent leather, high-heeled booties. As you probably assumed, this killed me because other than being disappointed with Blair, it made me highly upset to see such a big fashion mistake.

Even Glamour Magazine wasn’t impressed with her outfit, saying, “What happened to Blair? We’ll bet Gossip Girl sent out a blast when she spotted this clash of stripes, checks and zig-zag prints. After all, she is the one and only source into the scandalous wardrobes of Manhatten’s [sic] elite. And this is one outfit worth talking about…”

However, there are people who believe clashing clothing has a time and a place, and if done properly, it could be a fashion must. “[Clashing] can be good, but it depends on what colors you’re wearing. Like black and white stripes together with black and white polka dots could look great..,” Joe Blaikie ‘17 said.

Whether you’re a clashing fan or hater, in the words of Bill Cunningham, a well known American radio and talk show host, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” So suit up and suit up right.