Balance is an illusion

Balance is an illusion

Alix Sommers, Assistant Business Manager


For all juniors, filling out college applications are just around the corner, this brings many students wondering what can get them into the college of their dreams. The one thing colleges are looking for is a well-balanced student.

According to The Free Dictionary, a well-balanced student is someone who is “Engaging in varied activities or having varied interests.”

Being a well-balanced student is one of the hardest things a teenager can attempt. Our brains are still developing and there is so much going on emotionally that having no free time can really hit us hard.

Think about all those hours you have spent sitting in your bed watching Netflix and how wonderful that time was. There is nothing more relaxing than exerting little energy. As a well-balanced student there is no time for diddle daddle (otherwise known as relaxing), your life is consumed with homework, sports, dance, clubs, community service and studying for standardized tests.

The idea of being a well-balanced student is completely ridiculous because you’re going to be so busy that you won’t have time to sleep, eat a meal without working, or hangout with friends and family; so where is the balance?

Truth is, this idea of balance is nearly impossible to accomplish yet colleges like to see students striving for this unrealistic idea of perfection.

No more time to lament, my four hour ballet class is about to begin.