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Teen Awareness Group breaks tradition for this year’s Grim Reaper Day

Teen Awareness Group breaks tradition for this year's Grim Reaper Day

Katelyn DeAgro, Business Manager

May 5, 2016

The Teen Awareness Group (TAG) will put on their 13th annual Grim Reaper Day on May 12 to inform students of the dangers of driving under the influence; though this year, it will look a bit different. In the past, the most noticeable trademark of Grim Reaper Day was the dozens of students made up...

Striking fear in teens

Striking fear in teens

Alix Sommers, Assistant Business Manager

May 18, 2015

In an effort to raise awareness of drunk driving, the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) plans a day every year dedicated to reinforcing the deadly truth about driving under the influence. While it’s important for teenagers to realize that making one decision about drinking and driving can impact their...

Teen Awareness Group implements new approach to Grim Reaper Day

Candles and flower memorials stand outside the Staples Cafeteria to respect and remember those killed and impacted by accidents of drunk driving.

Emma Berry, Staff Writer

May 11, 2015

For the past twelve years the Staples Teen Awareness Group (TAG) has organized Grim Reaper Day, a day-long event aimed at educating students on the dangers and consequences of drunk driving. This year, the elected Executive Committee, Board of Directors, TAG student members and group advisor, Chris Lemone, took a slightly different ap...

Grim Reaper Day stirs students’ emotions

Senior, Terena Koteka-Wiki, a victim, has ‘blood’ dripping down her face after her ‘death.’

Caroline O'Kane, Staff Writer

May 15, 2014

Grim Reaper Day 2014 leaves an impact on the Staples community

Isabel Perry ’15, a member of TAG, puts makeup on victim Carly Singer ’14.

Nicole DeBlasi, Web Managing Editor

May 15, 2014

On Wednesday, May 14, after months of preparation, the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) at Staples High School held their annual Grim Reaper Day  to bring awareness to the dangers of driving drunk or under the influence. Students were confronted throughout the day by posters featuring statics about drunk ...

A Look at Grim Reaper Day

Anna Daytz '16, one of TAG's victims on Grim Reaper Day, got a finishing touch of blood alongside a black eye and a pale white face.  Daytz had “an amazing experience being a victim,” and she “can't wait to do it again next year,

Caroline O'Kane, Staff Writer

May 17, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, TAG held its annual Grim Reaper Day to warn students about the dangers of drunk driving. TAG hung posters and banners around the school to show the consequences of drunk driving, and they held an assembly with a video of people affected by drunk driving telling their stories. Many...

Coffin Placed Near Cafeteria

On Grim Reaper Day, TAG placed a coffin outside the cafeteria to show students the consequences of drunk driving.

Brittany Healy and Ben Reiser

May 15, 2013

Every year, the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) organizes Grim Reaper Day, a day to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving. In the past, TAG has displayed a coffin outside of the cafeteria; however, it decided to remove the coffin in 2006 to show respect to students who had suffered the death of...

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