Five things to do in Westport over winter break

Five things to do in Westport over winter break

Staying home over winter break can be frustrating.


You’ve tried to convince your parents that going away would be great for the family, but they just don’t seem to be fully convinced. I get it. However, there are ways to make it better….

 1. Bake Sweets

Pull out the flour and the sugar.

Baking brings out the spirit of the holidays, so winter break is the perfect time to do just that. While school is in session, it can be hard to devote time for baking, but now is a perfect time to bust out the cookbook and bake something decadent.

2. Go Ice Skating

Not every town has an ice skating rink.

Get bundled up in a sweater and scarf, grab friends and make your way over to Longshore ice skating rink.

“I love going ice skating. It’s a tradition that my family enjoys,” Rachel Polin ’16 said.

3.  Splurge on Netflix

Pull out a festive mug, make some tea, and sit by the fire with a blanket and your computer.

You can finally not feel guilty about watching countless episodes of your favorite show on Netflix!

4.  Catch up on work

Unfortunately, mid-terms are just around the corner so break is a good time to get a head start.

Most teachers have delivered study guides, or described the material that will be on your exams; you’re all set to start studying. A great way to get ahead and avoid future stress.

“I always study over break because I like to take advantage of the free time that I have,” Diana Zogheb ’16 said.

5. Take a walk on the beach

There’s nothing like the fresh winter air.

Taking a brisk walk along the beach is a great way to get exercise and enjoy those beautiful Compo views.