Be afraid: Metaverses slowly, but surely taking over society

You may have heard of Facebook’s involvement in setting up the metaverse. But Facebook is not the only company exploring the value of a metaverse, or a fully immersive world in which you are in another environment and can interact freely with different aspects of the internet, including social media.

But Facebook is not the only company exploring the value of a metaverse, or a fully immersive world.

— Nile Jean '24

 I am disappointed by this possibility of the internet spreading because it reminds me too much  of the online learning we endured during COVID shutdowns. The education-metaverse mix is  using techniques similar to online school. For example teaching, writing, learning and exploring which will all be taken over by electronics, are strikingly similar to that of online school.  

According to, “The word “metaverse” is a mix of two words “meta- “and ”verse.“ The word “meta” is a prefix of Greek-origin meaning “beyond” while “verse” comes from the word “universe.”

Now gaming companies such as Roblox have started to mold education and the metaverse together. In’sTeaching in the ‘Metaverse’? Roblox Looks to Make It a Reality’ explains how Roblox has plans to incorporate video games, and education, hand-in-hand in the near future. Apparently, this will bear an uncanny resemblance to online school, mixed with virtual reality. 

Fortunately, we still have a long way to go until technology completely takes us over.  Facebook, Roblox and other aspiring companies have a long way to go. 

Graphic by Nile Jean ’24

But, in the meantime, we should actively look to halt its advance by keeping the metaverse away from important aspects of human life, like education. 

I don’t believe that living in a world where someone can control all aspects of their life at the click of a button is a good thing. In my opinion, life should be savored and enjoyed, but the internet is taking us away from that.