Striking fear in teens

Striking fear in teens

In an effort to raise awareness of drunk driving, the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) plans a day every year dedicated to reinforcing the deadly truth about driving under the influence.

While it’s important for teenagers to realize that making one decision about drinking and driving can impact their whole life, some of the efforts made to convince students that there are other alternatives to getting home has gone too far.

From the totaled car laying on the lawn in the front of school, to the bloody makeup painted on student’s faces, the line has been crossed.

It’s one thing to be showing an impactful documentary and getting a speaker to present how drunk driving has directly impacted them, but the totaled car and makeup gives an eerie feeling to students that does nothing but make them question what Grim Reaper Day has turned into.

Grim Reaper Day should not be taken away from the school curriculum; however, it should be modified.

In the future, Grim Reaper Day should consist of a documentary, speaker, and posters of statistics around the school. This way students directly impacted by drunk driving don’t have to feel uncomfortable when they are constantly reminded of their loved one while walking through the halls. For the students who haven’t been directly affected, the documentary and speaker are emotionally moving so the powerful message still comes across.

Even though school is a place for learning, it is also supposed to be a welcoming environment where every student feels comfortable.