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Change in ingredients leaves allergic students unable to eat pizza in Westport Public Schools

Westport public schools are temporarily changing the crust of their pizza, due to a shortage in the original. The new crust contains the additional allergens of eggs and sesame.

Claire Redmer ’21, Social Media Director

November 2, 2019

Chartwells, the food service provider for Staples, temporarily replaced the current pizza crust with another option containing the additional allergens of eggs and sesame, as the original is unavailable due to high demand. The temporary change was implemented on Oct. 31.  In an email from Principal St...

Sushi arrives at Staples

Sushi arrives at Staples

Alix Sommers, Staff Writer

September 11, 2014

A new school year means new menu options in the Staples High School cafeteria. An email from Chartwells on Aug. 22 to faculty and parents announced improvements to the cafeteria menu. Chartwells stated in the email, “For our high school students, we understand their more sophisticated pallets (sic.), so we...

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