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The Westport Farmers’ Market has been holding the seed exchange every year since 2010.

Westport Farmers’ Market Annual Seed Exchange on March 7

Ayaan Olasewere ’25, Web Features Editor March 10, 2024

The Westport Farmers’ Market will hold its 14th annual seed exchange to promote seed saving and learning about seeds on Thursday, March 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..  The Westport Farmers’ Market...

The depth and relatability of country music are revealed through a song, challenges the negative opinions and showcases its ability to capture meaningful emotions and aspects of life.

Graphic by Paige Tighe ’24

Embrace the unexpected: Country music unveils the human experience

Paige Tighe ’24, Editor in Chief June 6, 2023

The worst genre of music is country music. Every song is about whiskey, pick-up trucks, life in the South or national pride. The only type of person that listens to country music is the stereotypical mullet-sporting,...

Staples’ last day of school each year is a two-hour finals block, but do students deserve something more fun than a testing day? 

Graphic by Alex Gaines ’25

Last day finals spark debate on end of year activities

Alex Gaines ’25, Creative Director June 6, 2023

Some of my happiest memories from school were those “last days” before breaks in elementary school. Whether we were crowding around a smartboard watching “The Polar Express” the day before Christmas...

For various occasions, lots of people set up full blown picnics along the shores of Compo Beach. Here, one woman tends to the multiple tables she sets up and enjoys with her family.

Fifteen cost-effective yet captivating activities to fall in love with in Westport this summer

Nina Bowens ’25, Executive T.V. Producer June 2, 2023

I think everyone can agree that summer is by far the best season of the year. No school, no work and no stress. You get to do anything and everything you want all day long. But what exactly IS there to...

This summer, upcoming anticipated films such as live action versions of “Barbie,” “The Little Mermaid,” and the sequel “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” are set to be released, stirring both fans’ excitement and criticism.

Anticipated summer movies incite buzz among film fans

Anna Kercher ’25, Paper Features Editor May 31, 2023

The comforting smell of buttered popcorn floats through the air as you sink back into your red leather reclining seat, leaning back as the lights dim low and the screen glows with promise. Get ready to...

Students spend their free time in class studying and doing their homework to keep up with the workload.

Last month of school provides chaos and intense course load for students

Katherine Phelps ’25, Paper Opinions Editor May 12, 2023

Ah, the end of the school year. A time where students can look forward to the summer they have ahead of them. Maybe they’re going on a tropical vacation, getting a job for the summer, doing an educational...

Summer plans excite Staples community

Some people prefer books, some people prefer sports. Students should be able to choose what activity they wish to do in the summer.

Books shouldn’t be sole summer task

Nile Jean '24, Staff Writer June 9, 2022

Reading? Some people love it, other people, such as myself, despise it. For many students, summer reading is a major task that students have to complete over the summer. If two books aren’t read, then...

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