Lil Yachty shocks students, music industry with experimental album ‘Let’s Start Here’


Graphic by Cameron Almonte '23

Album cover of “Let’s Start Here” as well as a ranking system (either good, great or bad)

Lil Yachty released his long awaited album “Let’s Start Here” on Friday, Jan. 27 and blew his previous 2021 album “Michigan Boy Boat” out of the water. The album is a complete flip from his previous seven albums, but in the best way possible. When thinking of experimental albums, a lot of people think of failures; such as Kanye West’s “808s and Heartbreak” which immediately received criticism, or Kid Cudi on “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven.” But given Lil Yachty’s  beautiful production, vocals and features, “Let’s Start Here”exceeds all expectations for an experimental album. 

The vocals transcended listeners into another dimension. The album begins with an almost seven minute song labeled “the BLACK seminole.” The track begins with an eerie space station beat, then beautifully transitions into a soft guitar solo as Yachty’s vocals leak into the song. This theme continues as the song goes forward until around 5 minutes into the song when Yachty decides to pull a pleasing beat switch where Diana Gordons’ angelic voice is introduced. 

The album is a complete flip from his previous seven albums, but in the best way possible.

— Cameron Almonte '23

An example of how this album portrayed beautiful production is on the second to last track, “The Alchemist.” This track features a  combination of instruments ranging from drums, bass/guitar and even a harp that all  merge into a masterpiece. The track begins with a guitar, rock-like beat and transcends into Yachtys’ vocals with a mix of simple drum beats. After a minute into the track, Fousheé’ voice joins the melody along with a soft drum beat that comes together flawlessly. The track ends with a slow harp and oil drum solo with Gordons’ angelic vocals echoing in the background. 

Although the album didn’t include many celebrity features (5 people total), those featured made their verses count. Teezo Touchdown, Justin Skye, Fousheé, Diana Gordon and Daniel Caesar went above all expectations and not a single feature felt out of place throughout the entire album.

Even if individuals aren’t a fan of Lil Yachty, I highly recommend “Let’s Start Here” if you’re looking for a low energy, chill album you can listen to in any mood.