“Godspell” rocks Staples

“Godspell” rocks Staples

With school wrapping up, Staples Players’ summer show is quickly approaching, and is sure to excite.

“Godspell,” a musical based upon the Gospel according to St. Matthew, will be produced on the stage of Staples for the first time this summer. Students participating in the musical are showing great enthusiasm.

“I am very excited for this production because this music is very fun and some of it is almost like pop music which we haven’t done in a while, and it is very fun to sing,” Colin McKechnie ’17 said.

“Godspell” was first produced on Broadway in 1971 and was created by Stephen Schwartz. Since the 1970s are much different from today, students expressed that this musical will have a different feel than previous Players’ shows.

“I think that the audience will find the music entertaining because it gives off a completely different vibe from anything we’ve done here in a while,” Zoe Fox ’16 said.

In addition to the different music in the show, the structure of the play is quite unusual from past Players shows this year such as Hello Dolly, Sweeney Todd and The Laramie Project.

“Most of us will be playing ourselves onstage and using our own name for the character rather than a set character,” said McKechnie. “This leaves a lot of room for creativity for the actors.”

Each time Staples Players’ picks a production, a lot of time and thought is put into choosing the musical.

“I have loved the music since I was a kid and the music all has really great new arrangements that were created for the 2012 Broadway Revival. When I hear those new arrangements of these songs that I love so much- I knew we had to do it!” director David Roth said.

It won’t be long until Godspell is on the stage. Auditions were held last week.

“I think the energy of the show is something that the audience will love,” McKechnie said. “It’s fun to watch people have a great time on stage and just rock out to fun, catchy music.