Uncertain and underprepared, students need more school safety procedures practice


Graphic by Chris Tatusko ’22

The above infographic is representing the total number of school shootings, deaths, and injuries that have taken place since 2017. Statistics have been provided by NBC News’s school shooting tracker.

I cannot recall the last time that a lockdown drill was practiced at Staples High School. We’ve had talks and videos, but no actual practice. As a result, Staples students are underprepared for an event that seems ever more possible as threats have occurred in towns less than 10 minutes from the school. Lack of preparation for students can cause an immense amount of stress in the learning environment.

Due to events in such a close proximity to Staples such as the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, I’m surprised that the school does not have more practice drills put into place for students to be more prepared.

According to the General Statutes of Connecticut Sec. 10-231, Staples is meant to have a “crisis response drill” once every three months in place of the monthly fire drill. We are more than three months into school and have not had a crisis response drill yet.

Staples needs to have more lockdowns, and make students feel better equipped for any possible situation.”

— Chris Tatusko ’22









Staples needs to have more lockdowns, and make students feel better equipped for any possible situation. Watching one video in Connections class on what we need to do is not the same as practicing it.

While no amount of drills and practice could prepare students and staff for a real shooting, if Staples practiced more lockdowns and went more in-depth teaching students about school safety, I think it could lead to less uncertainty amongst students.