Trippie Redd’s album ‘Mansion Musik’ disappoints



This is my rating for all of the songs in the album. If you want to listen, the link is the spotify link in the graphic.

A week ago today, rapper Trippie Redd notified the public on his Instagram account that he would drop his fifth hit album, “Mansion Musik,” which contains 25 songs. His eerie Instagram post was a teaser of his album cover which showed the up and down button of an elevator. There were many supportive comments on the post. Unfortunately, the interesting graphics and favorable comments that Trippie’s fans posted set up for misleading expectations. 

The rapper has delivered hits multiple times before, as he has had millions of streams all over Spotify and SoundCloud, and has reached the billboard many times, sometimes even reaching the top 200. So, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard of the release. 

At first, I wasn’t even aware of this album’s existence. A few days ago, one of my friends told me that Trippie released a new album. This surprised me as I usually am up to date with rap releases, especially with my favorite rappers. After listening to the first song, he started to grasp my interest, but he slowly lost it with each consecutive song.

I came to realize that the number of songs didn’t dictate the album’s quality.

— Nile Jean '24

The problem with this album was that it was pretty monotonous. There were a few gems in the album; such as “NIGHT CRAWLER”(ft Juice wrld) and “KRZY TRAIN”(ft Travis Scott) which incorporated the familiar hype that Trippie gives off, with the distinct vitality that both other rappers mix into their songs. Unfortunately, that’s where the positive aspects end. Popular featured artists couldn’t excuse the fact that most of the album seemed rushed, and “undercooked”.

In the future, my opinion may change since I have an acquired taste when it comes to rap, but based on my first listening, I expected better from a rapper that has made it to the billboard numerous times before. The album was a 2.5/5, and I expect better during the next album. Trippie Redd is an insanely popular rapper now, and this album hasn’t deterred me from listening to his music, but if he continues to produce music of this quality, that could change. Nevertheless, I recommend giving Trippie Redd a listen if you are into rap. I think that people who are into rap should definitely try the artist