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Principal Stafford W. Thomas Jr. carries spirit week on his back by wearing pink for color wars in the week leading up to homecoming.

“This school isn’t fun,” yes, but it can be

Samantha Sandrew '25, News Paper Editor March 6, 2024

As I hear, “Ugh, I wish we had more school spirit. This school is so unfun,” coming from the same girl that left last Friday’s football game at halftime, rage boils up inside me. I’m sick of it.  As...

Students stress over the graduation requirement of taking an art credit.

Staples should not require art classes

Storey Ahl ’25, Staff Writer November 30, 2023

When January comes around and it's time to start thinking about what classes I want to take for next year, the requirement of an art credit always seems to be looming over my head.  According to the...

Album cover of “Let’s Start Here” as well as a ranking system (either good, great or bad)

Lil Yachty shocks students, music industry with experimental album ‘Let’s Start Here’

Cameron Almonte '23, Staff Writer February 14, 2023

Lil Yachty released his long awaited album “Let's Start Here” on Friday, Jan. 27 and blew his previous 2021 album “Michigan Boy Boat” out of the water. The album is a complete flip from his previous...

The current two-schedule format is flawed, but has a seemingly simple solution.

Inconsistency with ‘Communication’ time underlines larger issue

Finnegan Courtney ’23, Executive TV Producer December 13, 2022

The schedule at Staples High School has and remains an often discussed issue, be it by students, teachers or parents. In my time at Staples alone, I’ve seen many different schedules come into place and...

Staples students crowd in the cafeteria to get their food everyday

Overcrowding in the lunchroom is getting out of hand, here’s how it can be fixed

Cameron Almonte '23, Staff Writer October 31, 2022

Have you ever been bombarded by peers left and right as if you were in a prison? In the Staples High School cafeteria, this has become the new normal.  In the beginning of the year, manoeuvring around...

As a part of a Wellness Enrichment Activity Day in November, a hypnotist performed in the Staples auditorium.

Wellness enrichment activity days should be brought back

Meg Enquist ’23, Business Director October 12, 2022

Picture this: it’s a brisk fall afternoon and students have just been released to participate in various stress relieving activities for the remainder of the school day. Students relax as they engage...

On average, a diabetic uses roughly two to three vials of insulin each month.

Insulin prices unnecessarily clean out wallets

Maddie Bell '23, Staff Writer September 21, 2022

Sweating. Shaking. Dizziness. Blurred vision. You check your blood sugar; it is rapidly changing. Panic kicks in. This is when a diabetic needs insulin readily available; however, this is not the case...

The above infographic is representing the total number of school shootings, deaths, and injuries that have taken place since 2017. Statistics have been provided by NBC News’s school shooting tracker.

Uncertain and underprepared, students need more school safety procedures practice

Chris Tatusko ’22, Staff Writer January 15, 2022

I cannot recall the last time that a lockdown drill was practiced at Staples High School. We’ve had talks and videos, but no actual practice. As a result, Staples students are underprepared for an event...

Be afraid: Metaverses slowly, but surely taking over society

Be afraid: Metaverses slowly, but surely taking over society

Nile Jean '24, Staff Writer December 17, 2021

You may have heard of Facebook’s involvement in setting up the metaverse. But Facebook is not the only company exploring the value of a metaverse, or a fully immersive world in which you are in another...

Working a minimum wage job introduces new perspectives in an otherwise “sheltered” town such as Westport.

Working a minimum wage job illuminates the realities of socio-economic privilege

Ella Shi ’23, Features Editor December 14, 2021

For most, working for a mere $13 an hour is unglamorous and undesirable. So, when I got a job at the Fresh Market in August, I viewed it as just a way to make some extra cash. However, my job taught me...

The new Vision of the Graduate requirement adds stress to juniors who are balancing the upcoming college process. It also serves as no long term asset that goes beyond just a graduation requirement.

Vision of a Graduate requirement increases the stressful workload for juniors

Alix Glickman, Web Features Editor December 13, 2021

As I listen to endless conversations about this new graduation requirement I can’t help but wonder, what is the purpose of this? As I enter my junior year, which is already known to be a particularly...

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